Montenbourg Visit to Omnibus

  • Shane Raimi by himself is at the airport since the Executive Chief Consul is also the European Councillor so Shane had to look for information on the country by himself but found much information on them that he agreed with and hopes that they will be great friends because Shane agrees with the country on many issues.

  • The Queen of Montenbourg Grace II, was happy and serene over the invitation of Omnibus, she starred at the window thinking how his husband, King Lawrence I, entrusted her with the mission of dialogue with the Head of Government Omnibus for the creation of a treaty to guarantee the health system that promotes his government for all Europeans. On the other hand make an official visit as Queen and see the beautiful country of Omnibus.

    While reading the brief Omnibus delivered by one of his assistants at the Royal Air, she found matched points and an excellent ally in Omnibus, also reminiscing the terror acts that happened days before and her address to the people of omnibus, while she was looking forward progress on issues that our nation seeks for Europe. While,

    "-Your Majesty look out the window, and welcome to Omnibus.-" Pomona Jones.

    "-Thank You Pomona, its definitely a beautiful country...-" Said the Queen.

    The plane touched at the Cheles Airport. She watched how the plane landed, and graciously put a smile at her face seeing how she had many fans and couriosers near the plane waving to the Royal Air, how the photographs waited her to the gates.

    The gates opened and she Waved. And the crowd started shouting "Grace! Grace! Grace!."

    She could see a man in front of her. Pomona signed the Royal Guard and he said:

    "-Hear, Hear Omnibus! Her Majesty Grace the Second, Queen of the Kingdom of Montenbourg.-"

    The Queen was a bit embarrassed and whisper to Pomona.

    "-Albert, always royaume... haha. But is always good to see that monarchies are not what people used to think- Rolling her eyes."

    She continued walking and saw the President of Omnibus.

    "-...Is this is supposed to be spring break!- "She smiled-. "What a beautiful country you have Shane, I have heard a lot about you. Do I need introduction after that funny fanfare, haha. Good morning, Mr. President.-"

  • "Welcome! Your Majesty Grace." Shane said to her as he put his hand out for her to shake, " I hope that the fans that I have brought out to meet you isn't too much, my people are the first thing that I care for and once we made the public aware of your coming I was asked by many if they could meet you at the airport." Shane explained to her as he escorted her from the runway to a car waiting for them, "The car will take us outside of the city of Cheles then from there it is expected that most people walk." Shane explained to her as he opened the door to the car for her, as he waved to his citizens and asked the Queeen, "Did you enjoy your trip to Omnibus?" Shane did not like to begin with talking about business if he was going to be friends with the country of Montenbourg he needed to make a realtionship with their queen.

  • She was much than happy of the welcome. Waved to the people and the photographers, and entered the car.

    "Oh please call me Grace. I love people, I always say that the importance of any system is in there people. And definetly im enjoying it already, show me more, tell me how's life ,tell me how you are haha... " She was looking forward for a friendship with the president and the people of Omnibus. She waved.

  • "Well," Shane explained to her as the car started to move forward he started talking to her as if she were a friend, "Grace this is Omnibus, my home for many years, my life is tiring right now it feels like every time I look around there is a new crisis in my government so that really does make a leader tired as I am sure you know already but I love my job and going out into the cities to meet with my people everyday, it is something that I love to do and I will be sorry to see it go away in a few weeks." Shane explained to her with a smile feeling like he should let her speak, "What about you Grace how is everything with you going?" Before she could answer he pointed out the windmills in the flat farmland, "Those windmills power the whole city of Cheles." Shane told her

  • "Beautiful..." She looked at the Windmills. "Shane, I know that crisis can lead us to tiredness but you... you are a leader, understand Shane that empathy in these times of crisis is a choice, and it's a vulnerable choice. Because in order to connect with others you can loose yourself, but you see thats where nobility comes from. You truly are a noble man with royal spirit even though it runs through your blood you validate it every day to you actions." She looked at Shane in the eyes and pronounced with grandeur.  "It's sad that you can not stay in power like the leader you are. That's why I believe in the Monarchies. The course of events has led us to the fact that the nobility has constituted for centuries - and even in our society intoxicated with egalitarianism and corruption - a model of excellence for the edification of all men and, in a certain sense, so that they receive a deserved highlight all the excellent things worthy of it, for the more it is said of an object that is noble, aristocratic, the more it is emphasized that it is excellent in its kind."

    She looked at the window, smiled and with courage said "In the past it was the mission of the Nobility as a social class to cultivate, nurture and spread this impulse of all classes towards the top. The noble was returned par excellence to that mission in the temporal sphere, as the Clergy in the spiritual. And you Shane are a true Noble, a true one. For the rest I'am very fine, happy to represent all montenbourgians and bound to life in the work for a better montenbourg".

  • "That is very for lack of a better word noble of you to say, you see although I do have noble blood that does not affect me on a day to day basis it is something I prefer to keep quiet about myself because Omnibus does not look highly on their past monarchies because for years we had ruler after ruler that treated the people like slaves to their will and that is why our government is so focused on giving the power to the people instead of anyone else because we have seen first hand some of the horrors that happen when there is a king or queen in power, no disrespect to your government of course this is just the experience of Omnibus and why we have a Republic and not a monarchy." Shane told her before looking at her pointing out as the skyline of Cheles became visible and then continued, "I am not trying to say that my life at the moment has been crisis but we did have the terrorist attack as you know and as you have probably heard I went to the holding place of the terrorists and washed their feet as a sign that they are forgiven for their crimes in my eyes but must pay the price for their crimes because they are not acceptable. But, I did this because it is shown that when criminals feel like they have been forgiven they will want to become better citizens because they don't want to fail the person that forgave them." 

