• EDITOR IN CHIEF: Pavel Iosif Vatsonov
    SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: Mikhail Tsrnovich




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    We are back on Mind Camp with Pavel Iosif Vatsonov, and it’s about time we talked about EuroVoice. So this competition keeps getting won by the countries with the most aggressively pro-mass migration, globalist regimes. First Sitanova, now Derecta. And of course when it’s hosted in those countries, Pravoslaviya can’t enter. It’s all a ploy to stamp down on patriotic cultures, suppress it, and glorify globalism. You tune into EuroVoice and you get all these messages in your head – let in all the migrants, don’t worry about the government watching you through your webcam on the computer, and so on. By the way, you can buy one of our special stickers to stop the government using your webcam on our store, it’s 20 dinars for 10 stickers – check it out.

    So you get all these messages channelled, straight into your mind. Now let’s look at the head of EuroVoice – total globalist. Peter Montfort is a former Premier Commissioner, Internal Commissioner, Economics Commissioner, and European Councillor. Before becoming a globalist supervillain Montfort was in big, corporate business. But this guy has had pretty much every job in Europolis. He’s been in charge of selling out the people of Angleter to Europolis, he’s been in charge of constructing the concentration camps that are masquerading as seed banks, and he’s been one of the globalists orchestrating the economy of Europe to concentrate as much wealth as possible in the hands of a parasitical elite. Now they put this guy – and weapons-grade globalism, behind the skin he’s like WARARARSAGH! DEAAAAATH! – in charge of the culture!

    WHY do they put someone like this Montfort in charge of the culture, in charge of this EuroVoice? Because they understand the culture is so important. If you read the works of Antonio Gramsci, you’ll know. These globalists who want to destroy nations and cultures and individual freedom, they NEED to control the culture. They twist it so you think it’s COOL to want to destroy your own liberty! IT’S PURE EVIL! THIS SHOW IS PURE EVIL! This is some real, serious stuff, folks. And if you folks don’t believe me, ask yourself where Doc Mustard is. Doc Mustard was an entry from Icholasen who entered this really vulgar song which basically parodied this whole corporate culture that this EuroVoice is like an orgy of celebration for. And he’s VANISHED, folks. We all know Taylor Swift got out and is here in Pravoslaviya, but WHERE IS DOC MUSTARD?

    But there’s more. One EuroVoice had the result announced by the SPEAKER OF THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL! And he showed his true colours there, oh boy. There were actually fights, deaths, injuries – all because this John Oliver creature, who’s a lower-grade globalist than Peter Montfort because he can’t cover it up so well, and he starts insulting all the nations of Europe. Of course he does, because he hates them. He hates cultures and nations and he wants to destroy them all. So he does and patriots respond as they will – and then, of course, the patriots get blamed and it’s another win in the culture for the globalists! You have to see how this works, folks. You have to be awake to it, because otherwise you’ll be fooled and you’ll lose your mind to it too. And once enough people lose their minds, it’s all over, folks. They’ll take your culture and your freedom.

    Right, we’ll be right back after the break with an update on Hillary Clinton’s stage 5 brain cancer.

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    We’ve had a couple of emails speculating that the Vulovich Bratstvo, which we all know is founded by Apostol Tsrvenovski, is responsible for the disappearance of Doc Mustard. I don’t know if more of you folks want to keep researching that in depth – that’s a very interesting line that we should be following.

    Now, we’re going to talk Hillary. This globalist stooge is still being pushed as a credible leader for Australia despite the fact that she is obviously nearly dead, in really poor health. Now of course the mainstream media don’t want you to know this, there’s a near total blackout on this stuff. But here’s Mikhail Tsrnovich with some more updates.

    Is Hillary actually already dead and replaced by a body double who is also terminally ill?
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    “Well, Pavel, we’ve just got this explosive video of Hillary Clinton saying ‘have a nice day’ to an Australian voter when it was 8pm in the evening. Now what’s the point of offering someone a ‘nice day’ when there’s only four hours left?”

    There’s no point, Mikhail, it doesn’t make sense.

    “Exactly. So what we have here is, clearly, Hillary Clinton speaking gibberish. Further proof, as if we needed any more, of a massive brain problem.”

    Well, how can the liberals and the globalists and the migrants first people deny this any more?

    “They keep this from the public, Pavel, as far as possible. Nobody has been reporting this conversation in the mainstream media, which would be shocking if it wasn’t what we’d come to expect from them. Otherwise, they’ll just handwave it away, and ridicule it, saying it’s nothing.”

    Gandhi had a good quote here. This is Gandhi. ‘First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.’ That should be our motto here at Mind Camp. Keep fighting, folks. Keep taking the pills, keep away from the fluoridised water they pump into your homes. They’re laughing now, but soon their faces will turn to anger. Hard times are coming, folks, but we have to get through it if we want to win. They’re coming for you anyway – will you stand and fight?

    Anyway, we’re going for another break. After that, is there any non-globalist choice in the United Kingdom? Lyin’ T is brain damaged, but Keir Starmer is even worse! Also, Turkmenbaijan – which side’s the good side?

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