2018 News in Omnibus

  • General Rules of Election:

    • Anyone who is 25 years or older and a citizen of Omnibus can run for Senate
    • To be Consul you must have served three terms in the Senate
    • 18 Senate Seats are up for re-election every 2 years
    • Any Citizen of Omnibus is allowed to be President if they are 35 years old or older and have experience in the government or can receive a higher majority of the vote than all other candidates 
    • Anyone that is up for re-election may step down from their office and run for an office above or below them unless they are the President, who is restricted from politics for life after their term is finished.
      • If a Consul steps down from their position the vacancy will be filled by the second in command of the government until a new consul is elected
      • If a Senator steps down from their position the vacancy is filled with a special senator until a new senator is elected
      • If a special senator steps down, the position is left vacant until an election picks a new senator

  • February 18, 2018: Consul Rhaegar Vladimir Steps Down, Starts Campaigning for President in Cheles

    In a surprising change of events Rhaegar Vladimir, richest man in Omnibus and Chief Executive Consul has stepped down from his position that would have ended later this year. But, in the speech where he announced that he would be stepping down he let the Omini know that it wouldn't be the last that they saw of him because Rhaegar Vladimir has stepped down to run for President. After, eight years of prosperous times under President Shane Raimi Mr. Vladimir is calling for a shift in leadership that will help the economy expand and that will make Omnibus less of a joke and a player in the politics of the European Union. But, many are afraid that Mr. Vladimir will help revert Omnibus into a place that it was before the end of the war others are not so convinced with many people calling off work today to go and listen to the speech, expecting that he would be running for President. The LPC, Leading Patriot Coalition supported Rhaegar's bid for President a few hours after he announced it, making him the unofficial candidate of the party until he gets an approval rating that would be beneficial to LPC, which Rhaegar is trying hard to get immediately after the announcement by having lunch with supporters, we will have to see what happens next in Rhaegar's bid for the presidency and who will run against the richest man in Omnibus.

  • February 18, 2018: History has been made today as Senator Seaver, member of the LPC announces run for President

    "Vladimir is a jack*ss," said Senator Seaver on Twitter earlier today when Rhaegar Vladimir announced his presidential run prompting many of the people that are disenfranchised with Mr. Vladimir's claims of jailing those who are not patriotic and making Christianity the universal religion flocking over to him. Many members of the LPC have looked fondly on a Senator Seaver presidency because there would be glimmers of light in it that many believe Former Executive Consul Vladimir would not bring, such as making Omnibus a wealthier nation and keeping favorable legislation that was created by the Raimi administration. Luckily, for these voters later in the day Senator Seaver did a livestream on YouTube giving his thoughts on Rhaegar Vladimir further telling his audience of thirty nine thousand people tuned in and where history was made because on the live stream it was not only the first Presidental announcement not made in Cheles, instead made in Senator Seaver's hometown of Amo inside the synagouge he used to be a rabbi it was also the first time in our country that there has been a contested race for President of Omnibus inside their own party once the senate is back in session, their break ends tomorrow morning, one of the first things that they will have to decide is how will a contested race for President work when the candidates come from the same party. Meanwhile, we will have to see in the coming days if the other two main parties in Omnibus offer their own candidates as well and see if they follow suit with this exciting new development in Omnibus' first Presidental race.

  • February 19, 2018: Pravoslaviya's Dragan Trympov endorses Rhaegar Vladimir for President

    Full transcript of a speech by the leader of Pravoslaviya's League Against Corruption, Dragan Trympov, at a rally for Rhaegar Vladimir:

    What a crowd!

    I tell you the losers say ‘oh, nobody likes Trympov, nobody likes Rhaegar, everybody loves migrants and minorities’, what a joke. They’re losers! They’re total losers.

    I bet that Universe Peace Congress or whatever it is are having a meeting right now and there’s like three people there, am I right? Nobody likes them. Nobody cares.

    Shane Raimi-

    [Audience boos]

    SHANE RAIMI will respect what I say: NOBODY CARES! Your time is over, Slimy Raimi. Bye-bye!

    Well I say his time is over, his time in office is over. Maybe his time in prison is about to start, would we like that? How about it, Slimy Raimi behind bars?

    Except he’s so slimy he’d probably like slip through the bars and escape, so we’d have to have like a moat with all these – bing bing bing – er, like, spikes in there. So he tries to get out and he goes WHOOOOOOSH and falls onto the spikes, right?

    We need to dig a moat around Slimy Raimi.

    So anyway, I’m here because I want to support my good friend Rhaegar here, and that’s very important to me.

    You know, I’m a very busy person, so when I come all the way from Pravoslaviya to Omnibus to support someone, you know I’m a big fan. I’ve got a lot to do, folks. I mean I came right here from a load of meetings – on a Sunday! – with the Confederation of Pravoslaviyan Industry, the 2001 War Veterans Association, you name it.

    There’s so much for me to do because I’m very busy and I’m very focussed on doing a lot to Make Pravoslaviya Great Again along with my friend Metodi Pravoslav – great guy, Metodi, by the way, great guy, I don’t know what your media is like here, but in most EU countries there’s a lot of fake news about Metodi and Trympov and Pravoslaviya, and they’re like ‘oh, Metodi’s evil and Trympov’s nasty and Pravoslaviya’s xenophobic, oh no’, and you shouldn’t believe any of it because these people are vipers, they really are total vipers, and haters, and losers, and they can’t get anything right. Big mess the fake news, but the liberals won’t do anything about it, and, well, pah…

    …but anyway I’m very busy and Rhaegar calls me and says “Mr Trympov, I’m a great fan, will you please come speak for me and campaign for me in Omnibus.” And I say “Rhaegar, for you, I might just have the time.” Because I’m a big Rhaegar fan, folks – probably, a bigger Rhaegar fan than any of you.

    We all love Rhaegar, right? Who loves Rhaegar the most? Come on, folks, let Rhaegar hear how much you love him!

    [Audience cheers loudly]

    Alright folks, that’s enough. That’s enough. Wow, Rhaegar, you’re more popular with these folks than Metodi is in Pravoslaviya! Not as popular as I am in Pravoslaviya, but that’s very, very popular.

    It’s really important that Rhaegar wins this election, folks. He’s the only PATRIOT in this race. He’s the only candidate who’ll make Omnibus GREAT again. The only candidate who’ll make Omnibus ONE again.

    You guys have had it so bad under Slimy Raimi. When I found out about what he’s been doing to your country, I was like ‘wow, I have to get over here!’ He’s been putting the patriots of Omnibus LAST. It’s time you had a leader who puts patriots FIRST. Omnibus FIRST!

    And it’s so great that there’s so many people here who’ve woken up to Slimy Raimi and what he’s doing to your country. Like, in so many of these countries where they have this migrants and minorities first policy, all the people have been brainwashed into accepting it!

    Like, I point out that these countries are destroying themselves, and they have these YUGE anti-Trympov rallies! How crazy is that?

