National Congress elections of March 20th


    Victory speech SDH

    Dear friends, members of the Social Democratic Movement, dear Turkmenbaijanis ...
    We did it. We are the biggest party! Turkmenbaijan has choosen for a social democratic society!
    But first and for all I want to say thank you. Thank you to everybody who helped to spread our message. Message of hope.

    Message of reformation. Message of development. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    The hard working is been paid off with 48 seats in the National Congress! Congratuliations to you all!

    Our message cannot be stronger towards the others, parties or foreign nations.

    I want to tell the world, the European Union, our neighbours that even we will put the interests of our people at the
    first place we will seek for good relations, open relations and common ground with them. No fights but friendship.
    No isolation but candor, a reaching hand.

    We will build an open nation. A nation of which we can be proud of. A nation constructed on equality and conectedness.
    For this we reach our hand towards the other parties. To help to make this dream come true.

    Thank you! I cannot say it enough... Thank you!

    Amos Bahman
    President ad-interim Turkmenbaijan

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