Derectan General Elections 2017

  • These are the parties participating in the 2017 Derectan General Elections and their respective candidates:

    Derectan Popular Alliance

    Candidate: Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz

    Socialist Party of Derecta

    Candidate: Samuel Beaulieu

    The Libs

    Candidate: James Hartington

    Derectan Democratic Confluence

    Candidate: Violet Leandros

  • G-"Good evening and welcome! I'm Guillermo Cañada and this is "The Big Debate" only on O!. Tonight, we have the candidates of the four Derectan parties: Current prime minister Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz, of the DPA; former deputy prime minister James Hartington, of the Libs; Violet Leandros, of the DDC and Samuel Beaulieu, of the SPD.

    We will also be counting with two more special guests, Valeria Dos santos, media mogul, influencer and Derecta's richest woman, and William Fullerton, president of the Derectan Union of Workers. Tonight, for the first time ever, some of the questions asked will be the ones you sent us under the hashtag 'Askyourpoliticians'. Also, feel free to tweet about tonight's debate under #Odebate2017. Without further ado, let's begin!"

    G- "Carolina, you will be first. Your administration began when PM Entrialgo deceased, but it seems like you have known how to control the situation and continue the progress in matter of economic policies he'd started. Now, do you have any plans to change these measures? The SPD has constantly criticised these measures because of their 'lack of a tight compromise with the middle-lower classes' economical growth..."

    C- "Guillermo, my party and my cabinet have ensured and promoted an unprecedented economical boom in Derecta. Before my predecessor's election back in 2013, our country's exports, industry and currency had plummeted and hit an all-time low. The measures we have taken have put us in a very high rank in the European Union, alongside behemoth-like economies such as the United Kingdom, Inquista or the Duxburian Union. Our system guarantees Derecta's growth for at least six or seven more years."

    G- "Does anyone want to say anything?"

    S- "I think that is rubbish. People like Valeria here are the ones who have benefited the most since your party got to Euletheria Palace. The top one percent have experienced a 65% growth on their average incomes while the rest have seen their purchasing power remain the same."

    C- "Come on, you know that is not true. Four years ago, 60 Draats could get you a week's trolley of food. Now, you can buy almost a whole month worth of food with that. Inflation has come down drastically, and all the taxes your party had to raise so our country didn't collapse have been reduced by my cabinet. But it was all so we could 'enjoy' a welfare state. "

    W- "Samuel is right, prime minister, some worker class families have seen no evolution on their paychecks for years, and you spend time with foreign politicians, celebrities and artists in the meantime. Our companies have grown, 'tis true but, isn't it time our workers did so too?"

    Val- "First of all, my wage should be of no concern on this debate. Secondly, don't we already know what happens when the men and women in the SPD take the reins? Dos Santos Media was about to collapse during Mr. Wilington's term, and so did half of our 500 largest companies! I think playing the "poor victim of the system" card is just another desperate move of your party, Mr. Beaulieu..."

    G- "Please, let's move on. Violet, your party, the 'Derectan Democratic Confluence' is quite new in Derecta's political sphere. what would you say your values and goals are?"

    V- "My party was created after 2013 General Elections. Our initial thought was that we centrists were being forgotten in the midst of this bipartisan clash. We seek to continue with the economical growth policies, but we also want to bring back some of the welfare programs the DPA has suppressed. We can't forget we aren't such an 'amazing and wonderful' country and that there are a lot of families in risk of becoming poorer in the next lustrum. We do praise the work the DPA has been doing for the past four years, but we want to be the tool Derectans have to make a change in the current system."

    G- "Thank you very much Violet. Now, it's time for a pause. Stay tuned for what's coming next: your questions. See you all in a while."

  • G- "Welcome back to 'The Big Debate! Now, we will be asking former deputy prime minister James Hartington."

    "James, you were a respected DPA senator before you were appointed as deputy prime minister but, last year, you decided to resign and join 'The Libs', a smaller party than the DPA and that has remained unknown until recently. Tell us, what made you leave and what are your party's objectives if elected?"

    J- "Guillermo, I left the DPA because my future was limited if I stayed there. I realised that the values of the DPA weren't really the ones I have developed during my own career. Prime minister de la Torre-Ferrándiz doesn't realise we have to let our big, medium and small companies thrive without the government's pressure, constraints and absurd laws. I also believe that we should not be over-funding obsolete welfare programs that don nothing but empty the state's coffers. yes, we have to ensure healthcare and education, but why subsidise companies that don't have the strength or the ability to progress? Why spend billions of Draats on pensions? People should be responsible for their own future and should forget about lazing about just because they're sure the government will always help them when they need it. Derecta will never become a global super-power if we don't work to earn it, and government aids only encourage procrastination and stagnation."

