The arrest of Romolo Casamonica

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    Yesterday, at 6am local hour, a young man was stopped at a checkpoint for a random control in Sterzing/Vipiteno, he was on his Vespa and had a helmet on so the police did not identify him. When the police approached him he immediately threw his helmet at the policemen and tried to flee the scene without his motorcycle but he bumped into a metal pole and fell to the ground, the policemen handcuffed him while he tried to resist the arrest, they later searched him and his Vespa, he had a Glock 19, 20.000€ worth of cocaine, a pocket knife, a sample of blood, an empty syringe, 9 grams of marijuana, 3 packets of cigarettes, a lighter, 700.000€ in cash, a cuban cigar, a silencer for sniper rifles and a badge used to access the vault of a bank that was recently robbed, he is probably behind the heist.

    Romolo Casamonica is the third-born son of Massimiliano Casamonica, one of the last mafia clans in Malfazia, the country is in a tough war against organized crime and the whole "Operation Gremigna" was done to force some exponents of the clan to go out in the daylight and risk the arrest just to do some basic errands, the aftermath of the operation resulted in 42 arrests on the first day and 191 in total, if we count Romolo, 192. The government has yet to release informations on this fictitious objects carried by the young Casamonica.

    Romolo Casamonica (below).

    This will be the symbol of the Operation Gremigna, Malfazia continues to carry out its war against organized crime with clear success, Baron Krystalle Verlesz von BergTrett and his son Xerxes have apparently visited the prison where Romolo is being currently held, we don't have any information at all about what they could've talked about but we certainly know the determination of Mr. Verlesz in this fight, he will never stop until crime will be nothing but a sad memory.

    Mr. Verlesz announcing the arrest on Twitter (below).

    Mr. Verlesz (left) and his son Xerxes (right) during their conjuncted speech of February 3rd against organized crime (below).