General Election Turkmenbaijan 2017

  • In exactly one week (26th of June) Turkmenbaijan will hold general elections. It is already the second time this year that the 4,7 from the 7,5 million Turkmenbaijanis will go to the polling stations. It is looking out whom will win this elections and whom can bring back stability. We are putting here all participating parties on a row.

    KP - Communist Party The Komünist Partý is the communist party of Turkmenbaijan. They follow a leninist ideolygy at the exemple of the communist party of the former Turkmen SSR and see themselves as a  a "lawful successor and heir of it both in ideology and tradition".  KP wants a new quality of life, economic modernisation, European integration and consolidation of society. Many scientists in Turkmenbaijan states that the KP is only communist by name and classify the party as center-right. The communist are strongly opposed to an autonomous Kyrzbekistan within the State Turkmenbaijan.

    PSS - Party of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs The Partýasi Sälümbar Saher has an ideology of industrialisation. Under president Enver Därwäzä the PSS was erected to diversify the National Congress. Since last elections they are an independent party. They promise big investments by the state to boost the Turkmenbaijani economy.

    LDP - Liberal Democratic Party According to its statute, the Liberal Demokratik Partýasi is a center-right party with conservative doctrine. The strategic programmatic goal set by this party is the reconstruction and modernization of the State Turkmenbaijan, as well as the establishment of rule-of-law state and efficient market economy. In its program, the LDP aims at becoming the main driver for overcoming economic, social and civilization gaps, which separate Turkmenbaijan from the other European member states.

    ABT - Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance The Alyans bizë Turkmenbaycanüm is a cartel between the Citizen's Platform, the Kyrzbek Minority Party and the European Integration party. Frontwoman is former president Asuman Baknezarayowa. ABT is a social-liberal party. Both parties are pro-european.

    SDH - Social Democratic Movement The Sosial Demokratik Herekati is the governing party of Turkmenbaijan since 2001. The party is currently led by former president Nikola Nikolay. Central planning is a key element for the party policies and serves as the basis of functionality for government services. They adhere the social-democracy ideas but are in favour to control all public utilities to ensure equal acces for everybody.

    HDP - Democratic People's Party The Hälkin Demokratik Partý is a liberal and national conservative party. HDP is eurosceptic.

    DP - Democratic Party The Demokratik Partý is a center-right party with nationalist ideas. DP wants to limit the rights of Kyrzbeks in Turkmenbaijan. They have a liberal economical agenda.

    MBT - Centrist Union of Turkmenbaijan Merkezci Birligý Türkmenbaycan follows the ideology of centrism and secularism. It includes a centre-left policy towards the economy, supporting state interventionism and calling for the unity of Turkmenbaijan.

    MP - Conservative Party The Muhafazakar Partý is an extreme-right party in Turkmenbaijan. They are strongly opposed to the European Union and want to restore severe border controls to 'preserve the Turkmenbaijani values and traditions both of the past and the future'.

    BT - United Turkmenbaijan Bärlaga Türkmenbaycan is a social democratic party with progressive principles. The modernisation of the education system, creating offices to lead people to new and better jobs and offering free trainings for the long-term unemployed are a few of their proposals.

    CTP - Republican Party of Turkmenbaijan Cümhurýeti Türkmenbaycanüm Partý is a party which adhires the next ideologies: economic conservatism, fiscal conservatism, social conservatism and the creation of a federal Turkmenbaijani-Kyrzbek Republic.

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  • Auben will be interested on the outcome of the Turkmenbaijani election

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    "HM Government will be watching these elections with keen interest. 
    We hope that, in the interest of stability, the majority parties are involved in the formation and supply of the next government so that it is representative of the Turkmenbaijani people.
    We sincerely hope that the free and fair elections go well, and we will continue to work with the Government of the State of Turkmenbaijan."
    The Rt. Hon. Theresa May, MP
    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain


    On the 26th of this month the Turkmenbaijanis will elect a new National Congress. This elections are organised after a political deadlock during the formation of a new unified government under president Asuman Baknezarayowa. But why a deadlock as the results of the last elections were clear? We explain it to you here.

    The turkmenbaijani elections are organised only for the legislative bodies and not for the executives (president, government, ministers...).
    The results of the elections for the legislative bodies, in this case the National Congress -parliament- are the basis of the distribution of the available seats. In Turkmenbaijan 103 seats are distributed.