    But here you guys are fighting back and that’s so great. I can’t wait for Rhaegar to win and we’ll have Pravoslaviya and Omnibus and maybe some other countries standing together and standing up for themselves! Rhaegar’s your man and I wish you all the best, seriously.

    Now, what about this other guy, huh? This Seaver. What a waste!

    This guy is the single biggest liar; he’s probably worse than Retard Apostol and Lyin’ T and that Plastic Surgery Woman from Inquista put together! He wants to be all, oh, let’s be nice to the traitors. This guy is incredible. Does he think the traitors are going to be nice to him?

    He makes his announcement – get this – he makes his announcement not in front of real people, but on this livestream website! Like some pornography thing or something. Disgusting, right?

    But you can understand why he does it, right? He does it because if he tried to do it in front of real people there’d be like nobody there. Even the fake news couldn’t cover it up – they’d try, but even they couldn’t cover this one up – his announcement and there’s like two people there, his mom and his dad; and then our YUGE crowd here today for Rhaegar!

    And he should not be allowed to run. Seaver should not be allowed to run, seriously. Rhaegar is consul and he’s just some random Senator who nobody cares about. He should go back to his tiny office – and you know what they say about guys with tiny offices, right? – and apologise to Rhaegar like a dog.

    But that’s what happens when you’re a patriot. The fake news media finds all these nobodies who’ll abuse you, sometimes for money, and they’ll pretend they’re important. They’re really not! They’re total losers and the people’s votes always show it.

    You see in Icholasen there’s this Fake Taylor Swift and she ran for some political office there and she got beat badly – very, very badly – because people knew she’s a fake and that the real Taylor’s alive in Pravoslaviya! Very good friend of mine, by the way, Taylor. Very good friend.

    So that’s how it’s going to be here, folks. Rhaegar is going to win and he is going to win BIG-LEAGUE. People always say I say ‘bigly’ but it’s actually BIG-LEAGUE. Like, BIG, then LEAGUE. BIG-LEAGUE.

    But Rhaegar needs you to make that happen, so I want to see you all out on the streets campaigning and doing whatever you can to help Rhaegar sweep away Slimy Raimi and Make Omnibus Great Again, right? Right? Are we going to help Rhaegar?

    [Audience cheers wildly]

    That’s right. Thank you very much, and God bless! WIN!

  • February 19, 2018: Marches Planned, Senate Returns from Recess

    After the historic day yesterday, where Omnibus was introduced to its first ever competitive party race for President not all are excited about what this could mean for the future of Omnibus. In response to the high target endorsement, Dragan Trympov gave to Rhaegar Vladimir late last night many see this as a reverting back to the old ways because of Rhaegar Vladimir's calls to jail those who go against his beliefs for the country and making Christianity the universal religion many are going to the streets of Cheles to urge senators and the people of Omnibus to stand up to these ways of thinking so they do not repeat their violent history, Young Leader Liddy Hopper had this to say this morning when she was asked about her march later today, "I have planned this march over social media in hopes that the people of Omnibus will see that the path Rhaegar Vladimir and Marshal Seaver want to lead us down is not what is good for our nation. We must be a voice against these power hungry dictators which is why we are marching on Cheles to show our opposition and lead others to run against these dictators." 

    It seems that Senators will also have a hard time getting to work today since the marches have started before the Senate reopens, but when they do get past the marches we will be giving live updates throughout the day informing the people of Omnibus on the Senate's decision on what to do about competitive races in the Party in Omnibus which we expect will become a problem even in the races for Senate and Special Senate later throughout the day when they announce to their Senate bodies that they want to seek reelection because as the people of Omnibus are aware since the first candidacies were announced yesterday that means that the Senate will announce today during their session who will be seeking reelection. Today, will be an exciting day in the realm of politics and we hope you stay with us all day to receive updates as they become available, to see the live updates look below: 

    14:28 UTC: Two Thousand People have come to Cheles to show opposition to those who have announced their Presidency

    15:00 UTC: Most Senators were able to get to work on time and many showed support for the march, Attendance is being taken now in the Senate where Senators can make announcements to the Senate, this is where most of the news of elections will come from today.

    15:03 UTC: Libby Hopper, 28 year old woman makes a speech in the center of Cheles to the two thousand people against the people running for President

    15:10 UTC: At the end of roll call today it was announced that there will be 99 Senate and the Special Senate races with 49 being contested by another party member. Meanwhile, five senators have stepped down to join the consul race, with three of the races being contested by another member of their party. One of the senator then suggests after attendance is finished and the nine senators are leaving to draft legislation to figure out how they are going to do contested elections inside the party.

    15:19 UTC: Libby Hopper finishes her speech to the crowd by announcing her run for President using the loophole where she would have to get 50% of the vote to bypass the other requirements, Libby Hopper told the marchers before leading them in more chants that she was confident she would be able to get 50% of the vote.

    16:42 UTC: The Senate comes to a decision on contested party elections, now called the sub-election. The senate has decided that 5 weeks before the election happens the contested candidates will meet in Cheles, except for the special senate who will stay in their cities and do the same thing, each candidate will give a speech to the audience of the public live and online and then the public will vote for which candidate they like better. After the sub-election the chosen candidates will run against the other parties and the people will be able to vote on the candidate they like best just like they always have been able to.

  • February 19, 2018: Who is Liddy Hopper?

    Who is Liddy Hopper?

    Liddy Hopper is a woman of 28 who is affiliated with the Universal Peace Coalition and has taken Omnibus by storm by announcing her Presidency today during a march that she planned in opposition to the LPC's Presidental candidates. But, other than what has happened today what is known about Liddy Hopper? Well, she is an immigrant to Omnibus her family was born outside of the European Union outside of the European Union Omnibus was an unknown nobody ever discussed it or knew anything about it but when Liddy was looking at a map one day when she was 18 and had just finished her education she started to become fascinated by this little country that had been in a civil war for most of its life, Liddy could relate because for years Liddy and her family were refugees because of civil wars in other parts of the world. So, Liddy left the place she called home at 18 and went to Omnibus where she tried to care for the rebels as much as she could, she had been studying to be a nurse but these people needed her help more and then when the civil war ended and Liddy was going to go back to her own country she didn't she stayed because she fell in love with the direction that Shane Raimi was moving the country and with the man himself but from a far, Liddy had never met Shane but was an advocate throughout  his term in office for reform and becoming a better and safer place for all religions since Liddy is also a Muslim woman and now that Shane Raimi's term is over Liddy feels that the times of her love for Omnibus are ending because of the dictators that want to come to power next so she is trying her best to stop Omnibus from looking like it did merely 8 years ago before Shane stepped in she wants to continue what Shane started and move Omnibus into a prosperous future where many people will want to move to Omnibus to help spread the love of the country and make a better place for all people no matter their race, gender, religion or sexuality. But, it seems that Liddy will have an up hill battle to fight not merely because of her age but to bypass those rules she will need 50% of the vote or more and right now judging merely on how many people showed up to her march she has .8% of the population on her side and powerful enemies against her that are only attracting more hate filled people to their cause now that foreign leaders have given their endorsement to Rhaegar Vladimir. Liddy Hopper also has a two year old daughter that she loves and is motivated to make a better life for her daughter, she was not married instead she was impregnated by a sperm donor.

