Montenbourg - United Kingdom Summit in London

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    04 March 2018

    Theresa was wrapping up a Cabinet meeting, since she knew she'd be busy on Wednesday and unavailable for PMQ's. 

    "Okay, so we've decided that David will stand in for me at PMQ's. The Opposition will have Tom Watson for a while as they select their new leader," Theresa announced. "Okay, so the rest of you will be free to go now. The rest of us that are staying for the reception of HM The King of Montenbourg and HM The Queen and the Prime Minister of Montenbourg, we'll have a little pow-wow. But I am glad we're all on the same page with this. Also remember, the Spring Statement is coming next week."

    The Cabinet nodded collectively, though quite a few looked as though the Prime Minister railroaded them into an opinion. The Foreign Secretary, the Home Secretary, and the Chancellor all looked wonderfully calm and cool while the right wing of the Cabinet seemed frustrated. 

    "If you want to disagree with me on policy, that's fine but remember: I am the Prime Minister, this is ultimately the Government that I lead, and I have taken us to an election victory twice now," Theresa said sternly. The others left while she was left with the Great Officers of State.

    "So who will be receiving Their Majesties at Number 10?" asked Foreign Secretary Stephen Crabb. He looked around and as he stood up, buttoned his top button on his suit jacket. "Did the Duchess of Kent get my request?"

    "Yes, and she'll be arriving shortly to represent the Royal Family and entertain while the Prime Minister and I as well as you make progress on talks," Theresa said. Amber (the Home Secretary) and Philip (the Chancellor) picked up their government boxes and set them aside, rummaging through to find the red folders they prepared for the proceedings. "You three will have to help hammer out the details we agree to so there is something ready to go. I'm not going to be under-prepared like I was in Omnibus."

    Fiona Hill rapped on the door.

    "Prime Minister, the two planes from Montenbourg are approaching RAF Northolt," Fiona announced.

    "Good. Hopefully traffic won't be terrible getting them into the capital from there," Theresa said. "I'm going to change dress, I'll be back shortly."

  • 4 March 2018 

    Approaching RAF Northolt, West London

    Carrier One

    Prime Minister William Anderson and his detache John Adams, and staff were at the Carrier One. Anderson was very eager to begin his Briton outreach. They the monarchs him would all join together at the State Dinner but were arriving together.

    "John," Anderson said, looking out of his window.

    "Yes, Prime Minister?"

    "What do we know about the UK?"

    "Much; the government prep for me was exhaust and likewise for you, I'm sure. All I really know is that they are eager to meet you as Montenbourg's economy is boosting up, and treaties such as the MOFTA are making a huge buzz over London, they say our country is much ongoing to be at the top 10 in the European Union."

    The Prime Minister looked at the ground between the clouds. He was impressed.

    "Very well. I do know that it's one of the richest nations in the entire Union. And Theresa, wow she's a powerful woman."

    The plane began its initial approach to the capital.


    Royal Air

    King Lawrence I and Queen Grace II were at their plane. A royal staff briefed them on United Kingdom.

    "You rushed to get in here, haha. I understand that the President of Omnibus was very pleasing with you, you got everything on one day." Lawrence said to Grace.

    "You know how Montenbourgian beauty works..." She looked him in the eyes.

    "I knew it from the very first sight." He smiled. "This country will remind me of home. Remember, we're not here just to talk about tea and cups. A joint meeting with the monarchs and get a deal. We're here to get relations and to tie up with the monarchs." 

    "Yes my King..." She smiled and both stared at the Window.

    The scarlet red carpet was rolled out, both the Montenbourg and the UK flags were flying. Photographs and people from all over the world where waiting for this historic moment, one of the most influential royals of our time in Britain soil and one of the oldest monarchies of Europe. 

