ECoJ Nominations, March 2017

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    It's time for elections for the next European Court of Justice. These elections will be conducted in the same manner as previous ECoJ elections.

    Nominations started last night (18.00 GMT, 11th March) and will end at that time on 18th March. Voting will start at that time. No Justice may come from the same member state as the Premier Commissioner.

    Please nominate candidates thus:

    [Candidate photograph or image]

    Candidate Name: Home Nation: Incumbent? (Y/N): Experience:

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    Candidate Name: Ms Jane Elias

    Home Nation: Angleter

    Incumbent? (Y/N): Y [elected in mid-term by-election]


    - Born 1949 (Nimrod, Angleter); BA Law 1970 (University of Cernovcy)
    - Private practice 1972-1987
    - Judge, Court of Common Pleas (Diglath) 1987-1996
    - Judge, Court of Exchequer Chamber (Diglath) 1996-2009
    - Professor of Law, University of Cernovcy 2009-2016
    - Associate Justice, European Court of Justice 2016-

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    Candidate Name: Baroness Brenda Hale of Richmond
    Home Nation: The United Kingdom of Great Britain
    Incumbent?: No
    Education: Bachelor's Degree, Girton College, University of Cambridge

    Experience: 1988, Appointed to Law Commission 1989, Queen's Counsel 1994, High Judge of High Court of Justice, Family Division 1999, Court of Appeal of England and Wales 2004, Lord of Appeal in Ordinary 2013, Deputy President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom 2016, Justice to the European Court of Justice

  • Candidate Name: Charles Dance Home Nation: Aalen Incumbent? (Y/N): Y Experience: Associate Justice on the European Court of Justice
    Chief Prosecutor of the Aalenic Court District for Killstock
    M.B.A in Advanced European and Aalenic Law

  • Resultado de imagen para magistrado presidente de la corte de argentina

    Candidate Name: Miroslav Valera

    Home Nation: Sitanova Incumbent? (Y/N): N Experience:

    • Graduated with summa cum laude from Sitanovan Lawyer Insitute in 1980
    • Lawyer in Constitutional Law and Tax Law 1980-1985
    • General Attorney of Sitanova 1985-1990
    • Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Sitanova 1992-1996
    • District Attorney of Saint Peter and Saint Paul city 1996-2006
    • Chief Justice of the Court of Tax Law 2006-2014
    • Justice President of the Supreme Court of Sitanova 2014-2016
    • Justice of the European Court of Justice 2016-present

  • Candidate name: Nara al-Kahina

    Home nation: The Sahrawi Union

    Incumbent?: N


    • LL.L (Civil Law) from Université Moulay Ismaïl (1989)
    • Labour and Employment Lawyer (1990-1999)
    • Workers' Rights Ombudsman for the Laayoune City Council (1999-2004)
    • Judge at the Sahrawi Labour and Employment Council (2004-2011)
    • President of the Sahrawi Labour Congress (2011-2014)
    • Director at the International Labour Rights Forum (2014-2015)
    • Justice at the European Court of Justice (2015-2016)

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