• The crowds gathered outside the Queen Anastasia to witness the torch lighting ceremony. It had toured all of Icholasen, crossed rivers, lakes, villages and cities. Now as the competition was starting, Paloma Faith and Isleym jointly brought the torch to the large cauldron. Then, slowly, they lit it up. Vociferous applause erupted throughout the stadium, and among some onlookers from nearby apartment buildings. Soon after, Queen Anastasia then came to the main podium to even more applause. The national anthem played, as she rose to the stage. Two large screens were next to her so that people watching from far away could see the delivery. Anastasia was wearing a black gown, with diamond detailing across it. She wore a pearl necklace and a modest tiara. She then started her speech. 

    'It is a pleasure that the nations of the European Union have all come here to celebrate the beauty of music, and our unique individual cultural heritage. Premier Whiteford, though unable to come today wanted to express her pride that Eurovoice is finally coming to Icholasen. Though we sit here in Saint Regina, the contest has touched the lives of almost everyone on this island. This competition represents the best in us all. 

    I hereby open the 32nd Eurovoice Song Contest.'

    And so, with the cauldron lit and the acts ready, the contest went on smoothly. Anastasia and her family sat in the middle of the audience and watched on with glee whilst the competition went on. When the singers had sang their songs, the voting commenced. It was adjudicated and finally the results were decided. It then was up to Paloma Faith to present the placement.

  • Paloma started off the results. 

    "In 10th place is Omnibus with 'Nearer My God to Thee'. A beautiful song. 

    In 9th place is 'Retales De Una Vida', sent by Complutum.

    8th place was a solid song, 'IDGAF' by Dua Lipa. A great song from Montenburg. 

    In 7th place was another amazing song, 'L'Amore Esiste' sent in by Austrur. 

    Finally in this round of results, before our top 5 entries, was the DU with the song 'Intro III'."

    The audience then awaited for 10 minutes until the final 5 would be announced. In the short break, there was a filler act from drag performer, Trixie Mattel, a runner up in the contest to enter Eurovoice on behalf of Icholasen. 

  • 'Now we moved onto the top 5.' Paloma declared. She started with the 5th place position.

    'In 5th place we have Icholasen's entry Ma Direxion.' Paloma uttered drily. 

    'And in 4th place we have 'Recúeradame' sent in from Luz de Libertados.'

    Then the suspense became unbearable when Paloma only had three left to read. 

    'The third act - in the top tier of Eurovoice excellence - is 'Tears' by Clean Bandit, sent in from the United Kingdom. An amazing showing from our amazing neighbour. 

    This means that either Angleter or Inquista have won the 32nd Eurovoice song contest. Rejoin us when we reveal the winner.' 

  • 'And the winner of the Eurovoice Song Contest is...


    Fireworks went off in the ocean behind the stage, and the winning act stepped out. Queen Anastasia presented Kane Brown with a gold laurel crown. 

    The fireworks ended and the celebrations finally died out later in the night. 

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