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    RAF Northolt, West London

    Renata, Duchess of Kent and Cabinet Secretary Chloe Smith were both waiting eagerly for the two airplanes to land. Renata turned to Chloe and smiled. It had been an weekend, planning the visits that the Royal Household of Montenbourg would be on. She would take them from RAF Northolt to University College Hospital and The Centre for Better Health, where they would see first hand NHS workers and mental health patients, then to the Tate Modern for a light reception and art gallery experience before heading to Buckingham Palace to meet His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen. She also hoped to surprise them with a visit to a school. Chloe, instead, would be taking the Prime Minister almost directly to 10 Downing Street to meet with the Prime Minister and the Great Offices of State and hammer out a deal.

    "Chloe," Renata said with a slight smile.

    "Yes Your Highness," Chloe answered back.

    "Please, you can call me Renata," grinned Renata. "Are you excited to lead the Prime Minister of Montenbourg to Downing Street?"

    Chloe nodded. 

    "It's going to be a wonderful visit; I'm glad we're able to roll out our best and show Montenbourg what the United Kingdom has achieved and what we are working towards, and hopefully we can do so together," Chloe answered. "I know the Prime Minister shares the same sentiment."

    The two watched as the planes touched down one after the other over the course of about 20 minutes. The Central Band of the Royal Air Force got into place to begin playing the national anthems of the two nations as the Royal Household of Montenbourg and the Prime Minister got ready to disembark.

    "Well, we should go out there, right?" Renata smiled, standing up. Chloe nodded and the two made their way to the tarmac, led by a couple of guards.

  • RAF Northolt, West London

    Prime Minister of Montenbourg

    The Carrier One landed and people where excited to see the Prime Minister of Montenbourg.

    "Anderson! Montenbourg! Anderson! Montenbourg!" the crowd shouted.

    The Prime Minister then exited de aircraft and greeted the people. People where shouting of joy "Hurray! Welcome!"

    He continued to the stairs where he greeted the Duchess of Kent. "Good morning, Your Highness. I am William Anderson, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Montenbourg."

    Then greeted Cabinet Secretary Chloe Smith. "Miss Smith, a pleasure looking forward to meet Theresa." He smiled. "Oh, their Majesties will arrive in moments." Said and went aside to see the tarmac receiving the Royal Air. Simply majestic. Trumpets from the Central Band sounded and the plane door opened... 


    King and Queen of Montenbourg

    The people shouted, photographers started with flashes. Their Majesties waved the public.

    "God Save the King! God Save the Queen! Welcome". People shouted

    The went of the stairs and a kid approached to them with a bouquet of flowers and gave it to the Queen.

    "For you Grace." He bowed.

    "Oh thank you, young gentleman". Said Grace

    "Welcome your Majesty!". Said the kid to the King.

    "I thank you for those flowers you gave to her, I forgot. haha." Both of them laughed. 

    Then the King approached to salute the Duchess and the delegation of the United Kingdom. 

    "Well, what a beautiful day!." He smiled.

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    Renata looked towards Chloe and nodded as she went forward to meet their Royal Highnesses and Chloe went off to the Prime Minister.

    "Prime Minister," Chloe responded. "I am the Cabinet Secretary, and I've been sent to greet you. It's absolutely my pleasure to be the first to welcome you to the United Kingdom of Great Britain. Mrs. May is looking forward to meeting you as well. I will be taking you directly to Downing Street where she will be discussing matters between our two Governments closely." She paused and looked at him. She knew that face from somewhere. She then asked, somewhat embarrassed to do so....

    "Has anyone told you look like the Australian Prime Minister's husband...she, of course, is Hillary Clinton and his name is Bill..." Chloe said, starting to blush slightly. They made it to their motorcade with no trouble while the band began to play God Save the King and Montenbourg's national anthem. It was clear that the Royal Household had landed and Renata was waiting to greet them.

    "Welcome to the United Kingdom, Your Highness, Your Grace," Renata said to both of them. "I thought we'd start by visiting a couple of NHS hospitals. The National Health Service is the pride of the United Kingdom and one of our crowning achievements in the modern era. University College Hospital is the largest hospital in London, with the largest A&E and critical care unit. We also have in the last couple of years under the current government expanded further mental health care, and one such place is the Centre for Better Health, with one of the best mental healthcare records in the country. Having seen your trip to Omnibus and your Government's take on healthcare and pushing for it that it matters a great deal to Your Highness."