    Different than in other countries the results are not the basis, in the first place, of forming a government. In the first joined seating of the elected members of the National Congress a new chairman, who's acting as vice-president, and a new head of state, president, are chosen. In Turkmenbaijan the vice-president does not have any power except when the president is not able to govern or when the president steps down. This happened twice since the independence in 2001.

    But how does the National Congress elect the president? Well... every party represented in the National Congress may present a candidate, in general a member of the party, but this is not obligatory. After the presentation of each candidate the members may vote. A 2/3 majority is needed. It can happen that a party does not present a candidate and endorse the candidate of an other party. This happened in March 2017 with the election of mrs. Asuman Baknezarayowa. The presidential oath is followed directly after the election.

    The task of the newly elected president is to form a new government. For this the new president looks at the results of the elections for the National Congress or the endorsements during the election for a new head of state. A government is formed, in general, by the party of the president and other parties which shares same views and principles. Until 2016 the government was made up only by members of the Social Democratic Movement.

    It is looking forward how the cards will be shuffled next week.


    Tomorrow 4,7 million Turkmenbaijanis will vote for a new National Congress. You can follow every update and analyses here on this page.
    On this map you can see how many seats are winnable in each administrative territory.


    Atam Durayew: Goodmorning and welcome at this live broadcast of the elections which are hold today in Turkmenbaijan. Here you will find analyses, comments and ofcourse results of the voting. The pollingstations are now open for 4 hours and everything goes smooth. The Himiýa Polís, the Turkmenbaijani, British and Gallambrian army are present to avoid protests or violences at the pollingstations. And it seems it works. For RTT.NWS Mikhayel Sarabov is at the pollingstation in Khabarev district in Arkhamnamabad. Hello Mikhayel, how is the climate there? Any tensions?

    Mikhayel Sarabov: Goodmorning Atam, no, no tensions here. Let is say for the moment no tensions, it is still early but what we see is a strong presence of police and soldiers to maintain order and to crackdown violent actions as we have experienced the last 2-3 weeks here. What you can see here is a very long queue. People are ready to vote. People are ready to speak and that's something we never really have experienced in Turkmenbaijan. Also because public campaigns as it happens in other states, think of television, rallies, radio, etc... are defended here. So it is quite impressive to see, at least here in the Khabarev district how many people are already here to bring there vote out.

    Atam Durayew: Mikhayel: a question that not only the Turkmenbaijanis but also other nations are posing is how will SDH do it in this elections? We had mass protests, violent joined seatings in the National Congress, the blockade of SDH to form a progressive government... Any idea?

    Mikhayel Sarabov: Honestly I do not have any idea. SDH is the party which brought independence to Turkmenbaijan, SDH brought coherence in society, SDH brought Turkmenbaijan in the European Union and people do not forget that. Traditionally SDH does it very well in the First Administrative Territory (Territory Subordinated to the State) and that is the region of Arkhamnamabad, Basjrabad, Qarashy, Suleymana... It is the most dense area of the country and only in this Territory 60 seats from the 103 are winnable. I really don't know How they will do it today.

    Atam Durayew: Thank you Mikhayel. And with us is Ilman Khampayew, professor political science at the Ügyür State University in Arkhamnamabad, welcome and thank you for being here with us. You will help us today to analyse the results. As you have seen on the screen, long queues in the Kharabev district. We've heard that it is not common here in Turkmenbaijan. Can you tell us why?

    Ilman Khampayew: Goodmorning. Yes. In fact there is a simple reason for it. We can say two reasons. The first one is that voting is not compulsory in Turkmenbaijan. That means you aren't obligated to vote. You are free to resign without any sanction. The second reason is the reason what mr. Sarabov stated in the report we've just seen. More and more, especially young people, are ready to speak. To vote. Notice as well that the people are going out to vote now, the youngsters, the students, the workers, ... are those who have protested the last 2-3 weeks and that might, I believe, the actual status of the ruling Social Democratic Movement of Nikolay Nikola. It is an image we can generalize. It is not only in Arkhamnamabad where we see long queues but also in other big cities. Äz Monzor, Marý, Ýylyznamabad, Üçmartý,... But I repeat again mr. Sarabov, It is now for the moment unpredictable how the SDH will do it today.

