Government Baknezarayowa

  • The government-Baknezarayowa is the government of the State Turkmenbaijan since the 4th of april 2017.
    The government is a coalition of the Social Democratic Movement (SDH), Citizen's platform (BUP) and the Party for European integration (AIP).

    The coaltion has a majority of 68 seats on 103 of the National Congress of the State Turkmenbaijan.

    President: Mrs. Asuman Baknezarayowa, AIP
    Predecessor: Mr. Nikola Nikolaj, SDH


    + State service of internal affairs - Mrs. Asuman Baknezarayowa, AIP
    + State service of external affairs - Mr. Hän Yambunow, SDH
    + State service of national justice - Mr. Kamal Buhmanayew, BUP
    + State service of education and public formation - Mr. Alexei Muhamadew, SDH
    + State service of public healthcare - Mr. Vladimir Ohül, SDH
    + State service of public utility services - Mr. Jian Häläyyew, BUP
    + State service of media, post, telecom and propaganda - Mr. Kuwat Oramazow, SDH
    + State service of european policy - Mr. Hän Yambunow, SDH
    + State service of environment, living and spatial planning - Mrs. Bayram Nyazowa, SDH
    + State service of culture - Mrs. Sali Azmonayewa, SDH
    + State service of employment and social assistance - Mrs. Gülana Haberyewa, BUP
    + State service of national defence - Mr. Saparmurat Yymahadayew, BUP

    The State services of "internal affairs" fall under the direct leadership of the president.

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