  • At the motorcade the Prime Minister laughed about the comment Chloe just said. “Let’s leave the protocol for the royals, I’m eager to meet your Iron Lady, haha, and yes my dear many people confuse me with him, haven’t you heard about doppelgänger, I definitely think he is mine.” He looked Chloe.

    “Thank You, Duchess. We are honored and very much excited for the invitation made by your royals.” Said King Lawrence I looking to the Duchess.

    “Oh dear we are pushing our very best to raise mental health awareness in the Kingdom, and nowadays societies tends to regard as a sickness any mode of thought or behavior that is inconvenient for the system and this is plausible because when an individual doesn't fit into the system it causes pain to the individual as well as problems for the system. And we need to stop that. My husbands government is doing our very best.” Said Queen Grace II looking graciously at the Duchess

    “And of course as my government has done, we need to keep pushing a healthcare for all Agenda because as one of my government secretaries one said Health is a Human Right.” Said Lawrence looking at Renata. They finished hearing their respective salutes, waived and greet the people that recieved them at the airport. “This is a very warm welcome I must say, from now on I see that we share so much.” Said Lawrence. Then they advanced to the motorcade.

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    The Prime Minister's Motorcade

    As the car wound through northwest London, Chloe and the Prime Minister were able to talk a bit about the prospects.

    "I heard the trip to Omnibus was a huge success," Chloe commented. "The UK Government has been really interested in connecting with the newer nations of the European Union, and found that we want to cooperate with the rest of the nations living in the north of Europe. It has been an interesting time in modern history, where the rock of stability in Europe had been further south with Angleter, the Duxburian Union with the United Kingdom being one of two stable nations in the north, the other being Icholasen. It was nice to see more European nations step up. Oh! We're passing by Heathrow Airport. It shouldn't be too long now till we're in the more famous part of London."

    The Royal Motorcade

    Renata looked at their Graces and smiled again. She was assured and confident of her own status, and now that she and her partner Emily were officially engaged and given the Royal blessing, she was more at ease.

    "I know I'm a strange case as the third in line to the throne of my country, a world-famous fashion designer, and a former European Commissioner and official UK diplomat, but it's nice to be with other people who attract such popularity," Renata said to them. "The first place on the way is actually the Centre for Better Health. I am really excited to go there and speak to the people. We get to do lots of openings of NHS hospitals and schools and what not, but this one takes a special place in my heart." 

    Renata paused for a moment.

    "Mental health was something I always struggled with. In the world of fashion, it's so cutthroat and dog eat dog that when I was first designing, even someone who was potentially next in line to the Throne of the United Kingdom could get criticised. Not to mention, as I'm sure Your Highnesses would know, the life of someone in a royal family is always in the public eye. Mother died when William and I were at an interesting time in our development, and that also changed my perspective on mental health. So, it is a passion of mine and I try to work behind the scenes rather than in the spotlight. I've actually donated about 40% of all profits from RK Limited to the NHS mental health services."

    The car stopped, and Renata's face lit up.

    "Oh great, we're here. And there's not too much press here as well. Perfect; then we'll get a truly up close visit!" Renata said, beaming with anticipation.

  • Prime Minister's

    W. Anderson looked at Chloe.

    "Yes it was, Her Majesty did a great work getting for HM Government a big of a deal in Omnibus." Anderson said."HM Government is very much interested to get big relations with other northern countries as much as the UK we have a lot in common." 

    Royal Motorcade

    Their Majesties and the Duchess got out of the car.