  • February 19, 2018: Five is Enough: 2018 Consul Race

    With the Senate now agreeing to allow sub-elections to happen it means that we have a wide range of consul candidates to pick from because of the news yesterday that Senator Seaver would run against Rhaegar Vladimir making it the first contested race from a member of the party. But, it is more than just that, that has sparked all of these contested elections especially at the consul level. Many of the DPP's and UPC's were angry with shane when he made the decision to have each party represented either in the consul or Presidency when he was in office so now the Senate sees a chance at a great opportunity to elect themselves into all three positions so that they have the largest amount of power over the government. But, we also see reactions away from Shane although the government is going well and there are plentiful amount of jobs people are not getting paid a lot for these jobs so what we are going to see from our consul and President candidates is that they are going to focus on what Shane has done bad on and what he has done great on, focusing on the economy and a way forward for the country among these candidates will be the next two voices that will replace the consuls and usher in a whole new idea of what the government will be like for the better or the worse we will have to find out for ourselves.

    Hope Finch (Leading Patriot Coalition, Running to be Chief Executive Consul)

    Resume: Former Three term Senator and Former Finance Advisor under the Raimi Administration 

    Age: 33

    Favorite Food: Steak

    Signature Issue: Cut taxes for all citizens of Omnibus so that they can use the money for things that they need instead of what the government needs and work with the President to create strong allies in the European Union

    Case for Her Candidacy: "My Experience as the Finance Advisor brings me a step ahead of other Chief Executive Consul candidates because I know how to work to get what I want out of the government."

    Path to the Consul: Many LPC's are skeptical of her true intent as Chief Executive Chief since her brother is the current Consul of the Economy and Hope Finch seems to want to work with other party members to compromise on what she wants and what they want which some LPC's see as unpatriotic.

    Fun Fact: Hope Finch was one of the first woman to fight in the Civil War, it was never made an official law that women could fight in war since Omnibus' military was dissolved after the war so Hope Finch has technically broken the law at least once.

    In Her Own Words: "There is only so much that you can do when you are in the Senate because everything is always argued for the whole country to see so if I am elected Executive Chief Consul then I would be glad to start getting problems down for the good of Omnibus."


    Lucille Macclelland (Universal Peace Coalition, Running to be Consul of the Economy)

    Resume: Former Advisor to the King, Former Four Term Senator

    Age: 64

    Favorite Food: Bangers and Mash

    Signature Issue: To bring peace to a clearly divided country by the shameful Presidential candidates  and to work with the President to preserve the good things that President Raimi has put into place but improve the things that he could have done better like for instance, he could have done more to help those that are homeless and the economy

    Case for Her Candidacy: "The past is the past, we must move on to the future of Omnibus and make sure that our country is something better for future generations and our children."

    Path to Consul of the Economy: She has an uphill battle ahead of her since she is most known for her consistent involvement in the monarchy during the Civil War and has voted to put money into programs that would lead the country into Leading Patriot Coalition beliefs instead of the beliefs of her own party.

    Fun Fact: Lucille MacCelland is one of the last living royalists since most of them were killed after or during the Civil War but Shane Raimi had a soft spot for Lucille because of his childhood in the castle.

    In Her Own Words: "What I have done in the past does not matter I have changed what I believe in and I want peace internally in Onnibus so we may grow together as a community that will thrive as a nation if I am put in charge of the economy."

    Stuart Malloye (Universal Peace Coalition, Running to be Chief Executive Consul)

    Resume: Former European Councillor, Former Three Term Senator

    Age: 40

    Favorite Food: Antipasto

    Signature Issue: To become allies with more of the European Union

    Case for His Candidacy: "I will make sure the European Union knows who we are but not through scare tactics or through empty promises like Mr. Vladimir and Mr. Seaver are making but I will make sure that I work directly with the Consul of the Economy so that we can make trade agreements with other countries so that everyone including the government can benefit from the economic benefits."

    Path to be Chief Executive Consul: Many believe that under his consulship the government would work more for the people instead of what Rhaegar Vladimir did and worked against the legislation to fulfill his own agenda which they want from the person that is leading the government.

    Fun Fact: When Stuart Malloye was appointed European Councillor during his first meeting in front of the council he asked if he could use the bathroom because he was so intimidated

    In His Own Words: "Onimbus right now is crying over a cliff that no one can hear them over because we have not reached out to those around us that make up the European Union we must take advantage of this Union or we might as well exit the Union now."

     David Poulin (Leading Patriot Coalition, Running to be Consul of the Economy)

    Resume: Former Four Term Senator, Former Lobbyist for Vladimir Inc.

    Age: 55

    Favorite Food: Beef Wellington

    Signature Issue: To move money into corporations that will improve the community for the better.

    Case for His Candidacy: "I support Rhaegar Vladimir's ideas for the future and I would like to see a government where something is done because like minded individuals are running the government while President Raimi's idea of having the three main parties in power was good for unity at the time we need to get things done in the government now and the old way of doing things under Shane won't work for us."

    Path to Consul: He is a lapdog to Rhaegar Vladimir and supports anything that Rhaegar does so he will get the same amount of the vote that Rhaegar gets but he might even get more because some of his ideas for a peaceful nation and an economy that supports and helps the people allign with other party ideals as well. 

    Fun Fact: David Poulin is gay, many think that the reason that he has stayed loyal to Rhaegar throughout his political career is because he finds Rhaegar Vladimir attractive

    In His Own Words: "I will help bring unity to the government that was not seen under the Raimi administration."

    Edan "Mr. Wonderful" Quincy (Universal Peace Coalition, Running for the Consul of the Economy)

    Resume: Called "The Master Compromiser" in the Senate during his four year term

    Age: 53

    Favorite Food: Quesadilla

    Signature Issue: The Economy should be decided by the people, what they would like to see their money spended on, making a compromise between the LPC's idea and the socialist ideas of the UPC and DPP

    Case for his Candidacy: "No matter who is in the consulship and presidency it doesn't matter to me because I will be able to compromise with them and because of that they will understand why they called me "Mr. Wonderful" and "The Master Compromiser"."

    Path to Consul of the Economy: He will be able to appeal to all three parties because he will make his ideas sound good to all three of them

    Fun Fact: "Mr. Wonderful" has passed the most legislation in the Senate with his own amendments to further his agenda

    In His Own Words: "the government will be better if we compromise more."