    Atam Durayew: It seems that this elections will be crucial for Turkmenbaijan?

    Ilman Khampayew: Yes indeed. or you get a stronger SDH as the first president whom did not belong to the SDH failed very quick they can use this to proof that only an SDH government and presidency can bring stability, development and internal peace.

    Atam Durayew: You are talking about mrs. Asuman Baknezarayowa now?

    Ilman Khampayew: Yes indeed. But it is quite impressive what she did. She received the chance and others did not. But our system here does not make it easy for the president. For a president whom does not belong to SDH. Staying with the example of Baknezarayowa. SDH had 48 on 103 seats. Her party 2 on 103 seats. So what can you do?
    And beside of that it is true that SDH brought independence and economy and social coherence. So I say again: Today is crucial for the future of our nation.

    Atam Durayew: Thank you already for your comments mr. Khampayew. We are back in a moment.

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  • Atam Durayew: Welcome back to this live broadcast of the elections in Turkmenbaijan today. Mr. Ilman Khampayew, professor political science at the Ügyür State University is still with us. Meanwhile mrs. Eylül Dericyewa has joined us. Hello mrs. Dericyewa. You are working at the redaction of the RTT and follows the political evolution in Turkmenbaijan very closely. I say evolution but can we say soon revolution? What do you think?

    Eylül Dericyewa: Hello Atam, you may say Eylül, no problem. Thank you for your introduction. I follow indeed the political evolution in Turkmenbaijan and indeed it has been said already multiple times today: what we see, the amount of people who are willing to vote is unseen in Turkmenbaijan so I say something is moving here. Will it be beneficial for the SDH... I don't know. But somthing is moving. Turkmenbaijan wants to move foreward and people have realised that they can do this by bringing out there vote. That declares the long queues I guess.

    Ilman Khampayew: It is impressive and I even may say that it is a bit scary for me. Unseen as mrs. Dericyewa says.

    Atam Durayew: Thank you. Not only in Arkhamnamabad there are long queues at the polling stations. Also in the cities of Ýylyznamabad, Äz Monzor and Marý people are waiting to bring out there vote. Marija Hamayewa, you are for us at the polling station in Ýylyznamabad, how does it goes there?

    Marija Hamayewa: Hello Atam, yes I'm now in Ýylyznamabad indeed and we do see the same as we see in Arkhamnamabad: long queues. A few moments ago there were some tensions here but clashes with the police remained out. But you can clearly feel something is moving. Many are suspicious in a way. "Are you going to vote SDH or not?" and Nobody knows if that is positive or negative so it will be very thrilling this evening when the results will be announced.

    Atam Durayew: Thank you Marija.

    Ilamn Khampayew: Here I want to say something if I may.

    Atam Durayew: Ofcourse.

    Ilamn Khampayew: Everybody is talking how SDH will do it but have you noticed that nobody talks about the other parties? Lets stay in Ýylyznamabad. Last elections, in March, the winner over there was not the Social Democratic Movement but the Communist Party. How will they do it today? Last elections in the city of Äz Monzor the winner was not SDH but the European Integration Party of Asuman Baknezarayowa. How will they do it today? 

    Eylül Dericyewa: May we say that the people are getting afraid of SDH? Or not?

    Ilman Khampayew: Being afraid is maybe said to strong but it is clear that the people want something else and maybe SDH can offer that, you don't know. Anyway the people have today the power to make stronger or let fall the Social Democrats.

    Atam Durayew: Eylül, what has to come after SDH? In the case that the SDH looses this elections?

    Eylül Dericyewa: What you see since the fall of the government Nikola is that people really takes initiatives. They work together. With the announcement of Amos Bahman that people has to gather together and form groups to represent their interests and that those groups may take part at the elections people really started to do that. Now we are 4 months furhter and people had more time to start up something. And you see this in the list of participating parties in this elections. More than the half of the participating parties are new parties. People want a change. A big change.

    Atam Durayew: Okay. Mr. Khampayew do you see the same what Eylül tells here in your domain?

    Ilman Khampayew: Yes. Very simple. Yes. People are tired of lame politics and not only here but in the whole European Union. That's the reason of the protests of last weeks: lame politics, corruption.