    "You know Renata I'm pleased with the news of you and Emily, you also have a home at Montenbourg. As you know we are one of the pioneers nations in defending LGBTI rights across Europe and we are much than happy that this paradigms are shifting." Said Grace walking towards the Centre. "As you say I feel the same when it comes to mental health, i imagine that the fashion world is a burden of mind and besides the criticism you faced, its terrible. And too many individuals are being left to deal with these issues on their own, and many face complicating life circumstances like drug and alcohol addiction, homelessness, incarceration, or chronic health conditions, its just not good." She smiled and looked at Lawrence.

    "Of course." Said Lawrence. "  I strongly believe that we have to bring mental and behavioral health care on par with physical health care—and end the shame and stigma associated with treatment. The majority of Montenbourgians living with lifelong mental health illnesses show signs of distress at an early age, and yet few are treated. We really need to increase public awareness and action to address maternal depression, infant mental health, and trauma and stress in the lives of young children."

    "Yes, our country is facing the highest suicide rate in 30 years—and it’s becoming increasingly prevalent among adolescents, college students, veterans, and older adults. Thats why we are learning more from your programs. We've also believe scaling up funding for programs through which pediatricians and schools seek to identify and support children facing behavioral problems. And encourage colleges and universities to provide comprehensive mental health services. We have so much to learn." She smiled.

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    The Royal Visit to The Centre for Better Health

    A modest white building saw the trio of royalty enter and they were greeted by one of the care professionals. 

    "Good afternoon, Your Majesty, Your Majesty, Your Grace," the woman said. "Thank you so much for visiting our humble location. I am Dr. Helena Ross, and I'm the lead psychologist here. We're one of the busiest locations when it comes to mental health treatments and therapies. Our location deals with several local secondary schools in the area, and we're the leading paediatric and adolescent mental health facility. The National Health Service under the Liberal Government has managed to put together greater funding and start to provide mental health care across the country as part of the free at the point of use coverage. We're the model institution for that roll-out."

    Renata looked around. The Centre was able to make it feel a lot more welcoming than her first visit. She led the two Montenbourg Royals along with Dr. Ross into the main meeting room, where some mental health patients were meeting. Clearly they were prepared, as everyone was standing. Renata smiled at them. 

    "We have very special guests with us...His Majesty the King of Montenbourg and Her Majesty the Queen, and Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent," Dr. Ross said to the meeting room. "This is one of our depression support groups led by one of our top psychologists, Dr. John Abbot." 

    Renata went around shaking the hands of the support group members. 

    "I am happy to allow some questions from His Majesty, Her Majesty and Her Royal Highness and for them as well, so please, ask away," Dr. Ross said, taking a seat next to Dr. Abbot.

    10 Downing Street

    Theresa saw the car pull forward and was ready to walk out of Number 10 to meet with Prime Minister Anderson outside and welcome him in. Husband Philip flanking her, she walked out to meet the Prime Minister of Montenbourg and Chloe.

    "Chloe, welcome back. Prime Minister Anderson, welcome to the United Kingdom. I hope the travel arrangements suited you," Theresa smiled, shaking his hand. She led the Prime Minister to the most famous front door in Europe before stopping for a photo opportunity. After the press got their pictures outside, the press corps and the heads of government moved inside.

    "This is my husband, Philip and over here we have our three Secretaries of State of the Great Offices of State. Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond; Home Secretary, Amber Rudd; Foreign Secretary, Stephen Crabb," Theresa continued. "Let's have a quick tour of some of the highlights before getting ready to negotiate in one of the state rooms. Will that suit the Prime Minister?"

  • The Royal Visit to The Centre for Better Health

    "Excellent, its for us a great pleasure to learn from you". Said Lawrence he looked at Grace.

    "Yes it is, so as it comes to our minds, this question is for you patients, what do you think your country can do for you, in ways that you deal and cope with this situation?. I hope that the doctors here present also let us know what a country can do to prevent this."Said Grace.

    "Before that..." Lawrence looked at the doctors." I wish to hear a story from one of you, if you wish to share with us.Because I think we have to be very human first to address and look for solutions.Then of course darling." He looked at Grace."..we can proceed with the questions."