  • February 20, 2018: Senate Discussion starts today to ban guns

    The issue on the table today in the Senate is whether the use and selling of guns should be banned in Omnibus when the people of Omnibus gathered in Cheles for their monthly hearing with the Senate last night to discuss issues that they would like to see changed this was one of them with it having the majority of a single person, clearly the country is divided on this issue, the sentiment from the Presidential candidates, whom will tell the Senate what to legislate on based on what he hears from the public below is the current Presidential candidates and their feelings on this issue:

    Rhaegar Vladimir (Leading Patriot Coalition): "Banning guns in Omnibus will not make the country better, it will only make the country more divided instead of banning guns we should be encouraging citizens to use guns. In fact, if I were a gun owner I wouldn't give a second thought to going out and putting a gun to the head of anyone that is not patriotic to Omnibus, we don't need traitors in Omnibus we need Omnibus to grow and we will not have that unless we keep guns around for everyone to use." Rhaegar Vladimir's comments seem to be of his typical variety but these seem to have gone a little far, showing his true self and what he might do as President, that being murdering those who are not patriotic to Omnibus. 

    Protestors have met outside the home of Rhaegar Vladimir after he made these comments earlier today, the protestors being led by Liddy Hopper, now Presidential candidate for the UPC, Universal Peace Coalition when asked in front of the house of Mr. Vladimir how she felt about Mr. Vladimir's comments and gun laws she had this to say, "The comments of Rhaegar Vladimir are despicable for me to hear and are not what Omnibus is based on, Omnibus should be about love for your neighbor no matter what they look like or believe in, but Mr. Vladimir seems to not understand that people hear his comments and say, he is being a traitor, he does not want laws as important as gun laws be decided by the Senate, he wants to decide them for himself like a dictator. Which is exactly why we need to ban guns from Omnibus so that dictators like Mr. Vladimir can not bully people like us into submission like the years of suffering we endured under the monarchy." 

    But still there are those that like the ideas that Marshal Seaver brings to the table them being, "Omnibus should have guns because they are imperative for defense against people that are going to attack our homes, attack our lifestyles and for what? Which is why I contend that we should only give guns to those that have been in Omnibus and know how to defend the country we have worked so hard to defend which is why guns should only be allowed to those that are not outsiders, we should ban the outsiders from having guns because they do not know what we have gone through to receive the freedom that we have today." We asked Marshal Seaver to elaborate on this point asking him for a short list of who should have the right to guns he said, "No immigrants should be able to ever hold a gun in Omnibus."  

    After releasing these statements to the public a poll was sent to each citizen of Omnibus' phone asking who they would vote for in the sub-election against Rhaegar Vladimir and Marshal Seaver:

    90% of voters would vote for Marshal Seaver in the sub-election

    10% of voters would vote for Marshal Seaver in the sub-election 

    Reminder: For this sub-election the people would only be voting for the contested candidates in the party Ms. Hopper would not be a proper vote in this sub-election. 

    The public suggests that Rhaegar Vladimir would be better for the country than Marshal Seaver because he has worked directly with Shane Raimi and will be better equipped to take the office of the President than Marshal Seaver, who has been a Senator for four terms so when trying to decide between the two of them they will chose Rhaegar Vladimir because he has more experience in higher parts of the government and multiple businesses, so the people are willing to put aside his pragmatic comments for this sub-election but we will have to see how he does against Ms. Hopper who is only getting more popular. But, no matter what the candidates say about what they would do with the gun laws when they are in office it is important to remember that  ultimately the Senate has control over what will happen to the gun laws and we will report the results to you along with how senators voted when the results are released to the public.  

  • February 20, 2018: Filibuster in the Senate

    Today, in the Senate the Leading Patriot Party, LCP currently the party with the least amount of seats in the senate has refused to vote on the legislation that would make it either legal or illegal to have guns in Omnibus. The filibuster happened today after the lunch break, where all of the members of the LCP came to the center of the Senate floor and asked for the legislation to be dismissed from the floor, when it was put to a vote the LCP was unsurprisingly outnumbered so the party announced to the Senators that until the legislation was dismissed they would hold up the Senate from doing any further discussions, making the Senate basically closed for the rest of the day, but the Senators still have to sit there and listen to the LCP patter along about why the legislation should be dismissed to fill the time and their inspiration for the filibuster which were comments from Rhaegar Vladimir, who during this time also announced that Senator Seaver should step down because the LCP endorsed Rhaegar Vladimir as their candidate of choice. When the work day was over the other two parties were allowed to leave but the LCP had to stay and there they will stay until they are willing to give up their stance of stopping the Senate and getting back to work on the issues of Omnibus, they will be fed by overnight attendants but we will see how they feel tomorrow morning after sleeping on the carpeted floors of the Senate, also the first filibuster night is notorious for causing disputes in the party which can lead to the downfall of the entire filibuster but we will lead you with the words of the senator of the LCP that organized the filibuster, Senator Eugene Prescott, "We have heard of the beliefs of our Presidential candidate, Rhaegar Vladimir he has made it clear that he wants guns in our country and as we know the President needs to be a servant of the people, so I contend that Rhaegar Vladimir is listening to the people of our cities more than Mr. Raimi is in his last year in office, where he is trying to make more and more people accept his beliefs although they are not what they want for Omnibus, we need to make sure that the people of Omnibus know that we are with them and will protect their property." 


    Update: Rhaegar Vladimir has come to the Senate building to deliver food to the LCP members that publicly supported him today, showing his solidarity with their decision and has decided to spend the night with the Senators to try and put pressure on other senate members to encourage them to stop the vote on the banning of guns from Omnibus.

  • February 20, 2018: Collin Bronson, Chief of the Democratic Peace Party announces his bid for the Presidency

    The odds were not in favor of Mr. Bronson with everything that has happened today making the announcement public news was even the last thing that we were going to write about before we go home. The problem with his campaign is bad timing and many believe that the DPP is too similar to the UPC, Universal Peace Coalition but Collin Bronson has brought a new light to the party that we do not normally see from other people of his party he started by expanding their core focus areas, "Our first focus area is solving the problems of the people of Omnibus and as all of us know that the President is a servant of the people, but I am not going to give you empty promises like other politicians but instead I am going to tell you that I have seen the people of Omnibus prevail through many hardships, when all odds were against us on the frontline of a deadly Civil War we prevailed through taking what we needed and I contend that we should go back to this way of thinking, we ask of the government so much, so much apparently that the LCP is forcing them to have a break so I urge you for the good of our government that if I become President there will be less legislation passed because we will take what we need and not pass senseless laws." These beliefs that Mr. Bronson have expressed are a new light that he has put on the DPP, that usually sides with the UPC on most issues.

    But, this is not where the differences between the main focuses of his party end, Mr. Bronson is his announcement also called for the typical response that Omnibus needs to work more with the European Union but twisted it by saying if they are not willing to give us good deals then something should be done about that, heavily implying that Mr. Bronson would be okay with going to war with other countries to show their dominance and make a name for themselves. This extremely deviates from their message of Peace throughout the world and when some senators were asked about this they were speechless and curious as to what the leader of their party was doing. But, these more centrist views on the economy and the way the government should run have caught the attention of the people, at first his live stream of his announcement only had a few people on it but as his view deviated from the typical the crowd seemed to grow making us think that Mr. Bronson might actually have a chance if he can convince his party to get behind him.

