EPA Chairman Election, June 2017

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    Welcome to the EPA Chairman election.

    The EPA Chairman is tasked with forming the next Caucus Executive, and will also represent the Executive as our leader in the European Council. The Caucus Chairman will remain in tenure until one calendar year after the next Commission election.

    The candidates are as follows:

    - Councillor Devayani Chakpram of Gallambria

    - Councillor Julian Maverick of Derecta

    You may only vote for one candidate. Only caucus members of the EPA may vote.

    Voting begins NOW and ends at 3:00AM GMT on June 11th, 2017.

  • Cllr. Julian Maverick votes for HIMSELF for the position of EPA Chairman.

    Office of Cllr. Maverick

  • Cllr. Devayani Chakpram votes for HERSELF for the position of EPA Chairperson.

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    Edward Firoux votes for Councillor Devayani Chakpram.

  • I vote for Councillor Julian Maverick of Derecta.

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    Voting has closed.

    Final results are as follows: 

    2 votes for Councillor Devayani Chakpram

    2 votes for Councillor Julian Maverick

    Thus, we have a tie. Before we have a run-off, I advise that Councillors Chakpram and Maverick now have a chance to come together to see if they can find common ground. Both Councillors now have a chance to see if they can make a deal, and if they can indeed create a new executive team under their leadership. If this is not possible, then we can proceed with a run-off. 

  • I must step down and transfer my vote to Cllr. Chakpram. I congratulate her on her fair victory and wish her the best during her term as our Chairwoman.

    It is time for the EPA to fix Europe once and for all!

    HE Cllr. Julian Maverick,

    Federal Republic of Derecta 

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    Congratulations to Councillor Devayani Chakpram, the new Chairman of the EPA.

    We eagerly await for the appointment of the new Caucus Executive. 

  • I would like to thank Cllr Maverick for his vote of Confidence.

    After long deliberation, I am making the following appointments to the Caucus Executive.

    Spokesperson & Secretary - Cllr Julian Maverick
    Treasurer - Cllr Edward Firoux

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