Arcadia Banking Group, LTD

  • "Making money easy again"

    Our company:

    -Establishment: August 1906

    -Headquarters: [01005] 1 and 3 Arcadia Towers Sq., Emporikó District, Dikaíoma, DERECTA.

    -CEO: Ernesto de la Fuente (since 1999)

    -Annual revenue: 329 million ₯

    -Annual expenditure: 278 million ₯

    -Reserves: 1,68 billion ₯


      • 75% Arcadia Banking Group
      • 7% the Consortium
      • 5% Dos Santos Media Group
      • 3% Targan Family
      • 10% Shares available at Dikaíoma Stock Market

    Our purpose:

    We have been the bank of all Derectans for over a century. When we started, Arcadia bank was nothing but a small institution in Dikaíoma, but now, we are Derecta's most powerful bank.

    We want to continue offering the signature services that have made us what we are. A trustworthy bank.

    Money can become understandable if you join us at Arcadia Banking Group.

    Our services:

    -Arcadia Online / Arcadia App:

    • Forget paperwork and bank branches and make your transactions at home
    • Hold balances in any currency available
    • Switch between accounts easily
    • Schedule payments and transfers
    • Set an SMS-sent code to authorise a third-person to withdraw money from your account at any ATM
    • Forget your card and pay with your phone, smartwatch, etc.
    • Online signature for online payments and purchases: 2 numbers, 3 letters, 2 numbers, customisable by the client
    • Purchase through our online platform and get up to 20% of your buy back

    -Arcadia savings account:

    • No minimum amount of money required to open an account
    • Maintenance fee: 0,15%/balance/month
    • No withdrawal frequency limits
    • Overdraft fees limited by terms and conditions set at the moment of the account opening: credit or debit account
    • Data encrypted with military-level software. Virtually impossible to hack.
    • Bonus Interest rate/year: minimum of 0,5% (subject to terms of contract, the amount may vary/client/account)
    • Get an Arcadia Banking Group share the moment you open an account with us
    • Balance bonus (Monthly):
      • 1%: 1.000 ₯< balance< 2.000 ₯
      • 2%: 2.000 ₯< balance< 3.000 ₯
      • 3%: 3.000 ₯< balance< 15.000 ₯
    • Bonus revenue:
      • 1% of local taxes, Property Tax, Ford Tax, Circulation Tax, Freelance Tax,
      • 2% of your house, gas, electricity, telecom bills or insurance (under Arcadia Insurance) expenses
      • 3% of scholar fees [tuition (kindergarten to college/university, private or public)] or NGOs donations.

    -Arcadia Card:

    • Annual fee: 5 ₯
    • Automatic currency change when travelling abroad
      • Online (any time)
      • At branch (before travelling)
    • NFC chip for contactless purchases.
      • Make purchases of up to 20 ₯ without inputting your pin
    • EMV chip for security
    • Four digit pin customisable by the client

    -Arcadia Holdings:

    Buy shares with us and get bonuses at the end of the year

    Blocks of Shares:

    Services: Derectan Airways; Ilion Security; Lyceum Education Society.; MedSalud Group; Garrigós Investments; the Consortium; Fractal/Fractal Shipping Inc.; Plaza Hotels...

    Energy: Petro-Acorion; Iliakós Energies ; Maxwell Eolics; Derectan Electric Network; the Consortium; Pegasus Gas Company...

    Real Estate: Mendoza Group; Kíovas Constructions; the Consortium; Weller Family Group; Callington Assets...

    Tech: Abecé; Olyntech; RTS; the Consortium; Newage Inc.; Cyclos Systems...

    Industry: Bio-Ánthos; the Consortium; Vtess Automobiles; Pharmecta; Augustine Industries; Syricus Robotics; Gallant Genomics; Ferroway Inc.; Hephaistos Metallurgicals...

    Retail: Tennyson's; The Good Buy; Derectan Coop.; Mercado XXI...

    Telecom: Dos Santos Media; DBCA; O! Network; Derectel; the Consortium...

    -Contact Us:  

    • [01005] 3 Arcadia Towers Sq., Emporikó District, Dikaíoma, DERECTA.
    • 24h service: 900234234 / M-F; 9:30-18:30: 900101101
    • Any of our offices available in all 50 province capitals

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