  • The End of the Filibuster!

    Today, the Senate is again shutdown for the day because of the Leading Patriot Coalition's decision to lead a boycott of the vote that many say would lead to a ban of guns with the Senate in its current form, the LCP has found a new high target leader towards their filibuster Presidential candidate, Rhaegar Vladimir who stayed the entire night with his LCP senate members to support them and also stayed the entire day as the LCP talked to the Senate on why the legislation should be dismissed from the Senate. But, Rhaegar Vladimir was not the only Presidential candidate in the Senate today, Liddy Hopper also joined the DPP and UPC in the Senate building today to listen to speeches and after Rhaegar Vladimir gave his in support of dismissing the legislation Liddy Hopper made a passionate speech on why the Senate need to reopen and for the Senate to look past party divides and look for a solution that helps both of them because they are not doing their jobs with this filibuster, they need to have a vote. After, the speech from Liddy Hopper the LCP agreed to have a vote to see where the committee stood on the issue, when the vote was taken it revealed that 39 for the legislation, meaning that at least two LCP's voted for the legislation and 15 voted against the legislation. Seeing that the LCP was only losing votes by the filibuster, they agreed to reopen up the Senate floor for the rest of the day and one of the first things that happened is that seven DPP senators announced that their views do not align with the Presidential candidate and therefore are moving to the UPC, legally giving the UPC seven extra seats because of this change, many of the remaining members of the DPP call on their candidate to step down or more might do the same, showing that the DPP is not in favor of their candidate who is campaigning on changing most of their beliefs to ideas that the general public have been polled not to like as well so many are questioning who he was trying to appeal to with his Presidential run. The two Presidential candidates in the Senate today left on terms that they were there to support their party and to not get too political about their standings with each other especially Liddy Hopper's ongoing protest outside his and Marshal Seaver's houses which is to protest the LCP candidates dictator comments during their campaigns. In other news, this dramatic shakeup in the Senate that give the UPC close to a super majority, where they could pass legislation without anyone else voting, they discussed the legislation more and agreed to make amendments tomorrow on the Senate floor. So, we will have to see what changes in the legislation tomorrow and how long this legislation will be dragged out for.

  • Universal Peace Coalition gains a super majority, avoiding gun legislation amendments

    At the beginning of today's senate session, four more DPP, Democratic Peace Party members have shown an opposition to their Presidential candidate and have moved to the Universal Peace Coalition creating a super majority in the senate, that allows the UPC to vote without any other parties voting. This is illegal under the laws of the Senate and until Sunday the Senate will be shut down because of this and all Senate elections will be moved to Sunday, with the sub-elections on Saturday and the general election on Sunday. Many believe that the DPP did this to stop further discussion and disagreement on the gun legislation until they have a majority in the party, which they are expected to get from these elections. The DPP and UPC are expected to give their wages for this week that has seen a filibuster and a shutdown because of the super majority to charity so that people that don't have money like them are able to pay for affordable housing and most importantly food for them, we expect that the news will die down in the coming days because of the Senate being shut down but we will be here to announce all of the results to the sub-elections and actual elections when they come available to us.

  • Three Step Down

    After, the candidate, Collin Bronson was not able to receive the support of any of his party or any of the people of his party he has decided to suspended his campaign for President meaning that he is now a citizen of Omnibus and can not run for any office of the government for five years after they step down from a run for an office. But, out of Collin Bronson's failure to garnish support came an unexpected bid for President that came not from the Senate but from the consulship, Acting Executive Chief Consul Yvonee Petit has announced her run for President on the grounds that,  "The Democratic Peace Party is being misrepresented by the Chief of the Democratic Party and I intend to show the people of Omnibus how the DPP truly can represent all of the people of Omnibus and keep them safe from monstrous ideals like the ones from Rhaegar Vladimir and Marshal Seaver." Yvonee Petit explained to interviewers, this has been the second person to give up the position of Executive Chief to run for President creating a slight problem in the government, The European Councillor is now Executive Chief Consul, meaning that for the first time the consul will have to do most of her jobs away from Omnibus since she has responsibilities at the council as well at home. The bid for President by Yvonee Petit is said to be especially popular because she is the only candidate that has met with a foreign leader to help try and better Omnibus as a whole. But, while Yvonee announces her campaign another candidate has stepped out of the race, Marshal Seaver, earlier this evening citing that, "The people of Omnibus have chosen a different path besides him." After delivering a concession speech he endorsed Rhaegar Vladimir for President as a citizen of Omnibus, he plans on becoming a rabbi again and will be going around campaigning for Rhaegar tomorrow. Tomorrow is not only the day that you will get a transcript of what Marshal Sevaer had to say about Rhaegar on the campaign trail, but you will also get to do your civc duty and vote tomorrow for the candidate you think will best represent the parties in tomorrow's sub-election where thousands will come to the Senate building and tune in online to hear each of the candidates running for the 18 senate seats tell you why they should be elected, voters will get to vote after each person in the contested election has spoken, in the Senate there are seven contested contests and then you will vote for the others on Sunday to get rid of the super majority. But, the special senate who will also hold their contested elections tomorrow and elections on Sunday is not as simple where many have contested elections but at least there are only three elections per city. For the full schedule of the next two days, look below:

    Saturday, February 24, 2018

    9 AM: The Senate is open, it is expected that 52% of the population will be in Cheles for this historic event, the senators will use microphones and be outside so that a large crowd can hear them. The live broadcast on all devices will start at this point so those that can not make it to Cheles can still watch and vote.

    10:00 AM: After attendance is taken and a speech is given by President Shane Raimi, the senators will speak to the public to try and earn their vote, senators are restricted to a speech of six minutes.

    10:12 AM: The first speeches will be over and the first vote for the contested seat will be set to a vote and it will go on like this for all 7 of the elections

    11:24 AM: A speech is delivered by the current Chief Executive Consul and the Consul of the Economy, each has 30 minutes to give their speech

    12:24 PM: Lunch is served to the people

    4:00 PM: Many leave Cheles and go home to watch the Contested elections for the special Senate start for each city, depending on the city you live in those are the speeches you receive

    6:00 PM: Voting begins nationally for the contested special senate elections, after voting the citizens are free for the night to do whatever they want to do, but it is encouraged by the government to research who will be in the main election tomorrow before voting but in this time Marshal Seaver plans on campaigning for Rhaegar

    Sunday, February 25, 2018

    9:00 AM- 7:00 PM: Voting for the Senate and Special elections are open to the public

    After these next two hectic days, you can look forward to having a normal schedule and another election on March 16, the day before Independence Day, the contested consul races will be resolved and on March 17, Independence Day, the normal day for the elections, the people will vote for the remaining consul members and the President of Omnibus. Until then we will keep you updated on any of the news when we become aware of it and stay with us tomorrow  as we cover all of the speeches happening and the results of the election on Sunday.