    Atam Durayew: Is Turkmenbaijan ready for such a big change?

    Ilman Khampayew: Well let's hope so. But I do believe the Turkmenbaijani people have the strong willing of collaborating with other peoples and to work with themselves.

    Eylül Dericyewa: I do believe so. We are ready.

    Atam Durayew: Mr. Khampayew you've said the strong willing of collaboration with other peoples. We are already in the European Union. What are you talking about?

    Ilman Khampayew: Indeed we are in the European Union and be happy for that. But Turkmenbaijan is the most isolated EU member states. Beside some embassies we do not have close relations with any other state. The border with Australia, or single EU neighbour is closed, completely closed. The governments of other member states does not tolerate any longer the attitude of the Turkmenbaijani government and as you know that is the SDH.

    Atam Durayew: Do you say that other nations will not recognise a victory of SDH in this elections?

    Ilman Khampayew: I don't know. So far, so long this elections are free and open so if SDH wins... They have to.

    Atam Khampayew: Maybe we can look now to the results of two last elections: 2009 and march of this year. Is that okay for you both?

    Eylül Dericyewa; Yes ofcourse.

    Ilman Khampayew: Good.

    Atam Durayew: Mr. Khampayew?

    Ilman Khampayew: Here you see two things. One is the increase of the Social Democratic Movement and the second is the rise of new political families. In fact what Eylül said a few moments ago. I believe this trend will be continued. Everywhere in Europe you see that the classical parties are getting really punches in the face. They really getting punches in the face. The difference is that in Turkmenbaijan you have only one classical party: the Social Democratic Movement.

    Eylül Dericyewa: That is what we see at the redaction too. Classical parties are increasing because the tiredness of the people is rising and Turkmenbaijan is not an exception on that. 

    Atam Durayew: Eren Burdak is in Äz Monzor. How is the climate over there Eren?

    Eren Burdak: Hi Atam! Yes indeed I'm in Äz Monzor, the second city of Turkmenbaijan and the hometown of Asuman Baknezarayewa. Her party won here 2 seats last elections and if I listen to the people they are really supporting her and her European Integration Party. And here as well long queues. People are waiting patiently. It is very hot outside and the Red Crescent is distributing free bottles of water.... Everything is well organised here.

    Atam Durayew: Thank you Eren. You stay for us in Äz Monzor. We will take a little break here. I hope to see you back in a few moments. Thank you.

  • Atam Durayew: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to this live broadcast of the elections which are hold today. Since 10 minutes all polling stations are closed and the counting of the votes have been started. We do expect the first results in the course of this evening and we will be ofcourse the first to announce you those. We can tell as well that this electionsday is one without any big incidents due to the big military and police presence. Mr. Khampayew, the polling stations are closed. In attendance of the results... What are you hoping for Turkmenbaijan?

    Ilman Khampayew: I sincerely hope that Turkmenbaijan crawls out of this isolationism we lived since 2001. That we move on and become a true modern nation with strong international ties. I mean real international ties. Not the superficial ones we do have now because they doesn't mean anything. And that we become conscious as a people that we are able to decide for ourselves without depending on dictates without transparancy or the risk that you might be persecuted if you oppose.

    Atam Durayew: Eylül? What about you?

    Eylül Dericyewa: I do hope the same thing. I really do. But we are only 2 persons on the more than 7 million Turkmenbaijanis. We are not a reflection of the society so for me I will be very carefully about predictions or to pre-empt the facts. We do have here a very closed political system: indirect presidential elections, a very strong party with a clear majority at least until today and campaigning does not exist so apart of this elections I think maybe it is good that the whole system will be reformed.

    Ilman Khampayew: It is interesting what you say here Eylül. I do agree on the fact that maybe we do have to reform the whole system as a system in itselfs. But indirect presidential elections are not that bad as the president, whom become independent after his or her election, his or her policies are reflected by the National Congress. That means coherence. And that is what this nation needs in politics.

    Eylül Dericyewa: maybe...

    Atam Durayew: Now you've mentioned the presidency mr. Khampayew, Turkmenbaijan has known since 1 January of this year 4 presidents. What figure do we have in the Union for example because of this?