    G- "Well... That was... interesting. Does anyone want to comment anything about this?"

    C- "James, we cannot forget we have an obligation with our citizens, and that is to ensure and to guarantee their well-being. I agree that we have to cut unnecessary spending, but not on welfare. If we don't create an inclusive, happy environment, and this is the crude reality, we will be less productive, our economy will shatter into a million little pieces and we'll never be able to repair the damages. I just think your way isn't the right one..."

    S- "Here we have the clear example of what's happening right now in Derecta. Our leaders are more worried about productivity and money than human beings and social issues. SPD would never put corporations before Derectans..."

    W- "Samuel is right, prime minister, some worker class families have seen no evolution on their paychecks for years and meanwhile you're cutting out welfare expenses and chatting along with archbishops! What a disgrace..."

    Val- "I do like the idea of granting companies more liberties but, to what expense? if I had to pay every single one of my employees' healthcare, I'd be broke! Our welfare system is fine as it is, and no-one should change it..."

    V- "Can't we just have the best from both worlds? Continue with this wonderful growth and improve our poor people's lives? I don't think it's that difficult... The DDC will do so and everyone will be benefited..."

    G- "Next question, this time, all four candidates will answer in order: Cathy, from Dymetra has asked 'If elected, what will your environmental policy be?' She says, over the past few years, she has seen several autochthonous species disappear from her home-town. Carolina, you first."

    C- Minister Deschamps and I have worked hard during this administration to improve Derecta's environment.We are funding a lot of research to try and reduce our carbon footprint, several foundations are partnered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs and we have a program called '2025: 0 CO2' that hopes to eliminate carbon dioxide emissions by that year. The rest falls upon the regional government and I'm sorry about what has happened at your town."

    S- "This shows us the little concern the DPA has about our planet's and our children's future. If the SPD were elected, we would immediately start tackling this problem and solving it once and for all..."

    W- "Samuel is right, prime minister, animals and plants are dying and meanwhile you're having expensive dinners at Eleutheria Palace... So sad!"

    V- "This is an issue that has worried the DDC for a long time, our planet is being slowly killed and we're the lethal injection. We have to do something about it! If the DDC won, it would be one of our prime issues to solve and we would certainly spend more on research for newer, cleaner tech."

    J- "What a pile of nonsense! We'll be roaming the outer-space by the time the world collapses! We shouldn't reduce productivity, like some suggest, we should continue to improve our industry so we can soar the skies and leave this old rock! It's either that or population control and sterilisation..."

    Val- "WHAT? You can't be serious, this isn't possible... Carolina, what on earth did your party think when it hired this lunatic? I do agree with Violet here, R&D must be funded so we improve our way of life and eliminate pollution..."

    G- "Time for a short pause. We will be right back!"

  • G- "Here we are again! This is O and you're watching 'The Big Debate'!"

    "Now we have a question from Odestias. Steve asks 'what will you do against corruption?' "

    V- "Corruption has cast it's shadow upon Parliament for years and, when we thought that the DPA had finally eliminated this problem, we learn that former foreign affairs minister, E.U. councillor and ECoJ justice, Mr. François Beaufort, was a mere drug trafficker and collaborated with Pravoslaviyan mafias! SPD is no better, as we all know what they did during their years in government... DDC is nothing like this."

    J- "SPD is the worst that has ever happened to Derecta. While in government, they promoted an unlimited plot of real-estate shady businesses that led to the crash of the Dikaíoma stock market in 2012. We all know what secret deals were made in their headquarters, and how their pockets got fuller by the day thanks to this scam. Any SPD voter should be ashamed of themselves. They're all scourge!"

    C- "My party has worked really hard to eliminate this problem, and we thought we had. Of course, Mr. Beaufort had been a prominent businessman before he started his political career, and he had a series of contacts and illegal affairs that we weren't aware of. But that chapter has been ended and the DPA is as corruption-free as it has ever been!"

    S- "Come on Carolina, if my boat sinks, yours won't continue to float much longer. We all know about the 70s and your party's 'deals' with the top 1%... Such a disgrace..."

    W- "Samuel is right, prime minister, your party is dirty and meanwhile you're giving presents to the Brits! Utterly disgracious!"

    Val- "Why do all your political strategies go through attacking the rich Samuel? And you William, we all know how the workers' unions receive more funds when there's a socialist government, and how workers don't see a penny.... The DPA has successfully tackled this problem and has become what it is today: a great party."