  • February 24, 2018: Shane Raimi endorses Liddy Hopper during Sub-Election speech

    Full transcript of a speech by the President of Omnibus, Shane Raimi in the center of Cheles in front of his people, cheers throughout the city echo as Shane Raimi takes the stage

    Thank you, you know it is hard to believe that eight years ago this land was desolate and I was leading the charge against the monarchy. For those of you that fought in the Civil War Omnibus thanks you but remember how leaders of the revolution talked about the peace and stability we would have after the war? And, I think that I as your President have made that promise that the leaders made to you a reality.

    [Audience cheers and applauds]

    but in my first speech to Cheles right after the war I talked about our children, the children of Omnibus who have gone from children to adults in our new nation, a journey that started after the War, I will never forget the look on the faces of the children of Omnibus as the first buses took them away to school and their cute young little faces were pressed up against the windows waving to their mothers and fathers and in that moment I thought to myself, "Look at what we have done." 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    See, at that moment I realized that my time as President would not only form what our nation would become but it would also form the way those children would become and how well we managed this new government could truly make or break them, that is what I think about everyday since I do not have a family of my own the people of Omnibus have become my children how what I do will influence how the country will be perceived and how our children will be perceived in the future, how we urge them to ignore those who want only natural born citizens in the country. 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    How we insist that the hateful language does not represent the people of Omnibus, how we explain that when someone is hateful to others we do not play their game, no what the people of Omnibus teach their children is to be better than those that are hateful. 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    With every word we utter, with every action we take we know our kids are watching us we as their parents and as their leaders are their most important role models because my words not only matter to a few children but to the children across Omnibus. Make no mistake when we vote next month we are not voting for a party or a person but who will have the power to shape our children for the next eight years of their lives. 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    And I am here today to not only open the sub-election but because there is only one person that is running for President that I trust with that responsibility, only one person who knows the pain and sufferings of our people and is qualified to be the President of Omnibus and that person is our next President, Liddy Hopper. 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    See I trust Liddy to lead this country because I have seen her devotion to this country before and after the War to our nation and our nation's children, not just her own daughter, who turns two years old today but every child that needs a champion. Kids who look to the leaders of the country to determine what they can be.You see, Liddy has been working for years to to improve the lives of thousands throughout Omnibus, advocating for an end to our military to keep our children safe, fighting for our children's healthcare and fighting for better quality of life for orphaned and abused children. And when she didn't win these fights eight years ago or today she did not get angry or disillusioned. 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    Liddy did not pack up and go home because as true public servant Liddy knows that our government is so much bigger than her desires or disappointments. 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    She proudly stepped up to protect our children  across Omnibus by giving her time as a two term European Councillor. She never buckles under pressure, she never takes the easy way out and when I think about the kind of President I want for our children of Omnibus that is what I want, I want someone with the proven strength, someone that understands the issues that our government faces are not black and white because when you can decide the future of an entire country with just a few words in favor to the Senate you need to have critical thinking, not lash out and be well informed. 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    I want a President to follow me that shows people all across the world and our children that we fight to give everyone a chance to succeed, I want a President that truly believes that everyone matters. No matter what happens we do not turn against each other , we lean on each other because we know that all of us love each other.I am telling you this because I know that that is the kind of President Liddy Hopper will be. 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    You see Liddy understands it is about one thing , leave a a better world for our kids. That is how we moved past the Civil War so quickly because it is about folks coming together and volunteering to be special Senate members, Senators, Consul and to fill the many jobs that we have in Omnibus so that we can thrive as a nation. Heroes that risked their lives in the Civil War to pass down the hope of democracy to their children. 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    Leaders like Liddy who show our kids what decency looks like and Leaders that can lift us up into new possibilities instead of weighing us down into past ways like Rhaegar Vladimir promises to do. That is the kind of hope that thousands of people had to take down the fears of the monarchy. Don't let anyone ever tell you that this country is not patriotic and somehow make it only filled with patriots when it already is every person here in Omnibus loves their country and wants to see it grow for their children. 

    [Cheers and Applause]

    As those children I watched go off to their first day of school on those buses eight years ago I want a leader that can embody their love, hope and dreams we have for our children. We can not let Rhaegar Vladimir win this Presidential election. So, we need a passion t for   love of this country  to go out and vote for those people that will do what is right for our country, starting today with the elections for senate and special senate and then continuing to elect the right people for the consulship and Presidency, this is my final request to you and now let's get to voting!

    [Standing Ovation from the crowd as Shane leaves]


  • February 25, 2018: Voting for Senate Elections are Closed

    Thanks to online voting, where the server is secured so that each person with their fingerprint can only vote once the results of the 2018 Senate election are in! Starting with the highly anticipated Senate election that delayed discussion on gun legislation because of the DPP, Democratic Peace Party's decision to move to the Universal Peace Coalition creating a super majority in the UCP shutting down the government until yesterday's election, exit polls before the election started showed that the Universal Peace Coalition had the advantage because of Shane's rousing speech he gave early afternoon yesterday, a speech that most people are saying will go down in history as one of his bests during his Presidency, now on to the results:

    Previous Seats of the Senate:

    • Universal Peace Coalition: 29 Senators
    • Leading Patriot Coalition: 17 Senators
    • Democratic Peace Party: 8 Senators

    Current Seats of the Senate:

    • Universal Peace Coalition: 27 Senators
    • Leading Patriot Coalition: 18 Senators
    • Democratic Peace Party: 9 Senators

    It seems that the people have spoken for this election in the Senate that they want to keep the numbers relatively the same as they have been for the past two years, but the vote has gotten rid of the super majority but only by one seat so that means that the UPC can not gain another seat otherwise we will have to have another election to fix the Senate again something the Senators would prefer not to have since they want to get back to work for the people. But, not everyone is excited to continue work tomorrow because the Universal Peace Coalition was expecting to get more seats from this election but only gained 1 seat from this election making its prospects to control the gun legislation vote that will be starting back up again tomorrow will still be a fight basically between the UPC and the LPC. 

    In other news, the Special Senate had an election as well but like the Senate their results aren't much different than they were before:

    Former Seats of the Special Senate:

    • Leading Patriot Coalition: 100 Senators
      • 2 Seats are Vacant until the end of the 2018 Election
    • Universal Peace Coalition: 75 Senators
      • 2 Seats are Vacant until the end of the 2018 Election
    • Democratic Peace Party: 60 Senators
      • 2 Seats are Vacant until the end of the 2018 Election

    Current Seats of the Special Senate:

    • Leading Patriot Coalition: 102 Senators
    • Universal Peace Coalition: 71 Senators
    • Democratic Peace Party: 70 Senators

    However, the Senate staying virtually the same is not a sign that the consulship and the Presidency will do the same also because it is clear that the people of Omnibus want change in how things are running in the government they are not too concerned about the Senate, who basically does all that they are suppose to pass the legislation that the people suggest to them. But, they see the President and the consul with more power and they have the power to change things so that Omnibus can do better as a whole country. Either way congrats people of Omnibus to a successful election and it will be interesting to see how the Presidential one shakes out now that we are down to the typical three candidate race.