    Ilman Khampayew: Not a good one. Simple not a good one. We are seen as an unstable country on both political and internal life.

    Atam Durayew: You mean the tensions between ethnic Turkmenbaijanis and Kyrzbeks?

    Ilman Khampayew: Yes I do. And the thing is that only 2 or 3 parties which are taking part at the elections today have a real point on this issue. The Communist Party and the Democratic Party wants to increase the rights of the Kyrzbek people, the Kyrzbek Minority Party which is a part of the Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance aim equal rights and the Republican Party of Turkmenbaijan wants to establish a Federal Turkmenbaijani-Kyrzbek Republic. 

    Atam Durayew: Mikhayel Sarabov is still in Arkhamnamabad for us. Mikhayel, everything okay over there?

    Mikhayel Sarabov: Yes, thank you Atam. The sun is shining, there is a good climate and it looks like the people here are really confident about their vote. As you've mentioned the presence of military, specific the British and Gallambrian armed troops has paid off. No big incidents and everything proceeds very smoothly.

    Atam Durayew: Thank you Mikhayel. Eren Burdak is in Äz Monzor since this morning, Eren, in Arkhamnamabad we do here confident sounds. How about Äz Monzor?

    Eren Burdak: Same over here. The people are confident, no big incidents. Only this afternoon around 15 o'clock 3 persons were arrested because they were identified as suspicious. They were hanging around the polling station in downtown Äz Monzor and tried to enter again via the backdoors after they brought out already their votes but besides of that nothing really happened. People are really looking forward to the first results.

    Atam Durayew: Okay, you will stay there for the announcements of the results later this evening. Thank you Eren. We are back in a moment.

  • Atam Durayew: Goodevening and welcome back to the live broadcast of the general elections in Turkmenbaijan. We've just been reported that the counting is finished in the Ýylyznamabad Territory. In that territory 5 of the 103 seats are winnable and following the rumours 3 seats are going to the Communist Party and 2 seats to the Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance of Asuman Baknezarayowa and the Kyrzbek Minority Party. Other results are not known but it is waiting for a confirmation of this results. Eylül, mr. Khampayew... 3 seats to the Communist Party and 2 to the ABT. Any explenation?

    Eylül Dericyewa: If this is correct because you have mentioned it, it is just a rumour, it is exactly the same result as in March of this year. The communists booked good results in the Ýylyznamabad Province because it is a subordinated area, high poverty rate, unemployment, displeasure at the SDH... The two seats for the ABT is no surprise as the Kyrzbek area is in the Ýylyznamabad Province. Despite of the riots, protests, demonstrations etcetera the Kyrzbeks did vote for the Alliance of Baknezarayowa, the Kyrzbek Minority Party and the Citizen's Platform.

    Ilman Khampayew: It is a constance of last elections in March indeed. 3 seats to the Communists and 2 for the, let us be honest, the Kyrzbek Minority Party and not the so-called Alliance. Is this a reflection of the rest of the seats which are not distributed yet? I don't think so. 5 seats for the Ýylyznamabad Province okay... The Arkhamnamabad Territory has 60 seats, the Äz Monzor Province 35... Everything is possible and the evening is still young.

    Atam Durayew: It is waiting for confirmations of the results and meanwhile we will have a look how the international world and more specific how the European Union is looking to this elections. Türkman Ulyamanev, Good evening. You are living in London, the United Kingdom. How does the UK follows the elections here?

    Türkman Ulyamanev: The elections are not really mentioned in the daily news but we know that British armed forces are present in Turkmenbaijan to guarantee the safety and the transparancy of the elections. I think everybody is waiting until the results are announced and maybe that's the best for the moment.

    Atam Durayew: Okay Türkman, thank you! Enjoy your evening. Mr. Khampayew, you follow the politics for many years now and you are professor at the Ügyür State University in Arkhamnamabad. The fact that there, we can say for the moment, are no reactions on the elections here is an evidence of lack of interest of other member-states in our country?

    Ilman Khampayew: It is possible yes but I don't think so. IN fact you hear only one sound in the other member states: when will it change in Turkmenbaijan? And they are waiting.

    Atam Durayew: Eylül?

