Press conference by president Asuman Baknezarayowa on the formation of a new unified government

  • Press conference by president Asuman Baknezarayowa on the formation
    of a new unified government of the State Turkmenbaijan

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    Thank you for gathering together here, in the presidential palace in Arkhamnamabad, on this friday afternoon.
    I think I have to adres myself first to the Turkmenbaijani people, the officials from our nation and others. Especially to the officials as well of the other member states of the European Union.

    After days of political standstill, unrest, we can even use the word 'crisis' here, we've found a consesus. A composition is found to make a unified government by parties which are on the same wavelength. It is clear that some parties refuse to seek the best for Turkmenbaijan. With parties as those it is impossible to govern.
    That's why the European Integration Party (AIP), the Kyrzbek Minority Party (KTP) and the Communist party (KP) decided to work together. We join hands together. We join hands together to improve live conditions in Turkmenbaijan, develop our education system and intensify our integration in the European family.

    This is a more formal pact which still falls short of creating a coalition government. The European Integration Party, the Communist party and the Kyrzbek Minority Party are forming a minority government on the basis of a formal accord with the Citizen's platform (BUP) and the Party of Entrepreneurs and Industrialists (PSS): the BUP and PSS agreed to support the AIP/KP/KTP for all confidence motions and budgetary legislation, in exchange for the passage of certain legislative measures proposed by the PSS and BUP. This means that this is not a formal coalition, because the PSS and BUP remaines an opposition party and is not given seats in the cabinet.

    I believe that this government is the best solution we've found in order to avoid instability and more incertainty.

    Thank you all for comming. And now... we go to work.
    Thank you.