election of a new chairman of the National Congress and a new president of the State Turkmenbaijan


    Amos Bahman: dear colleagues, newly elected members of parliament.
    Welcome to the first session of the National Congress.
    I hereby declare the hearing open.

    This session will consist of two parts. the election of a new chairman of the National Congress
    and the election of a new head of state, the president of the State Turkmenbaijan.

    In a moment the presidential candidates of the elected parties will presents themselves which will be followed by the voting.
    If there is no two-third majority in the first round then a second round between the two best candidates in the first round will be hold.

    The election of a new chairman of the national congress will go as followed: only elected members
    of the major party can be chosen as the regulation prescribes. So only members of the SDH.

    I propose that we will hold the election of the new chairman now. May I invite the fraction of the
    Social Democratic Movement present their candidate. Thank you.

    Nikola Nikolaj: Mr. Bahman, thank you for your invitation. Our fraction proposes as candidate for
    succeeding your service as chairman of the National Congress Mr. Gülan Burhamayew.
    Mr. Gülan Burhamayew worked as secretary of the head of state service of national justice.
    By his dedicated work in this department he became a real connoisseur of our constitution
    and our national laws of our beautiful country in theory as in application.
    He is known as a devote man who seeks for unity which surpasses the political spectrum.
    We are sure he is the best man for this service toward the members of the National Congress as well the entire population of the State Turkmenbaijan.

    Thank you.

    Amos Bahman: Thank you Mr. Nikolaj for this presentation. We will vote now.

    result: FOR: 78 (SDH-PSS-KP-AIP)

    Amos Bahman: Hereby Mr. Gülan Burhamayew is accepted as the new chairman of this National Congress of the State Turkmenbaijan.
    Congratulations Mr. Burhamayew.

    Mr. Gülan Burhamayew, SDH, chairman of the National Congres of the State Turkmenbaijan

  • The following six candidates were nominated by their respective parties after the anouncement of the results of the elections for a new National Congress.
    The parliamentary commission for elections approved their applications in that same week.

    Sukhan Paskutsky, Social Democratic Movement (SDH)
    Mily Takayew, Citizen's platform (BUP)
    Murhat Odenyazow, Party of industrialists of Turkmenbaijan (PSS)
    Säher Mubarakyew, Communist party (KP)
    Gülan Hamarakyew, Kyrzbek minority party (KTP)
    Asuman Baknezarayowa, Party for European integration (AIP)

    The ruling Social Democratic Movement (SDH) nominated Sukhan Paskutsky.
    As the SDH held only 48 of 103 seats in parliament,
    but 67 seats were required to elect the president, at least 19 dissenting vote from the opposition was required.

    The candidate of SDH appealed the other fractions to support the candidate of AIP as they know they would not reach the 67 seats which is needed to deliver the president.
    BUP decided already to back up the candidate of AIP.
    The coalition of SDH-BUP-AIP has 68 seats from the 103. KTP voted in favour of their own candidate as did well PSS.
    KP voted in favour of SDH.

    Asuman Baknezarayowa: 68
    Murhat Odenyazow: 15
    Säher Mubarakyew: 13
    Gülan Hamarakyew: 7

    In her presentation before the voting mrs. Asuman Baknerazayowa said:
    "The European orientation of Turkmenbaijan must be a priority. This has to be the policy of Turkmenbaijan in the next years and this is the policy that must
    continue" and that "I am convinced that Turkmenbaijan has no other future than a European future."

    Mrs. Asuman Baknezarayowa, AIP, president of the State Turkmenbaijan