    Eylül Dericyewa: They wait indeed. You do have agreements but they are very very few and very superficial. Turkmenbaijan asked several times to Australia to deepen their relations and the only response was a closed border. Auben stated that it does not want to have a deep dialogue before Turkmenbaijan will abolish their policies. Understand by that, and I'm sorry to say this, the Social Democratic Movement.

    Atam Durayew: What if SDH receives a new and clear mandate of the people? Now they do have 48 seats in the National Congress. You can't just deny them?

    Ilman Khampayew: If SDH receives a new and clear mandate, if and I really say if, than the isolation of Turkmenbaijan continues because nobody want to work together with us. And than a Turxit of the Union is possible or inevitable... But now we are pre-empting on the facts.

    Eylül Dericyewa: I think that is the last thing what our people wants... It is heavy if you think about it like this.

    Ilman Khampayew: It is yes...

    Atam Durayew: Thank you both. So we know that the counting is finished in the Ýylyznamabad Territory. 5 seats are already won, 3 for the Communist Party and 2 for the Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance, but this has to be confirmed. We are back in a minute, thank you.

  • Atam Durayew: Goodevening and welcome back to this live broadcast of the elections in Turkmenbaijan today. Since this morning we are reporting the evolution of the votings in different cities and we've discussed already with mr. Ilman Khampayew, professor political science at the Ügyür State University in Arkhamnamabad and mrs. Eylül Dericyewa, head of politics of the RTT redaction. A few hours ago we have been reported that the results were in from the Ýylyznamabad Territory, good for 5 of the 103 seats in the National Congress. Those results are confirmed by the parliamentary commision for elections. 3 seats goes to the Communist Party and 2 seats goes to the ABT, Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance. Meanwhile other results are reported to us. The Marý Territory, good for 3 seats and the results are confirmed . All 3 seats goes to the Communist Party.

    The results of the Äz Monzor Territory are confirmed as well. 35 winnable seats are ready to be awarded. 15 seats goes to the ABT, Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance of former president Asuman Baknezarayowa, the Kyrzbek Minority Party and the Citizen's Platform. The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) receives 11 seats of the winnable seats. 8 seats are for United Turkmenbaijan and only 1 seat for the Social Democratic Movement.

    And the results of the Arkhamnamabad Territory where not less than 60 seats are winnable are confirmed too.
    30 seats are awarded to the Social Democratic Movement of Nikolay Nikola. Here you can clearly see that in the capital's area the SDH remains the biggest.
    19 seats are awarded to United Turkmenbaijan and also here the Communist Party does it well, it receives 7 seats of the 103. Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance and the Liberal Democrats gets both 2 seats in this Territory.

    This is a big big surprise. Lets see the new National Congress with the results of this elections.

    SDH loses 17 seats compared to last elections in March and 55 seats compared to the elections of 2009, never the less the Social Democratic Movement is the biggest in the National Congress but will it be enough to govern again? Those are questions for tomorrow in our broadcast where we will discuss the results of today. But it is clear that the traditional party, SDH, is increasing and new political movements are rising. Not only in other European nations but also here in Turkmenbaijan.

    You can see the awarded seats to each party on the screen. 31 seats for the Social Democratic Movement. 27 seats for United Turkmenbaijan. Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance, 19 seats. The Communist Party is good for 13 seats in the National Congress and 13 seats as well for the Liberal Democratic Party.

    With this we conclude this heavy day. We thank ofcourse mr. Ilman Khampayew and mrs. Eylül Dericyewa for their comments during the day and ofcourse you who followed everything here with us. Tomorrow we will discuss the results of this election and have a closer eye on which parties are elected in the National Congress and what the possibilities might be to form a government. Thank you and have a good night.

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    26 June 2017

    To the Citizens and National Congress of Turkmenbaijan,

    His Majesty's Government is pleased with the efficiency and freedom that the vote was able to have, thanks to cooperation. We hope that the two largest parties get a chance to form government, giving the most voice to the people of Turkmenbaijan possible. We support and await the process in which a government will be formed, viewing our own Westminster system as a fairly comparable example. We hope to strengthen the bonds between Turkmenbaijan and the United Kingdom, and Turkmenbaijan and the European Union.

