Confirmation of Mr. Faulkner as Internal Affairs Commissioner

  • In accordance with the established in the Constitution of the European Union, I hereby nominate councillor Faulkner (Aus) for the office of Internal Affairs.

    I request the the debate and confirmation procedures be opened as soon as possible by the Speaker.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Premier Commissioner

  • I, Speaker John Oliver, do open the nomination for Mr. John Faulkner for the position of Commissioner of Internal Affairs.

    Questioning begins now and lasts until 0429 GMT April 23rd.

    Then voting on Confirmation begins and lasts until 0429 GMT April 26th.

    Please remain respectful to the best of your ability, I now invite Mr. Faulkner to make an opening statement before we begin questioning.

  • ((I apologise for the delay. April and May have been extremely busy months. The summer is looking to be far better.))

    Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker. Can I congratulate the Premier Commissioner on her stunning and comprehensive victory. It is indeed a good day for Europe and we hope to deliver on the promises made during the election.

    When I was asked to be the Internal Affairs Commissioner, I was thrilled and honoured. It is a post that the outgoing Internal Affairs Commissioner has done well. I would like to continue the good work that was started by the Internal Affairs Commissioner, specifically in relation to what laws are actually still in effect and what laws have been nullified by either the Constitution, court decisions, or legislation. In terms of reforms in Europe, I would like to see more cooperation between nations on issues. I would work to see the European Council and the European Commission establish channels to ensure that we are looking out for and helping nations adjust laws to stay compliant with the European legislation.

    I will work to see that the Dromund Kaas situation is brought to a conclusion and that the effected country and refugees receive the attention and care that they so rightfully deserve. It is embarrassing that in a union where we are promoting democracy, culture, Western values, and civilisation that we have a failed state that is the exact opposite of that. We do need to work on security and intelligence as well, so I would like to establish channels between the nations of Europe and the European Council to help share crucial intelligence to prevent any incidents of terror.

    I will try my best to see that students in Europe have the freedom to participate in a European Union Exchange Programme in which our young people have the ability to study abroad for a semester or school year in a country. It is right and important in this age of globalisation that we allow our students to experience different cultures and societies in pursuit of their dreams.

    Furthermore, I want to be a public servant that listens to the constituents and nations of Europe and takes very seriously their concerns. Thank you.

    John Faulkner

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