    G- "Now we have a question from Acorion, Alexander asks 'which E.U. leader do you like the most?'"

    C- "I am very fond of Theresa May and her 'demarche' in the U.K.. I also had the pleasure to meet her personally just over a month ago and she's completely wonderful! I do look forward to meeting her again sometime in the future."

    S- "Alexis Baugé is the best leader Miraco has ever had. We should be getting closer with them and start diplomatic relations."

    W- "Samuel is right, prime minister, Alexis Baugé is the boss and meanwhile you're May's little pet! Shameful!"

    V- "I admire Hillary Clinton's work in Australia. She really is the best! I would also say Archbishop Caticus is very nice, and would like to meet him sometime..."

    Val- "I agree with Violet, Craticus is a very nice man and gosh, he's soo good-looking. I wouldn't mind to be Inquistan for a day..."

    J- "Do I really have to answer this question? Ok, alright, I 'like' Dragan Trympov. The man knows what he wants and what he likes!."

    G- "Time for a rest! Stay tuned for 'The Big Debate'!"

  • G- "Welcome back to the final segment of 'The Big Debate', only on O! We have a couple more questions but first, our channel has received the most recent data concerning the electoral polls."

    "The DPA can be the clear winner but, it would have struggles to win in Congress. We do remind you all viewers that having majority in both the houses is crucial to maintain stability, if the major party doesn't want to form a coalition."

    "SPD would be the second most voted force, being the major opposition party in both houses."

    "DDC would obtain the third place in both houses. Not bad for such a new party..."

    "And, finally, the Libs should be fourth political force in Derecta."

    "So, let's continue. Stephen, from Dexia, asks 'how are you going to guarantee we get jobs after uni?'. Violet, your turn to start."

    V- "I myself having been a university student in that position, I am aware it is a period of uncertainty and stress, but let me tell you that, if my party wins, Derecta's boom will be so powerful, everyone will get a job, including you, our students. You're our future so, why wouldn't you have all the possible opportunities at your door?."

    J- "Violet, we all know you were a 'daddy's little girl' and you got a very high post in Arcadia bank the minute you got your master's degree, and it wasn't in some lousy uni, wasn't it 'Dexia School of Business'? I am the one who will ensure all students have a decent job in any of the government infrastructures I'll privatise."

    C- "Our problem is that our doctors, engineers, economists, lawyers etc. are all migrating to other European countries that'll offer them a better lifestyle. My plans to encourage businesses to hire more young people will help solve this problem once and for all."

    S- "And what will happen with the middle-aged worker that'll get sacked to 'refreshen' Derecta's companies? Will they go back in time and bring themselves here? I'd want to see that..."

    W- "Samuel is right, prime minister, our youth is replacing every 40 year old man and woman and you're not funding research for a time machine! Shame on you Carolina!"

    Val- "Dos Santos Media at least helps with this problem, Mr. Beaulieu. Since we are part of this program, our company's value has sky-rocketed and we haven't had to fire a lot of people!"

    G- "This is today's last question. Andrea, from Olympaseia, asks 'why should my dad vote for you?'. Andrea is a 12 year-old girl that says, in the future, she too wants to be a politician.

    C- "Well Andrea, I don't know your father, but I'm sure he must be more than satisfied by the work my party has been doing over the past few years, and that he'll want continuity and prosperity. That's why I think he'd vote for the DPA."

    S- "Rubbish! Andrea, I'm sure your dad works real hard and then doesn't get paid what he deserves. With me as your prime minister, this would never happen. I'd make avery large corporation pay their workers what they really owe them!"

    W- "Samuel is right, prime minister, because of your fault, Andrea's daddy doesn't get paid enough and meanwhile you're... you're... oh crap, no more arguments, sorry Sam, have done my best..."

    Val- "Bye William. See you next time you come and complain to my office!"

    V- "Andrea, your dad is one of the millions of gears that move Derecta's economy, and I'm sure he'd be more than satisfied if my party were elected. And we really appreciate our workers."

    J- "I find it lousy to say why your dad should vote for me, so let me tell you why he shouldn't vote for any of these candidates. Carolina is a pure product of the establishment. Samuel is a damn twit that would say home economics is too 'capitalistic', and Violet is hot, but that's it, she's just hot."

    G- "Erm... yeah... This was 'The Big Debate'. I'm Guillermo Cañada and thank you for tuning into O. Good evening Derecta and don't forget to vote!".