    The Rt. Hon. Theresa May, MP

    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain


    Atam Durayew: Goodmorning ladies and gentlemen. This morning we woke up in a new Turkmenbaijan, this is at least we can say. The Social Democratic Movement has lost not more than 17 seats compared to March this year and 55 seats compared to 2009. New political families are rising and the Communist Party has a solid ground in the Ýylyznamabad Province where they have got 3 of the 5 winnable seats and all winnable seats in the Marý Province. Should we be worried about this? We will discuss all of this during the day with mrs. Rumy Otbanyewa, professor political science and observer of the national politics. Thank you for being with us mrs. Otbanyewa. My question is simple: and now?

    Rumy Otbanyewa: Hahaha... Goodmorning, thank you. Yes... and now? I don't know really what to say. This is unbelievable. At least that is the feeling I get when I look to the results. Maybe lets take a look first to the new parties and more specific the winner of this elections. In Turkmenbaijan we don't have a culture of campaigning before the elections to provide neutrality at one side and to let the voters the chance to overthink how they are going to vote without being bombarded by television debates, rallies... etcetera.

    Atam Durayew: Who is the winner to you?

    Rumy Otbanyewa: There are for me 3 real winners in this elections and I will tell you immediately that it is not Asuman Baknezarayowa. Her alliance with the Citizen's Platform and the Kyrzbek Minority Party won 19 seats indeed but if you look closer you see they have lost. In the elections of March this year Citizen's Platform was the biggest winner: 18 seats. The Kyrzbek Minority Party receives automatically 7 seats and the European Integration Party 2 seats. If we count that means that together, as this alliance, they have 27 seats. They have decided to work together to be stronger against the Social Democratic Movement and they have lost. So for me, let that be clear, Baknezarayowa is not a winner. It is clear that United Turkmenbaijan is the winner with 27 seats for the first time as the LDP too. Never participated but immediately 13 seats. And the Communist Party. They have won 2 provinces. No other party did that. So for me they are winners too but I believe that we don't have to be afraid of them.

    Atam Durayew: You've mentioned it: United Turkmenbaijan. Can you tell me who they are and what they really stand for?

    Rumy Otbanyewa: Yes. BT or United Turkmenbaijan is like the SDH a social democratic party but not authoritarian. Not to the citizens, they really stand for freedom in education, arts, economy without central planning as the SDH stands for and we can go on like that. United Turkmenbaijan is really a forefighter of a strong European Union and good cooperations with other nations and more specific our biggest neighbour Australia. They are in favor of the euro, open border policies, ... But at the same time they give a sort of continuation of SDH but on a positive way.

    Atam Durayew: Are they the reborn Social Democrats?

    Rumy Otbanyewa: Yes and no. It is fresh, new, in line with our mentality...

    Atam Otbanyewa: Does this elections mean that the SDH is of the set now?

    Rumy Otbanyewa: No I don't believe that but I've watched yesterday and what mr. Khampayew said is correct. Everywhere in Europe the traditional parties are increasing and here too but I don't believe SDH is out forever. What they have to do is modernise their party from inside out and than we will see what happens.

    Atam Durayew: Will they govern you think?

    Rumy Otbanyewa: SDH?

    Atam Durayew: Yes.

    Rumy Otbanyewa: If we look to the seats... SDH has 31 and their is a possibility that the Communist Party will endorse them so 31 and 13 is 44. I don't believe any other party is ready to govern with the SDH. ABT certainly not, remember the protests and violent joint seatings... So there you miss 19 seats already. Maybe United Turkmenbaijan but that will be political suicide even before you have started to govern as you "stand against" SDH and than govern together.. I don't think so. What I see as one of the possibilities is a coalition of BT, ABT, LDP. Together good for 59 seats of the 103. That is enough for a solid and renewable majority. BT, SDH and KP is also a possibility. They would have a mojority of 71 seats but than you go back and repeat history... An SDH government. We will see; it is up to the elected parties to find a good president and he or she has the duty to make a government so we might be surprised again. 

    Atam Durayew: Thank you mrs. Otbanyewa. We are back after the break.


    In this series we expose the elected parties in the National Congress of Turkmenbaijan. Today the biggest family in the NC: the Social Democratic Movement.

