Resurrection Of The Olympics

  • (OOC:I am going to have my other olympic attempt deleted, so it never happenend in IC play.)

    This is just a topic to see who would be interested in a sporting event called the olympics. Now, it wouldn't be like USSR's proposed soccer league, because it would involve going to an off forum site, Gamedesire, and making an account in the name of your nation.

    I will then choose a time and event to compete in and let you know when and where to meet and play. The site is totally free to join and play on and you can go there for more information as to joining and such if need be.

    Let me know here who'd be interested and then we'll see where this goes.

  • tristans land would be glad to participate in the olympics

  • lowhaw would like to participate in the olympics

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    Os Corelia sporting commission has agreed participate in this event as it would be beneficiary to our regional kudos

  • Serbia would be honoured to partcipate.

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