    10 Downing Street

    Anderson waved to photographers and public. "Such an honor, to meet the iron lady of UK." He smiled. "Of course a quick tour, and negotiations to proceed."

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    The Royal Visit to The Centre for Better Health

    The room was silent for a brief moment before one of the support group members began to speak.

    "Good afternoon Your Majesties, Your Royal Highness," said the member. He was a beanpole with somewhat messy brown hair. His voice belied the projection of calm from his face. "The UK has had a tough time coming to terms with mental health stigmas and encouraging people to seek mental health. The attitude of the English stiff upper-lip has always made everyone feel that if we aren't taking it all in stride, then we are broken in some way. The NHS Mental Health Trusts across the country and the services they provide have been eye-opening. A year ago...I felt as though all the pressure in my life was coming down on me and I couldn't handle it anymore and wanted to take my own life. It was only because of the NHS and its crisis team that I was able to find somewhere that could help me. That's where The Centre for Better Health came in. I didn't really want to go at first. There was so much going through my mind: I felt ashamed, fearful, disappointed, and at my lowest. Dr. Abbot was actually my psychologist and I was able to have one on one sessions free. The whole staff were wonderful and they made sure to stay in touch with my school, in touch with me, and in touch with my family to make sure that I was still coming. But I wanted to come. For the first time, it felt like someone understood how I felt and he gave me ways to manage that. Depression is a life-long struggle, and no one thing can truly 'cure' it. But, with more places like this, I feel like I can learn to overcome it and live with it rather than it controlling me. It's an important part of my support network, and this support group has connected all of us to realise that we aren't the only ones dealing with depression either."

    The support group and Renata clapped, the latter wiping away a tear from her eye.

    "Your courage and your strength are to be commended, young man," Renata answered, voice quivering. "What is your name?" 

    "Michael Higgins, Your Highness," the boy replied.

    "How old are you?" 


    "You know...I got involved with supporting mental health when I needed it as well. I know, being the sister of the King could be something that people say 'you've got it made', but it wasn't the case. I got into fashion, and they are brutal on everyone. The life in the public eye is also shocking, and having grown up in my teen years as an LGBTQI youth, that also was a struggle and something that causes immense anxiety and, of course, anxiety can lead to or co-exist with depression," Renata said back. "For you to have recognised that you needed help after the NHS crisis intervention team and for this centre to's a testament to the changing attitude that years of Government and NHS lobbying has produced. Hopefully, with the roll-out of the Centre for Better Health Programme across all of the United Kingdom, we'll see a better outcome for our citizens. Any comments, Your Highnesses?"

  • The Royal Visit to The Centre for Better Health

    Grace was moved about the courage of this teenager. "...You are a warrior, and setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. And the world needs more warriors like you that set an example of that dose of acceptance that we as humans need, because acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune."

    "Excellent, doctors that's marvelous. Young man, you are a warrior. You are not sick, you are blessed. You all are true humans." Said Lawrence. The patients where moved by his words and clapped.

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    The Centre for Better Health

    "That is so true, Your Highness. Human experience is littered with ups and downs and the more we can get people to realise and accept that, the better we can empathise as a community of humans and support one another and reach true understanding," Dr. Ross replied. "With us, it's not about treating it as an illness in the sense that there is something wrong with the person. It happens much like when we catch cold or a disease pops up in other areas of the body. The fact that we treat mental illness the way we do as western society is criminal. Now, the way in which we treat it is different from person to person and that's where the new partnership and roll-out in conjunction with the NHS Mental Health Trusts across the country is so beneficial. The Duchess of Kent and her efforts have been tremendous on getting awareness out behind the scenes. Writing pamphlets, getting organised volunteers to let people know this is here for you before you even reach crisis stage. The more we can pull away the stigma, stop the suffering alone, the better society we can be as a whole. That is our mission."