  • The 2017 Derectan General Election has officially started

    General elections are celebrated in Derecta every four years (or when the Parliament requests so) to choose Derecta's next national politicians. Congressmen/women and Senators are elected through universal suffrage. Then, the procedures to choose the Senate's High Consul and Congress' Proconsul begin. When they are elected, Senators have to choose the next Prime Minister of Derecta. A candidate must receive an absolute majority of votes from the Lower house in order to be appointed to office. If he/she doesn't obtain the absolute majority of votes, a second session is held 48h after the first one. Then, the candidate must only receive a simple majority of votes.

    Voting in Derecta is completely computerised. Voters go to their electoral college and vote thanks to a database of bio-metric (fingerprint) recognition systems that render physical documents unnecessary, ensure the absence of voting-fraud and help with statistics. Votes always remain secret, and no-one has no way of knowing who votes for what. When voting in a circumscription ends, all the data stored at the voting stations is downloaded into a special encrypted hard-drive and sent to the National Electoral College, in Dikaíoma, where it is all put together. Then, results are published.

    Hacking the elections is virtually impossible, as, even though votes are cast through computers, they are not connected to any network and are specially protected with an insulation made with a special material that blocks any waves, signals or jammings.

    During these elections, Senators are elected depending on the number of votes their party receives regionally. There are 95 chairs from Landivion, 80 from Medorin, 70 from Sumanem, 60 from Nettonia, 60 from Cardissio, 50 from Oldenstar and 35 from Asdan > 450 chairs in the Senate.

    Congressmen/women are elected depending on the number of votes their party receives in each province. there are three chairs/province > 150 chairs in Congress.

  • Having all the electoral data been received at the National Electoral College, I, Stanislav Przybyłowicz, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, do officially announce the end of the 2017 Derectan General Election. The results will be published soon.

    Stanislav Przybyłowicz,

    Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, Head of Government in functions

  • Elections to Congress

    These are the results of the 2017 Congressional elections:

    Blue: Derectan Popular Alliance | Red: Socialist Party of Derecta | Grey: Derectan Democratic Confluence | Orange: The Libs

    Derectan Popular Alliance: 65 seats in Congress:

    • 10 from LANDIVION
    • 11 from OLDENSTAR
    • 7 from MEDORIN
    • 8 from ASDAN
    • 11 from SUMANEM
    • 9 from CARDISSIO
    • 8 from NETTONIA

    Socialist Party of Derecta: 37 seats in Congress:

    • 3 from LANDIVION
    • 11 from OLDENSTAR
    • 0 from MEDORIN
    • 1 from ASDAN
    • 7 from SUMANEM
    • 6 from CARDISSIO
    • 9 from NETTONIA

    Derectan Democratic Confluence: 29 seats in Congress:

    • 6 from LANDIVION
    • 4 from OLDENSTAR
    • 6 from MEDORIN
    • 1 from ASDAN
    • 1 from SUMANEM
    • 4 from CARDISSIO
    • 7 from NETTONIA

    The Libs: 19 seats in Congress:

    • 2 from LANDIVION
    • 4 from OLDENSTAR
    • 5 from MEDORIN
    • 2 from ASDAN
    • 1 from SUMANEM
    • 2 from CARDISSIO
    • 3 from NETTONIA

    Congress Composition

  • Elections to the Senate

    These are the result of the 2017 elections to the Derectan Senate:

    Derectan Popular Alliance: 238 seats in the Senate:

    • 11.863.921 votes (48.27%)

    Socialist Party of Derecta: 92 seats in the Senate:

    • 5.586.053 votes (18.66%)

    Derectan Democratic Confluence: 64 seats in the Senate:

    • 3.190.298 votes (12.98%)

    The Libs: 56 seats in the Senate:

    • 2.791.511 votes (11.35%)


    • 2.141.557(8.71%)

    Total electoral census:

    • 24.573.342

    Senate Composition

  • Consular Elections

    The procedures by which Congress' Proconsul and the Senate's High Consul have ended.

    Anna Schuttenbach (DPA) faces her second term as Speaker of the lower house.

    Nevertheless, Enrique de Buenaventura (DDC) will be replacing Proconsul Xanthopoulos as Speaker of Congress, as he has received the votes of both DPA and DDC.

    Image result for jesus posada

  • Derectan Prime Minister voting

    The first Senate session of the XLVI legislature has ended with the vote for Derecta's next Prime Minister, which has been as follows:

    Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz: 5 votes (DPA)

    Violet Leandros: 233 votes (DPA); 64 votes (DDC) > 297 votes

    Samuel Beaulieu: 92 votes (SPD)

    James Hartington: 56 votes (The Libs)

    Having received the absolute majority of votes from the Senate on the first round of voting, Mrs. Violet Leandros is now officially the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta. It is up to her and her team to now form the government's cabinet.