  • "Is like Castletown, beautiful... I know and I could not agree more, horrors like the ones you had its says much of what a human can do when it doesn't have true noble heart its shameful how a monarchies are no longer seen with high regards because of those ignominious rulers. We are only a few of the monarchies where our people understand that we are the heart of the nation, subject to both natural and divine law. And as we have seen tyranny is wont to occur not less but more frequently on the basis of a republic than on the basis of monarchy." She stared at the window and looked to the President. "Oh well... I must say that what you did was very humble and human, our justices systems should go for the betterment of citizens not for the punishment, as you said. We in Montenbourg believe in that, our prisons work for the betterment of the inmates accompanied with mental health programs and job reinsertion and definitely works." She smiled.

  • "Yes I understand. I think we are seeing how tyranny can affect a Republic now in Omnibus' election." Shane offered to her as the car stopped and he opened the door for her as he continued to speak, " I don't know if you have been keeping up with the Omnibus election but Rhaegar Vladimir, a former friend of mine before he joined the LCP, Leading Patriot Coalition has campaigned on forcing immigraints to leave the country and war heroes must be put into concentration camps so that they are not revered anymore. It is despicable which is why early in the election I endorsed the UPC, Universal Peace Coalition, my own party that I am affiliated with so that I could show my direct hatred towards what Rhaegar is campaigning for." Shane told her as he led her up the hill into the city of Cheles once they were up the hill the city of Cheles was all around them, decorated with remembrances of the people that died in the terrorists attack.

  • "I understand..." She stoped and saw the remembrances. She was consternated. And continued walking "Rhaegar is no good for your country, hatred and violence should not be promoted, our country takes a punitive attitude to what it deems hate speech to minority groups. Inciting hatred can carry a prison sentence of up to five years and reimbursements by the inmate for those offended. Breaching the peace inciting those types of campaign should bring serious consequences. But we understand that confronting such ills without encroaching too much on freedom of expression is tricky. Thats why we are carefull with the application of those policies." She saw a kid putting some remebrance and looked at the President. "If Mankind can tolerate, ethnicity, religion, and idealism, then nationalism can also be tolerated. I don’t like to call anything as a disease. I understand that this kind of rhetoric exists and there is no country, without a group of nationalist. This is only a part self interest, and need not be considered as disease. But it needs to be controlled and transformed in a positive view of a country in a modern and progressive world with a shared identity."

  • Shane nodded, "Yes I understand where you are coming from. Now, the Senate is not in session today but I can still show you the Senate House, would you like to see it?" Shane asked as they came to the center of Cheles all around it were buildings that had some special meaning, houses for citizens, the meeting house of the Senate, the homes of the Consul and on top of another hill, the government house. 

  • - Yes, definitely- She nodded.

  • Shane smirks and leads her into the Senate House, it was designed like the one in Ancient Rome with the seats in a round and in the center would be where the Senator makes an announcement or amendment or something similar to that it felt eerily quiet without anyone in it but he had to show Grace the place where the Senate of Omnibus met, it was probably the best thing about Cheles.

  • Grace glared the seats and looked at the President. "This is remarkable... statesmanship. Men and Women coming together to discuss matters of the people and country." She standed in the center with airs of grandeur and said with effort " I was wondering what kind of burden nationalism and hate is for the men and women who fought to get this. Shane...This country needs you. Our world needs more committed leaders like you. Understand, that we as nobles we do whatever it takes to get more involved with the people. The Omnibus citizens that live in Montenbourg really appreciate your leadership, and me and the King we really are on the side of the good ones." She continued walking and seeing the Senate House, thinking about what she just said to the President.

  • "I am glad that you like the Senate House, Grace." Shane said to her as he explained to her the wonderful details to the Senate House as he explained, "Well, it is not all doom and gloom in the race for the Presidency as you might of heard Liddy Hopper is a great candidate for President and I would be glad to have her as my successor she has been a model for the people since the beginning of the Republic and even before the Civil War was over she was helping the injured in the battle and is an immigrant to Omnibus as well from outside the European Union." Shane told her with excitement in his voice as he walked closer to her wanting to impress her while being friendly to her as well. 

  • "Yes, I have heard about Liddy..." She said very concerned " But she is having an up hill battle, she only has a small percentage of the population on her side, and powerful hate is everyday filled in your people by Rhaegar. I understand that some foreign leaders have given their endorsement to Rhaegar Vladimir, is it? whose are?".

  • "I think your information is a little outdated Grace, Liddy is leading in the most recent polls but with like a 2% advantage over Rhaegar as I remember it. As for Rhaegar's endorsements Mr. Trympov has endorsed him for President at this point in time, the election is two weeks from now." Shane explained

  • "I see... you are right then, but Rhaegar is no good" She smiled, and graciously started walking.

  • "No good to either us as a nation." As they stepped out of the Senate House he made his way up the hill to the government house and offered, seeing that it was getting later in the afternoon, "When we get to the Government building, would you like to go up to the third floor to my home and have a drink with me?" Shane offered with a smirk, wanting her to have fun on this trip as well as build an ally nd make a trade deal.

  • "I would love to, have some spare time to talk and follow the leads to the trade" She smiled.