  • February 26, 2018: The Gun Ban Legislation is Back, But New Problems Arise

    As Senators return to work today with close to the same number of Senators in each party, the Senate goes back to making amendments to the Gun Ban legislation. Going into today the LCP has promised to have no more unexpected surprises while this legislation is being discussed and this promise was kept because as the senators got to work and after attendance it seems that they are ready to compromise on the bill, a UPC Senator brought a compromise to the table today to try and extend the olive branch to the LCP suggesting that the gun legislation should be amended to have no one with a mental disability to be able to own a gun and stricter policies, such as a year waiting period to make sure for certain that they do not have a criminal record or a troubled past also the legislation would ban any weapons that could not be used for hunting. Many LCP even agreed this was a step in the right direction for their country, they probably are thinking that if the candidate they have endorsed comes to power then they can discuss it again then, so they will agree to the legislation at this point. A vote was taken with the amendment in place and overwhelming the Senate voted for the bill, ending the vote for the legislation now that this legislation has been agreed upon it will be sent to all police officers and special senates so that they know the new law in place. The Senate wanted to get the gun legislation done early today that way they can move on to discuss legislation on whether if Omnibus should be constitutionally obligated to stay out of any wars, updates on their discussion will be given below throughout the day:

    10:30 AM: A group of eight UPC and DPP Senate members introduce the legislation, citing it as a needed law as former DPP Presidential candidates campaigned for violence as a country and certain policies under Rhaegar Vladimir would also lead us closer to conflicts with other countries

    11:02 AM: A LCP senate member is motivated by the comments of the group of Senators and stands to make his statement, advocating against the legislation because it would make it more easy for other countries to attack them if they wanted to, but others argued against this by saying that the ban on declaring war and having a military would create a deterrent for future leaders to make rude or incentive comments or policies to other countries because they do not have a way of defending themselves.

    11:30 AM: A LCP senator that agrees with the legislation stands and suggests an amendment to the legislation, suggesting that peacekeepers should be elected by the people of Omnibus that are unarmed that the government could send in to other countries to suppress the situation if the people have a vote that agrees that the President is not representing their interest through taunting another country. 

    12:00 PM: Before Lunch, a UPC senator offered an amendment that would ban the police at home from having weapons as well to have a more calm police force that will have to solve the problems through a different way than using violence.

    2:14 PM: The Senate comes back from lunch and the legislation is read excluding the amendments to it and then takes a vote on the legislation, 32 are for the legislation to move to a vote on amendments and 22  are against moving the legislation to amendments

    3:00 PM: The legislation moves to amendments giving anyone with last minute amendments to stand and make their statement

    3:05 PM: A group of senators bring up legislation to prevent violence by moving the power to enact treaties, declare war and meeting with leaders of other governments should be moved into the powers of the people that are given a vote online to determine these responsibilities, making it clearer to the people of Omnibus what their leaders are doing.

    3:37 PM: Motivated by the group of senators, a lone LCP senator stands making his own amendment to the legislation contending that there may be threats to the country that need to be decided quicker than sending out a vote to the people of Omnibus this senator contends that in times of imminent threat to the people of Omnibus a joint meeting will be called, the only time that the consulship and the President may speak and have a vote in the Senate and a decision will be made between the three branches that way no one branch of the government has the direct power to say when there is an imminent threat to Omnibus and if the country decides that there is then we quickly send peacekeepers who will have cameras on them at all times so that the people of Omnibus can be well informed and can make a movement to stop the violence at anytime.

    4:00 PM: The Senate votes on the amendments:

    • Election of Peacekeepers, Passed, 45 for the amendment, 9 against
    • Ban weapons from the police, Passed, 40 for the amendment, 14 against
    • Giving the power to enact treaties, declare war and meeting with other world leaders to the people, Passed, 53 for the amendment, 1 against
    • Giving the power to stop an imminent threat to the people of Omnibus to a joint meeting of the President, Consul and the Senate, Stopped, meaning power stays in the hands of the people for all threats, 14 for the amendment, 40 against 
    • If voted for, peacekeepers must wear cameras the whole time so that the people can rally against what they are doing if they do not agree with it, Passed, 43 for the amendment, 11 against

    5:00 PM: With the amendments to the legislation voted on the legislation moves to be voted on as a whole with the amendments now in place but while it is being read a senator argues a date needs to be set for the election of the peacekeepers, also how many there needs to be for Omnibus, the requirements to be elected as a peacekeeper and how long their term limit will be.

    5:02 PM: A senator contends that peacekeepers should be at least 25 years old, there should be six members of the peacekeepers that are volunteers of any political status even people of Omnibus and they should be reelected with the President and Consul every eight years and elected for their first term on the same day as the President and Cosnul, March 18.

    5:30 PM: After, the requirements were picked it was put to a vote in the Senate passing the legislation with the amendments with 46 for the legislation and 8 against


  • February 27, 2018: As poll numbers drop for Rhaegar Vladimir, he gets more pragmatic

    From recent polls, it shows that Rhaegar Vladimir's run for President is at an all time low informing us that only 39% of voters would vote for him as President. So, he has gone to what made him popular in the first place as a political candidate in new outreach speeches in the cities of Omnibus. In these speeches to the citizens of Omnibus, Rhaegar called for for a complete end to immigration into Omnibus, making sure that no one would be able to get in and all immigriants in Omnibus already would either be deported, jailed or executed to in Rhaegar's opinion, "crimes against the patriotism of Omnibus." In his speeches he has also said that veterans of the Civil War are not heroes and should be treated as the rebels that they were when asked by a reporter in the crowd if this meant Shane Raimi as well, Rhaegar Vladimir said, "I will do everything in my power to make sure all Civil War veterans are no longer revered by our people." When asked by reporters how he would put his plans into actions with a majority Universal Peace Coalition, UPC in response to that Rhaegar told the reporters, "I don't think that will be very difficult if you use the right ways to get around the Senate." Rhaegar explained, suggesting  that he would work directly with the Chief Executive Consul and make the government and the new peacekeepers help him with these problems, to get around the Senate. Also, reporters asked what if this is not the way that the people of Omnibus want things to run, Rhaegar had a response to this as well, "We will make them like it through different means like passing legislation that they will like then they will trust me more when I get new ideas faster to them than the Senate, it is a perfect plan." But, many UPC and DPP senators do not find this an ideal circumstance that will help the people and Liddy Hopper has taken to social media to denounce the comments of Rhaegar Vladimir, "These comments Rhaegar is making must be stopped, UPC, DPP, veterans, immigriants and anyone that is distressed by Rhaegar Vladimir's comments come to Cheles tomorrow to protest these comments of Rhaegar Vladimir outside the government house to demand that Rhaegar Vladimir step down from the election because of his comments. Rhaegar had something to say about Liddy after these comments away contending, "A woman could never be President of Omnibus because they have moments like this where they make outrageous statements when it is their time of the month." This caused even more of an outrage but this did raise his status in the polls with a poll out today of voters:

