Theresa Takes Dikaíoma: UK-Derecta Summit

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    13 March 2017

    This was her first international trip as Prime Minister, unusually about a year and a half into her term as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. She took a look at the dossier one more time as the plane began its final descent to Dikaioma.

    "Prime Minister, the plane is touching down in about ten minutes," said an aide. "Can we get you anything in preparation for the arrival?"

    "No, thank you," said Mrs. May. She looked at her husband and smiled. She was happy to be going on a trip, bounced by promising poll numbers that put her popularity in the low 40's back home in Britain. Delivering what has been touted as a pretty fair budget that stamped economic credibility on her government, she was free to go away from the Budget debate while the Commons voted on it. It was decided she would take up the Derectan Government on its invitation to go to Dikaioma for a promising visit.

    "Prime Minister," said her top aide, Brian Newton. "Sorry to bother you, but you wanted a quick briefing face to face on Derecta."

    "Yes, is there anything I need to know exactly?" the Prime Minister asked.

    "Not exceptionally. The country has been very stable and has enjoyed a huge economic boom. It's one of the ones to watch in terms of striking trade deals. Government has been stable for them, and they look to continue that stability in the near term. A very safe bet, and it could be a very fruitful and productive meeting for the UK."

    The Prime Minister had one more sip of water before setting her glass on the tray of the flight attendant of the chartered British Airways flight. The Prime Minister noticed that the great difference in the UK and Derecta almost immediately. While the UK looked very green and lush from the sky, by comparison Derecta looked a lot more mixed in terrain and Dikaioma more arid and warm than London.

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    12 March 2017

    It had been quite a long morning for Carolina. First thing in the morning, before her usual waking up hour, she had recieved the news form Europolis that Dame Ricchetti would finally be the only candidate for the Premier Commissioner office. Then, it was time for the usual Saturday ministerial meeting, and ,at noon, she had a meeting with the Senate's Economic Commitee, to discuss Derecta's economical growth over the past few months.

    "Madam, there is a call from the United Kingdom embassy, they are reminding you that PM May is about to arrive." said Carolina's private secretary. "Shall we go and greet them at Dikaíoma International?"

    "Of course we will, I really do hope we don't get stuck up in a traffic jam though, these days, Dikaíoma is really busy. How is the traffic situation right now?" asked the Prime Minister.

    "Well, it seems there is an estimated time of 50 minutes to arrive at DIA" answered the secretary. "Shall we take the helicopter?"

    "I'm so sorry for Theresa, she'll have to hop of her plane to ride another aircraft, but if that's the only solution... Make it be ready in 10 minutes, I still have to sign some papers." said Carolina

    "Very well Madam." said the assistant.

    The secretary called DIA and set up the helipad for PM de la Torre-Ferrándiz's helicopter, while she got ready to meet her British counterpart. It was the first time she got to speak in person with another fellow European head of government, and in this case, May was the leader of one of the most important nations in Europe. She was very excited and had prepared a surprise for Theresa back at the palace....

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    The Prime Minister's plane touched down in Dikaioma and she looked around. She enjoyed the weather as she disembarked from the plane. Mrs. May enjoyed the warmth even in the airport compared to how London City Airport felt. She saw an aide from the Derectan Government meeting her.

    "Hello, and thank you for meeting us at the airport," Mrs. May responded. "This is my husband, Mr. Philip May and my top aide, Mr. Brian Newton. I'd love to have a short tour of the sights on the way to our meeting, if you could oblige us."

    Mr. May looked at the Prime Minister and followed as she was led to a helicopter.

    "Oh, this is quite fancy," Mr. May said to his wife. "If we weren't off in Dikaioma on a summit, perhaps we'd have a bit of romance." The Prime Minister and her husband both giggled.

  • 13 March 2017, evening

    Suddenly, Carolina stepped out of the helicopter and walked towards her guests.

    "Welcome to Derecta! I am glad to finally see you here." said the Prime Minister as she gave them three kisses each. "I know this may seem rather 'continental' but it has its meaning. When foreign merchants arrived at one of our ports, the local mayor would greet them with three kisses, one for the body, one for the soul and one for faith. This was meant to ensure they would be protected during their stay in Derecta. I'm not superstitious at all, but this became a rather common custom whenever meeting a foreigner, and I've always followed it. Anyway, we shall head to the palace now. Don't worry,, dinner will be served as soon as we get there, I know your flight was a bit rough with all that bad weather, so you must be exhausted. We shall go over the meeting's agenda tomorrow morning, tonight, you should rest. Oh! I almost forgot, you've met my private secretary, Federico Noguerol and this is Geneviève Dumarcé, my press secretary."

