Government Gurbuzyewa

  • Government Gurbuzyewa

    Many national and international press waited impatiently: Turkmenbaijan does have a new government. After several minutes the newly elected president mrs. Kader Gurbuzyewa walked in with a big smile followed by Nikolay Nikola, chairman of the National Congress, mr. Ayberk Bayramyew, president of the Social Democratic Movement and mr. Säher Mubarakyew, the leader of the Communist Party. Gurbuzyewa bent over the microphone to her and started her declaration:

    Kader Gurbuzyewa: Stability, unity and revival. Those are the challenges and the goals of this nation.  And as well of this government. A strong mandate of the voters is required and that strong mandate is what this government received on the day of the elections three weeks ago. With 77 seats in the National Congress, the Social Democratic Movement, United Turkmenbaijan and the Communist Party has a vast majority and is a reflection of the electoral results.

    Progress is a requirement for every party in this government. The modernisation of the education, the modernisation of the economy, industries and infrastructure, the further integration in the European Union and deepen the diplomatic relations with our neighbours of the European Union are just a part this progress. We don't want to exclude anyone and than I look particular to the Kyrzbeks. For this government their is no difference between ethnic Turkmenbaijanis and ethnic Kyrzbeks and this government shall guard the received rights. However an autonomous "Kyrzbek State" is not where we want to go as government.

    This government is ready to step in this progress, in this revival and we will do every thing to reach our goals.
    With this ambitious project and in the light of this revival and progress this government wants to take a step backwards in the public presence. This government wants to focus on the people and not on the government itself. That's why this government has agreed to omit old symbols that often gave a sense of curtailing to the people.

    Stability, unity and revival. Those are the goals of this government. For less we do not go. I thank you very much.