    Liddy Hopper: 50%

    Rhaegar Vladimir: 48%

    Yvonee Petit: 2%

    It seems that Liddy Hopper has gotten an edge from Shane Raimi's endorsement speech of her but Rhaegar Vladimir's comments have put him close behind him but this is because Rhaegar has promised to do the most extensive International Affairs which attracts many voters to him and has promised to improve the economy as much as he can since he was a businessman and the richest man in Omnibus. It does not seem that Yvonee Petit is really getting much popularity because many see her beliefs as the same as Liddy Hopper and many would prefer the election be between the two majority parties because they believe the DPP should either join the UPC or change their views so that they differ from that of the UPC, but when they tried to do that they did not gain popularity either. So, the best path forward is for the DPP to disbain and join the UPC, in the opinion of the people of Omnibus. Elections for the Presidency are March 18, we will have to see who comes out on top in this election for our second President. 

  • February 27, 2018: Marshal Seaver Murdered by Bomb in Klalo

    Shocking news coming out of the Omnibus city of Klalo, former Presidential candidate, Marshal Seaver has been killed by a bomb rigged inside the house of a citizen that he was visiting to campaign for Rhaegar Vladimir, along with Marshal Seaver the bomb had taken the life of 44 other supporters of Rhaegar Vladimir while 64 person were injured and were rushed to the hospital. Rhaegar Vladimir announced the terrorist attack to Omnibus when he said this on Twitter, “My good friend Marshal Seaver has been killed. Predictions: the UPC or immigrants did it.” These comments by Rhaegar Vladimir brought the bombing the attention of the media but Rhaegar’s comments about the terrorists should not be taken as facts instead the people of Omnibus should wait for a police report to know what truly happened until then hearts should go out to the victims and families in this difficult time no matter your party affiliation, please  spread famoris to everyone today and everyday. Meanwhile, the police are investigating the bombing to try and find the terrorists involved in this horrible act and after searching the crime scene have decided that they will need to talk to the victims once they are feeling better in the hospital.

  • February 27, 2018: President Shane Raimi Addresses the Nation

    Shane Raimi stands in front of a crowd of reporters to make his first statement on the assassination of Marshal Seaver and the attack that killed 45 people and injured 64.

    As I speak, an investigation into an assassination and terrorist attack is underway. There are dozens killed there are many injured. It is a horror. Among them being Marshal Seaver, who I may have not always gotten along with but he did not deserve to die. We have asked all police officers in the city of Klalo to be on full guard watching the city, also I am declaring a state of emergency in Klalo, which means that some places will be closed, foot traffic may be banned, and if necessary there will be searches if the special senate has deemed that the police have the right to check your home. Unfortunately, I have decided to close the border to our country for a short period of time until we catch the terrorists that have done this act of terror. This is a terrible ordeal. We know where it comes from, who these criminals are, who these terrorists are. In these difficult moments, we must – and I’m thinking of the many victims, their families and the injured – show compassion and solidarity. But we must also show unity and calm. Faced with terror, Omnibus must be strong, it must be great and the state authorities must be firm. We will be. We must also call on everyone to be responsible. What the terrorists want is to scare us and fill us with dread. There is indeed reason to be afraid. There is dread, but in the face of this dread, there is a nation that knows how to defend itself and will defeat our enemy. Citizens of Omnibus, the police will be looking tirelessly for the murderers responsible. I ask you to keep all your trust in what we can do with the police and the government to protect our cities from terrorist acts.

  • February 28, 2018: Suspects have been identified, Three Police officers killed in second explosion

    Two people believed to be involved in the terrorist attack that took place last night have been spotted by the police early morning on the 28th, they were seen on foot trying to escape into the woods when the police tried to pursue them crude gernades were thrown at the police killing the three police pursuing them from there they ran as far as they could into the woods trying to flee from the country of Omnibus but once they got to the ocean, which is a few miles away from Klalo they were stopped by police that were waiting there for them, the police were armed with hunting guns since they found a loophole in the legislation that they could buy hunting material as a citizen just not as a cop. The two terrorists were detained and questioned by the police who admitted that they were part of the Universal Peace Coalition but this is all that they would admit to when their belongings were searched they found plans of a similar attack on Rhaegar Vladimir and then on the Senate. Also, the picture that is seen above was put together by the police from the couples bag with the names of the other terrorists, showing that the couple was trying to flee any charges from the terrorist attack. But, Rhaegar Vladimir has denied any protection for him saying that, “if the monsters of the UPC want to hurt him go ahead.” The police have said that they have found nothing else but will see if they can get any information out of the two terrorists that they have found, but they will still be pursuing the others, which papers say there are 12 more that they will need to find to close the case. We will keep you updated on the latest news about the investigation of the terrorists below:

    9:00 AM: Senate and many businesses are closed for the day as an honor to their fallen former Senator

    9:14 AM: Senators, Consuls, a majority of the public of Omnibus and the President are all present in Klalo to pay tribute to their fallen family

    10:00 AM: Liddy Hopper condemns the terrorists that have said they were affiliated with the UPC and calls for the Senate to get to work in her visit to Klalo

    10:14 AM: Rhaegar Vladimir says that the UPC should take responsibility for the terrorists attacks because of their atmosphere in the party that no one can care about themselves only as a whole, which could be detrimental to their voters during his visit to Klalo

    10:16 AM: Shane Raimi talks to the families of those who have died and visited the hospitals of the people who have been injured to show his devotion to finding the terrorists

    11:25 AM: Four more terrorists were found in the city of Olirith, they were able to divert from the city of Klalo while the police were focusing on capturing the couple, Olirith is closest to the border Omnibus has with another country making police believe that they were trying to escape, but the police could not ask them any further questions because before the police got to the terrorists safehouse the terrorists had killed themselves with euthanasia pills, the others have not been found and no information was gained from these terrorist's belongings.

    11:34 AM: Yvonee Petit drops out of the race and calls upon the DPP, Democratic Peace Party Senators to join in solidarity with the UPC senators to make sure that the LPC does not pass legislation that would be disastrous to the Republic as a whole.

    11:37 AM: The remaining senators of the DPP officially announce in front of the public in Klalo that they will form with the UPC

    12:00 PM: Liddy Hopper leads a moment of silence of a crowd of the majority of Omnibus where the terrorist attacks happened  

    12:01 PM: During the moment of silence Liddy Hopper is involved in a third explosion, that has since been identified by the police as an explosive that did not go off before. Liddy Hopper was rushed to the hospital in critical conditions