A Country Excursion: Invitation to Chequers

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    28 June 2017

    To the Heads of Government of Europe,

    To promote cooperation between the United Kingdom and other European nations, the Prime Minister extends an invitation to a barbecue dinner on 17 July. An RSVP with a maximum guest list of three additional guests will be allowed. The event will be hosted by the Prime Minister, her husband Philip May, and HRH The Duchess of Kent, Renata at the country residence of the Prime Minister, the Chequers Court manor house. Please list any requests, and we will do our best to accommodate them. 

    Overnight arrangements can be made in the village of Ellesborough. 


    The Rt. Hon. Theresa May, MP

    Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain

    HRH The Duchess of Kent, Renata

    The Rt. Hon. Stephen Crabb, MP

    Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

  • 29th of June 2017,

    To the Office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain,

    The Prime Minister of Derecta wishes to manifest her desire to attend the dinner set by her British counterpart, in order to strengthen Derecta's ties with the United Kingdom and Europe.

    The Prime Minister, Violet Leandros, the Deputy Prime Minister, Carolina de la Torre-Ferrándiz, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfredo Valero and the prime minister's husband, Peter Leandros will attend the reception.

    The Prime Minister's only request is to be able to bring 15 bottles of 1977 Dymera Royale white wine, and 15 bottles of Gran Reserva Laodacia Supremo "tinto" wine.

    The Most Hon. Violet Leandros,

    Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta

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    29th of June 2017

    Prime Minister Julika Keltor would be delighted to accepted the invitation to go to Chequers. Being a Green she is vegan and can only be catered to that owness.She will be attending with her partner Leyna Quarazi. 

  • June 29th 2017


    The government of the State Turkmenbaijan is delighted with the invitation of the prime minister of the United Kingdom. The new elected president and the ministers of foreign and European affairs shall be present at this meeting.

    Mr. Gülan Burhamayew, president ad-interim of the State Turkmenbaijan

  • 30 June 2017

    The Prime Minister and her husband would be delighted to attend this barbecue. The only request that the Prime Minister has is that there be wine available, preferably red. The Prime Minister will also be bringing Cabinet Minister, Tony Burke, with her. 

    The Hon. Chris Bowen, MP

    Minister for Foreign Affairs

  • (IC secret)

    To the Prime Minister of Great Britain,

    The Office of the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta sadly informs that the Derectan delegation will not be able to attend the dinner set for July the 17th, as an extraordinary Cabinet meeting has been set up for the same day, regarding some threats to the Derectan homeland security.

    Nevertheless, the Prime Minister wishes to send 50 bottles of each wine she had prepared to take to the dinner.

    With sincere apologies,

    The Most Hon. Violet Leandros, 

    Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Derecta

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