    "Well, Your Majesties, you seem to be making a wonderful impression on the group! Let's break up for a little more intimate liaison with the support group members," Renata said, standing up. "I see there's about eight here, so I'll be happy to take three, and the other five can speak to you and then we'll switch around!"

  • The Centre for Better Health

    "Yes, of course." Said Lawrence

    The King of Montenbourg gathered a group, they talked about personal situations and how was their government responses. It was very human to see their majesties talking side by side with the patients. 

    The Queen was talking when she saw a girl uping in the other room wanting to see her and some boys messing with her braids. She standed and went to them.

    "Whats going on Grace?" Said Lawrence. She walks towards the children.

    "Hello everybody"

    "Hello your high..oh..majesty" Said the kids.

    "Hello. What's your name?" The Queen looked to the girl.

    "Carolina". Said the girl.

    "And what are your names?" Said to the boys.



    "Did I see you messing with Carolina?" Said to the boys.

    "They were tugging on my braid." Said the girl.

    "I know dear." Said the Queen. She looked to the Doctors. "Excuse me. These children are?"

    "Your Majesty, Most of them are orphans, fathers and mothers with drug dependence and with mental issues so we deal with them day-to-day.We care for as many as possible." Said Dr. Ross.

    "Carolina." Said the Queen to her. "Would you like to be a princess today?"

    "I can't, I'm too little." Said the kid.

    "Darling.." She looked to the King.

    He Smiled, laughed and said. "What day is today Carolina?"

    " 8 of March, another day in the centre a.... normal one." Said the girl.

    "Hmm no, oh, no. Because I as King of Montenbourg and friend of your King will declare that anyone can be a princess today." Said Lawrence.

    "Ohhhh" Said the kids.

    "When we come out of this enchanted building come with us. And lets walk a bit and wave the photographers." Said Grace to the kids. One of the royal assistants was there and Grace said to her. "Please get into a birthday store and buy some tiaras and crowns."

    The King then said to the boys."Manhood boys is respect for women and playing with braids is no good if you today wanna become princes too, right?."

    "Yes Sir...ehmm.. your Majesty." Said the boys.

    "So, we could always use more princes in the world." They all laughed.

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    10 Downing Street

    Theresa had shown the Prime Minister around the state rooms and the Cabinet room and was rounding back to the White Stateroom, which was where the photo opportunity and meeting would take place. 

    "...but we don't just hold Cabinet here. We make it a mission to bring Cabinet to one of the areas of devolution every month, so Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Northern England, Central England, London Assembly, and Southern England," Theresa explained. "It's important that we as Cabinet Ministers make it clear that we are supportive of devolution and that our United Kingdom can work together through a solid devolution deal, as handed down by the Smith Commission and put into law with the Devolved Institutions Act of 2016. In fact, Ireland and the non-London English Assemblies are having their elections to see who will be the First Ministers of Northern England, Central England, Southern England and the Taoiseach of Ireland." The two sat down and the press began to take photos of their handshake and record their first words with each other.

    "I'm excited to have the Prime Minister of Montenbourg here with us, we are eager to work together not just economically, but in areas where the UK Government and the Montenbourg Government overlap. Between protecting the rights of liberal democracy, security for our peoples, and an exemplary record of human rights support, Montenbourg is a nation that will be highly influential in years to come. It is indeed a wonderful opportunity to see how close our two nations can work together to advance a common good," Theresa said before looking towards the Montenbourgian Prime Minister.

  • 10 Downing Street

    William was seated next to the Theresa the photographers in front and looking to them and to theresa he said.

    "Good morning, everybody. I'm more than happy to be here. I want to begin by saying what a pleasure it is for me to meet with Prime Minister May. Of course as The Prime Minister said our main goal is to close our two nations and advance for a lasting friendship and alliance, we have so much in common. Together, we reaffirm the very special hopes and desire of relationship between the Kingdom of Montenbourg and the United Kingdom.  I believe that will not simply endure in the starting of this conversations, but it will continue to grow stronger with time. Our two countries will be discussing ways in which we continue to sustain and strengthen our trade and investment ties. The protection of human rights and the promotion of liberal democracies will be key in the  pursue of an agenda of inclusive and sustainable growth." 