    The Social Democratic Movement (Sosial Demokratik Herekati - SDH) was created following the independence of Turkmenbaijan from Turkmenistan as a successor party to the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan. The internal structure of the old party was effectively unchanged in the transition, as was the old guard. The SDH has faced limited and sporadic challenges from alternative political parties in the past but have never faced a significant challenge during an election because of the often repressive nature of politics in the country back than. Opposition parties were usually crushed before they make any significant grounds in public opinion. This has been the case even after the formal legalization of opposition parties in 2016 (general elections of 2016).

    Due to the lack of opposition parties to contest for government until march 2017, the SDH controls most, if not all, industries of significant revenue directly. Central planning is a key element of party policy and serves as the basis of functionality for government services. The party's ideology "Turkmen nationalism" was theorized by former party leader, founder and first president of Turkmenbaijan Enver Därwäzä for the purpose of an authoritarian state ideology in Turkmenbaijan.

    Turkmenbaijan elects on national level a legislature. The last two Elections (March 2017 and June 2017) in Turkmenbaijan have been widely recognized.
    Elections results since 2001: 100%, 2009: 100%, 2016: 80%, March 2017: 47%, June 2017: 31%

    Since the indruction of the law which makes oposition possible the Social Democratic Movement knows a downward movement.


    In this series we expose the elected parties in the National Congress of Turkmenbaijan. Today the biggest winner: United Turkmenbaijan.

    United Turkmenbaijan was founded on 3 April of this year during the political crisis of the AIP-SDH-BUP government of president Baknezarayowa by Kader Gurbuzyewa, head of the department of social affairs of the Aradan district in Arkhamnamabad. BT has a moderated programme, including reform of the welfare state and privatisation of public enterprise. The party includes issues as environmental conservation and Third World development. They consider themselves as center-left. Its core issues are employment, social security and welfare, and investing in public education, public safety and health care.

    United Turkmenbaijan participated for the first time on the Elections in June 2017. The have achieved more than 26% of the votes.

    United Turkmenbaijan is an outspoken pro-european party.


    In this series we expose the elected parties in the National Congress of Turkmenbaijan. Today the trinity of Baknezarayowa: Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance

    Our Turkmenbaijan Alliance is a cooperation between the Citizen's Platform of Mily Takayew, the Kyrzbek Minority Party of Gülan Humarakyew and the European Integration Party of former president Asuman Baknezarayowa. They obtained 19 seats in the National Congress. A loss of 8 seats if you know that BUP, KTP and AIP had together 27 seats before the last elections.

    ABT is an outspoken pro-European party like most in Turkmenbaijan. They follow a social liberal agenda. Privatization and modernization of the Turkmenbaijani infrastructure and the slimming down of the government are core issues. Because the Kyrzbek Minority Party is a part of this alliance it strives for equality between ethnic Kyrzbeks and ethnic Turkmenbaijanis. However the KTP does not deviate from its single issue: Kyrzbek autonomy/independence.


    In this series we expose the elected parties in the National Congress of Turkmenbaijan. Today the stars of the North: the Communist Party.

    The Communist Party is the only party which does not have to share seats in 2 of the 4 Turkmenbaijani provinces. All seats of the Marý Province and 3 out of 5 seats of the Ýylyznamabad Province went to the Communist Party of Säher Mubarakyew.

    The KP sees herself as lawful successor of the Communist Party of the Turkmen SSR both in ideology and tradition. KP wants a new quality of life, economic modernisation, European integration and consolidation of society. Many scientists in Turkmenbaijan states that the KP is only communist by name and classify the party as center-right. The communist are strongly opposed to an autonomous Kyrzbekistan within the State Turkmenbaijan.

    The party is not in favour of further integration in the European Union and is opposed to the euro. 


    The Liberal Democratic Party was founded by Muhamad Ovezmayew after he left the Party of Enterpreneurs and Industrialists, the first legal oposition party of Turkmenbaijan.

    According to its statute, the Liberal Demokratik Partýasi is a center-right party with conservative doctrine. The strategic programmatic goal set by this party is the reconstruction and modernization of the State Turkmenbaijan, as well as the establishment of rule-of-law state and efficient market economy. In its program, the LDP aims at becoming the main driver for overcoming economic, social and civilization gaps, which separate Turkmenbaijan from the other European member states.

    LDP strives also for same-sex marriage, a softening of the law on naturalisation and the regulation of Turkmenbaijanis living abroad and the introduction of the Euro.