    Both the aides approached the visitors and shook hands with them, as they didn't want to seem as 'close' as their boss. Then, they all went into the aircraft and it took off.

    "If you look through the right hand window, you will be able to see the Dikaío temple, one of the only remains of the Greek domination period that is left." said the pilot.

    "To the left, you will se the St. Philoteos basilica, dedicated to the city's patron. It hasn't been finished yet but it's beautiful, isn't it?

    "I hope you're enjoying this small tour around Dikaíoma! We shall visit some more landmarks tomorrow if you wish to. I was even planning on having a brunch set up at the Dikaíoma Museum of Modern Art. I have been told it received some very fine paintings and sculptures from the Tate a couple of months ago and I haven't had the chance to go and see them!" said Carolina with a rather excited tone. "I'm sorry if I seem a bit too 'enthusiastic', but this is the first time I meet one of my European counterparts and, to be honest with you, things in Derecta are always way too calm and quiet. Nothing exciting ever happens..." Carolina started humming 'Gold' the last Eurovision winner song while her guests admired her hometown from the skies.

    The helicopter arrived at the Eleutheria Palace's vicinity and started descending.

    As it landed, Alfredo Valero, the Foreign Affairs minister, was stuck in a traffic jam at the 18th of February Avenue, which usually got clogged when Dikaíomans finished at work and headed back home.

    "Can't we just tell them to clear the roads and let us past? So much for having to arrive there early enough to cause a good impression..." said the diplomat. "I bet Carolina won't be amused at all, she wanted to demonstrate we too had a bit of that 'British punctuality'. Oh well, we'll just have to miss dinner..."

    It was certainly going to be a long night in Dikaíoma...

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    The Prime Minister enjoyed the views from the helicopter and as the helicopter landed, she turned to her husband.

    "I think we will have to holiday here soon," the Prime Minister said to Mr. May. Philip chuckled.

    "I've had to come here a few times on business trips, and it's a lovely country. The one thing that drove me crazy when I travelled there was punctuality. Dealing with the customer service end of investment funds means dealing with the people face to face, and working with Capital Group means that I get the pleasure of checking in on services around Europe. Derecta....the people I would meet would get there around the time we were supposed to meet, either early or late, but it always bugged me that punctuality wasn't too much in the system here," Mr. May explained. Theresa smiled. She could tell he was trying to warn her, but unlike her husband, she was willing to be patient.

    "Oh, I'm sure everything will be fine. After all, we can't control traffic in London either. 14 million people live there, the road system is narrow, the traffic gets terrible there too," Mrs. May grinned. "Let's not remind ourselves of the journey from Heathrow to Number 10 for our summit guests. Or London City, for that matter. Oh, we know anything about the dedicated diplomatic train from Heathrow to Victoria Station yet?"

    "It should be in place next month," Brian told the Prime Minister.

    "Oh, most excellent! That's the least we could do is get them close enough to pick up via car," the Prime Minister responded. She waited patiently for the traffic to subside just beyond the now departing helicopter.

  • The helicopter landed at Concord Court, in front of the palace's main doors. Then, Carolina and her guests went to the Dining Hall, were dinner was about to be served.

    There was Olympaseia whisky-smoked salmon with Ponzu sauce and pickled cucumbers as the starter, matched with "1983 Dymera Royale" white wine; Glazed ox cheek with creamed celeriac, carrots and "charcutière" sauce, matched with "Gran Reserva Laodacia Supremo" tinto wine as the main course; and Mediterranean Sea salt caramel and pecan chocolate tart with vanilla sauce for dessert.

    "Well, I think it's time to sit down and have a pleasant meal." said the Derectan mandatary. "Julio, my chef, told me that if this doesn't make us taste the heavens, he will resign immediately, but he always says so... Anyway, he has never disappointed me, so I bet he's right about it. Hope you enjoy the meal!

    They all sat at the table while the plates were being served.

  • Lunch came to an end. Carolina was quite excited as she was about to unveil her "surprise"...

    "As a token of good will and in order to demonstrate the esteem Derecta has for the United kingdom, let me present you with these gifts." she said.

    "These are the 'Three Graces', a statue dating back to the Greek domination period in Derecta."

    "This is the 'Battle of Mount Medor' by J.Tennyson. It represents one of the battles between the two aspiring royal families, the Targans and the Athedes, that fought for the throne in the 17th century."

    "And this is a set of new official cars for your government to use, straight out of a Theodidon factory."