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    10 Downing Street

    The press left and the Prime Minister looked at her counterpart.

    "Well, the tea and refreshments will be coming in shortly; I know that the UK Government will want to cover trade, intelligence sharing arrangements, defence agreements in terms of training exercises and cooperation which we can work further towards a more solid mutual-defence agreement and allied status. We also would like to cover visa-free movement today for certain. We would love to know if we are missing any areas of cooperation you would like to talk to us about or any issues you want raised at this first meeting," Mrs. May said to the Prime Minister of Montenbourg.

  • 10 Downing Street

    "Definitely, on this state visit, I'd like to officially invite the British delegation to take part in occupying an embassy at the Embassy's Square in Montague. It is my goal here to build a strong relationship between our countries, especially since we've got common goals. I do believe in the visa-free for both of our citizens visiting our countries, I found it very good in the forward of making a strong bond, I think it would be beneficial to both nations would be the idea of a less restricted travel between Montenbourg and the UK. When it comes to security issues we seek mutual-defence agreement and allied status, as a neutral nation we feel in the need of more non-neutral nations take a stand against those who threat our sovereignty. We will continue to oppose nationalist regimes and the aggression of Human Rights across Europe.  And right now our government wants to address the situation in Omnibus which is not good for the Union. In other matters we seek for cooperation and trade,  a Free Trade agreement between our nations will suit you and ourselves best. What do you think?." Mr. Anderson said to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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    10 Downing Street

    "Wonderful," grinned Theresa. She watched as the tea was brought in by one of the Downing Street staff, with an assortment of crumpets, biscuits, and other British tea refreshments.

    "In regards to trade, what the United Kingdom is willing to propose is a free-trade zone between Montenbourg and the UK. That would work very well, considering we are actually fairly close neighbours. In addition to the free-trade agreement, the free movement of goods between our nations and visa-free travel would be crucial. We'd also want to propose having pre-clearance customs offices for Montenbourg at the major ports in the United Kingdom for all goods heading out, as to not wreck any time in transit. Those would be stationed at Felixstowe, London Gateway, Edinburgh Leith, Grangemouth, Dublin, Belfast, Cardiff, and Southampton. We'd, of course, want the reciprocal ability to establish pre-clearance offices of HM Revenue and Customs in Montenbourg."

    Theresa paused to have a sip of her tea: no cream, two sugars. 

    "We would also like to propose that ships coming from Montenbourg flying the appropriate insignia of Montenbourg be given the same docking rights as ships flying the UK ensign, provided we harmonise our shipping regulations a bit more, which we'll have to hammer out further between the relevant Government ministers and departments, and of course a reciprocal arrangement could be made between the United Kingdom and ourselves. This would help prevent loss of life at sea and have the Maritime and Coastguard Agency work with the relevant force in Montenbourg to keep the North Sea safe."

  • 10 Downing Street

    Mr. Anderson sip his tea: milk, one sugar. 

    "Excellent. We are looking forward for the free-trade agreement, have you seen the MOFTA (Montenbourg Omnibus Free Trade Agreement), we could follow the same draft, but your government needs to draft in reference of visa-free travel. Also put the specifications of the PCO's, your's would be stationed at Duketown, Monterini, Bordeauxville, Winchestertown, Praderstown, Londertown and Montague." He siped a cup of tea. "We believe as you that preclearance has the potential to increase capacity and create growth opportunities for airports and air carriers in Montenbourg and abroad, while improving the passenger experience. And of course the potential for significant economic benefits for Montenbourg and our international partners by facilitating travel through all gateways, creating an overall increase in clearance capacity, and maximizing aircraft and gate utilization. For travelers, Preclearance leads to faster connections and the ability to exit the airport immediately upon landing Montenbourg. I could not agree more in making our north sea safe for all of Europeans. We agree."