A Royal Wedding: HRH The Duchess of Kent and Miss Emily Blunt - Guest List

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    You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of HRH The Duchess of Kent, third in line to the throne of the United Kingdom, and her fiancee, Miss Emily Blunt. The couple have chosen to be married at the royal residence at Windsor Castle, and will have a reception at Buckingham Palace in London as newlyweds. Both have asked that the wedding guest list contain both heads of state of Europe and celebrities and the wedding will be a tour de force of grandeur and splendour that the Crown will display. All heads of state and government will be housed at their national embassies in London. All celebrities will be booked various hotels across London.

    Note that all Kligenbergs have been invited to attend.

    Head of State/Government + 1:

    Celebrity Guest + 1:

    Boarding Requests: Dietary Requests: Wedding Gifts:

  • Republic of Derecta 

    The Most Hon. Prime Minister Violet Leandros & Her Cabinet wish to congratulate HRH The Duchess of Kent and Miss Emily Blunt on the occasion of their marriage. 

    Sadly, due to troubles in schedule, no representative of Derecta shall be able to attend the wedding. 

    However, being part of the Commonwealth, Derecta wishes to give the couple-to-be the keys to this mountain palazzo in Olympaseia, Kingston,previously government-owned, so they can spend their holidays in one of Derecta's most exclusive destinations.


    Best wishes to the couple! We Derectans are eager to welcome you in our great country!

  • Nation: The Kingdom Of Montenbourg
    Head of State/Government + 1:
    - Her Majesty Grace the Second, Queen-Consort of the Kingdom of Montenbourg
    Celebrity Guest + 1:
    - N/A
    Boarding Requests: First Class
    Dietary Requests: None
    Wedding Gifts:
    - 12 Crystal candlesticks tailored with the phrase "Love conquers all, a gift from Montenbourg"
    - 4 Porcelain horse and swan figurines on Svarowski diamonds.

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    Nation: Microstate of Inquista

    Head of State/Government + 1: Archbishop Paul Craticus

    Celebrity Guest + 1: Mikaela + Silas Kligenberg

    Boarding Requests: Keep the Kligenbergs and the Archbishop separated.

    Dietary Requests: Archbishop Craticus is a vegetarian.

    Wedding Gifts:

    - Three books: The Prophet By Kahlil Gibran, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principle of "A Course in Miracles" By Marianne Williamson, and a 19th century King James Version Bible with a Black Swan embroidered on the front and the Kligenberg and Windsor family crests embroidered on the back (from Archbishop Craticus).

    - Two diamond-encrusted platinum pendants, one shaped in the letter 'R' and one shaped in the letter 'E' (from Silas Kligenberg).

    - A picture of a five-week old corgi. Once he's a few week older, he'll be all theirs (from Mikaela Kligenberg)!

  • EU

    Nation: Royal Federation of Malfazia

    Head of State/Government: Baron/Mr. President Krystalle Verlesz von BergTrett

    Celebrity Guest: Karl Maroli

    Boarding Requests: Mr. Verlesz von BergTrett demands two seats representing his state as both monarch and elected president

    Dietary requests: Maroli is coeliac and Mr. Verlesz is allergic to crustaceans and eats only Italian/Austrian/Uruguayan food

    Wedding gifts:

    Baron/Mr. President Krystalle Verlesz von BergTrett: his 3 best books ("The Risurgimentalist Manifesto", "Identifying the Enemy" and "Hate is Love") and the keys of a chalet near Brunico/Brüneck

    Painter Karl Maroli: a modern art sculpture made of 20+ Malfazian minerals and one of his paintings in the "White Wood" collection

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    Nation: Angleter

    Head of State/Government +1: Prime Minister Sam Courtenay and his wife, Mary Courtenay

    Celebrity Guest: Anastacia

    Boarding Requests: None

    Dietary requests: Anastacia would appreciate a meal that is not too spicy and not too high in fibre

    Wedding gifts:

    > Jeroboam of Castle Soba Nasibini Saperavi red wine, from Fronteria province.

    > Antique hand-carved cabinet made from cedar from Livan province.