Association of Bankers of Pefki

  • The Association of Bankers of Pefki (Greek: Σύλλογος Τραπεζιτῶν Πεύκης- Syllogos Trapeziton Pefkis) is the primary professional association for financial institutions in the Duchy of Pefki. The Association seeks to promote the interests, products and services of the Pefkiotic financial sector in the Duchy and abroad, priding itself in a culture of professionalism, privacy and secrecy, as well as benefiting from Pefki's favourable banking law and simple, business-friendly financial regulations. Information on some of the most important institutions represented by our Association can be found below.


    General Information

    -Type: Anonimi Etereia (A.E.) - Public limited company (S.A)

    -Established: December 31st, 1862, Magouphana, Pefki

    -Headquarters: Leophoros Eirinis 37, Alko Bussiness District, Magouphana, Pefki

    -Area served: Worldwide

    -Key people: Alexandros Adamides (Chairman), Nikolaos Hadjigeorgiou (CEO)

    -Operating Income: 21.103 billion ₯ PF (Pefkiotic Drachmae)

    -Total Assets: 849 billion ₯ PF

    -Total Equity: 46.571 billion ₯ PF

    -Number of Employees: 52,378

    -Capital Ratio: 12.9%

    -Ownership: (note: Pefkiotic banks strictly value the privacy of both their shareholders and clients; as per Pefkiotic law, Omega Banking Group A.E. has disclosed information on major shareholders alone, ie. those holding 3% or more of the company's stocks)

    • Doukas Consortium Ltd., Magouphana - 11.0%
    • Psilos Trust Ltd., Pentele - 6.9%
    • Markopoulos Group Ltd., Amarysia - 5.7%
    • Triantaphyllides Nominees Ltd., Magouphana - 4.2%

    About Us

    The Omega Banking Group was founded in 1862 in Magouphana, the capital of the Duchy of Pefki, by Iason Milonas and and Aristotelis Thivaios, a bussinessman and a merchant, respectively, both of whom were natives of Pefki. Starting with a single branch near the very location were the Group's corporate headquarters are located today, the then "Omega Bank" grew slowly but steadily, thanks to a long and trusted tradition of banking in Pefki. The Duchy's strict banking privacy laws and finance-friendly policies helped to promote Pefkiotic banking internationally, leading companies such as Omega to become world leaders in the finance sector. Having already grown to the Duchy's largest bank by 1889, Omega Bank entered a close partnership with Magouphana Savings Bank and Pentele Bank before  progressively absorbing the latter until 1923 and merging with the former to create the Omega Bank Trust in 1976. Since 1999, Omega Bank Trust has reformed into the Omega Banking Group, a public limited company with billions of dollars in assets across the globe, still headquartered in what today is known as the Alko Business District, in central Magouphana, Pefki.

    Our Products and Services

    Like other Pefkiotic banks, Omega Banking Group A.E. prides itself in the strictest privacy and security policies allowed by European Union law, in addition to a wide range of highly modern products and services found nowhere else in the finance sector. These products and services are managed by our highly trained, highly competent staff, many of whom are leaders in their respective fields, as our company is in its own.

    More specifically, our products and services include:

    • Investment Banking
    • Investment Management
    • Wealth Management
    • Private Banking
    • Corporate Banking
    • Private Equity
    • Finance and Insurance
    • Consumer Banking
    • Mortgages
    • Credit & Debit Cards

    For our individual costumers, we offer:

    -Advanced and easily usable e-banking services

    -24/7 online and phone costumer support in multiple languages

    -Easy international transfers of money

    -Competitive interests rates for both loans and deposits

    -ASPIS III, our new security system for Credit and Debit Cards

    -Near absolute privacy under the new SKIA Initiative

    -A secure location for their assets and valuables in the neutral Duchy of Pefki

    -Internationally recognised accounts and credit cards

    And much more!

    Visit our website at to find out more.


    In keeping with Pefkiotic tradition of an advanced, free and active stock market, Omega Banking Group A.E. is the proud trader of a plethora of valuable, sought-after stocks, as well as top of the line stock management, portfolio and investment advice services. Our subsidiary, Magouphana Investment Bank E.P.E. is among the most prominent players in the field of international investment. 

    Share types:

    Industry: Iphaistos A.V.E.E., Arktos A.V.E.E., Kentavros A.V.E.E., Gerax A.V.E.E., Melissanides A.V.E.E.

    Construction: Iraklis A.E., Titan E.P.E.,  Archimedes A.E.

    Technology: Papyrus A.E., Marmaras A.E., Papakonstantinou A.E.

    Education & Publishing: Daskalakis E.P.E., Nea Gnosis A.E., Savvidis A.E.

    Medicine & Pharmaceutics: Ophis A.E., Pallas A.E., Asklepiarion A.E., Drakopoulou A.E.

    Transport: Zeuxis E.P.E., Pefkiotic Aviation A.E., Phidipides A.E., Ouranos E.P.E

    Services: Pompos Ena A.E., Charalampous A.E., Neaniskos Group A.E.

    Real Estate: Chrystakis A.E.

    Agriculture & Food: Gatopoulos A.E., Stathakis A.E., Livadiotis E.P.E., Apollon E.P.E.

    Communications: Erythros A.E., Symeon A.E., Cosmos A.E.

    Retail: Lambropoulos A.E.

    Defence: Aigis A.E., Sarisa A.E., Lambda A.E., Ipparchos A.E.

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