Confirmation of Lady Botswick-Smythe as External Affairs Commissioner

  • In accordance with the established in the Constitution of the European Union, I hereby nominate councillor Bostwick-Smythe (Gall) for the office of External Affairs.

    I request the the debate and confirmation procedures be opened as soon as possible by the Speaker.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti

    Premier Commissioner

  • I, Speaker John Oliver, do open the nomination for Lady Suzanna Botswick-Smythe for the position of Commissioner of Foreign Affairs.

    Questioning begins now and lasts until 0429 GMT April 23rd.

    Then voting on Confirmation begins and lasts until 0429 GMT April 26th.

    Please remain respectful to the best of your ability, I now invite the commissioner-candidate to make an opening statement before we begin questioning.

  • Premier Commissioner, Mr Speaker, Members of the European Council, it is an honour to appear before you today as the Commissioner-Elect for Foreign Affairs
    and to seek the approval of this Council for my confirmation.

    I would like to welcome also, members of my family who are here today. These are the most important people in my life, and I want to express my gratitude to them
    for all their love and support over the years. First, my husband for over thirty years, William, and my two daughters, Stephanie and Amelia.

    I am grateful and proud that they are here with me today.

    I come before you at a pivotal time in both the history of my nation, but also our region. Nearly everywhere we look, people and nations are deeply unsettled.
    Old ideas and international norms which were well-understood and governed by behaviours in the past may no longer be effective in our time.

    We face considerable threats in this evolving new environment, like Nations and Regions who disregard European interests, are seeking relevance on the global stage.
    As we confront these realities, how should we respond?

    My answer is simple. To achieve the stability that is foundation to our peace and security in the 21st Century, European leadership must not only be
    renewed, but it must be asserted. Our role in the world has entailed a place of moral leadership. The European Union's level of goodwill towards the world is unique, and we must continue
    to display a commitment to personal liberty, human dignity, and principled action in the our foreign policy.

    If confirmed, in my work for the Council and the people of Europe, I will seek to engender trust with foreign leaders and governments, and put in place agreements
    that will serve the purposes and interests of European foreign policy. The Commissioner for Foreign Affairs, works for the members of this council, and for the people
    of the European Union and will work effortlessly to implement the councils foreign policy objectives. To do that I must work closely with the council and all other relative offices and agencies of this council to build consensus.

    I seek to understand the facts, follow where they lead, and apply logic to our international affairs. We must see the world for what it is, have clear priorities, and understand that our power is considerable, but it is not infinite.
    We must, where possible, build pathways to new partnerships, and strengthen old bonds which have frayed.

    If confirmed, I intend to conduct a foreign policy consistent with these ideals.

    I thank you for your time, and look forward to your questions.

  • Mod

    I move that the Council progress to voting.

    Acwellan Devoy
    Councillor of the Duxburian Union

  • I vote FOR Councillor Lady Botswick-Smythe as External Affairs Commissioner.

    Dame Viviana Ricchetti,

    Premier Commissioner

  • Mod

    I second the motion.

    I vote For Lady Botswick-Smythe as External Affairs Commissioner.

    Julia Hartley-Brewer

    Councillor for the United Kingdom of Great Britain

  • Mod

    I vote FOR confirmation of Lady Botswick-Smythe.

    Acwellan Devoy
    Councillor of the Duxburian Union

  • Mod

    I vote FOR Lady Botswick-Smythe as External Affairs Commissioner.

    Edward Firoux,

    Councillor of Inquista

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