Malfazia to ban Antifa and Communist parties found with Monten Pounds and supporting Casamonica

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    At 19:23 local hour the main communist party, a minor communist party and a progressive party hacked Malfazia's national broadcast and called for the liberation of Romolo Casamonica 'for the fight against the tyrannical government'. More than a hundred Antifas gathered in front of the prison were Romolo was being held and approached it armed with various weapons including fire arms, the police tried to cool down the situation but a man jumped out of the crowd and shot a policewoman in the head, it all escalated quite quickly. After 30 minutes of violent fighting the remaining Antifas fled the scene, leaving the prison unscratched but 23 dead cops and 41 dead communists, the police suffered heavy losses since the leftists were very well equipped, some of them even had AR-15s and AK-47s. While the fight was going on various police squads raided the HQs of those leftist parties which ordered the attack and even the houses of their exponents, all of the leftist administration committed suicide after seeing the police's arrival. Most of the important files at the HQs were burnt before the policemen could take it, but what they found left them well beyond surprised, in every HQ there were 10.000.000£ (Monten Pounds) and instructions on what to do after the liberation of Romolo Casamonica, apparently they would've traded Romolo with the Casamonica clan in exchange for a military support in a coup d'état.

    Mr. Verlesz communicating the facts to the people on twitter (below)

    Large part of the Antifa members arrested were not even Malfazian, in fact, they were all born in Montague and had Montenbourg passports, Montenbourg passports were found under the bed of the progressive party's leader as well, this is all of the information the police was able to release due to National Security motives.

    Our glorious leader Mr. Verlesz arrived immediately to the scene, outside Sterzing/Vipiteno's prison. He announced the consequences of these actions.

    The parties involved will be temporarily banned and re-established when the situation will be more stable, Antifa will be banned and considered a terrorist organization and an enemy of Malfazia, we warmly invite every other nation to do the same in order to protect its citizens, a temporal travel ban will be put on Montenbourg for safety purposes, we demand Montenbourg's permission to use advanced interrogation methods on its citizens arrested during the fighting, we ask Montenbourg for an explanation even if we have no reason to think that they are behind this but they will probably have a good story to tell since 30.000.000£ don't materialize in 3 small leftist HQs in Malfazia out of nowhere, Romolo Casamonica will be put in isolation in an unknown location, advanced interrogation methods will be used on Romolo and the Malfazian Antifa members arrested and additional checkpoints will be placed all over the country, Malfazia does not declare a state of National alert since the main emergency has been stopped.

    Malfazia's population is full of anger, people on the streets are attacking every Montembourgese they can see, there have been reports of Antifa being beaten unconscious and dumped into rubbish dumps, the people demand the ban to the communist parties to be permanent and a sticker is starting to appear in every corner of Malfazia (below)

    The situation only seems to escalate as hours pass but Mr. Verlesz has decided to not take further decisions for the moment, the safety of many Montembourgese people depends on how their country will respond to the facts.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Update on the situation: a Montembourgese citizen has been found dead in a river at 8 AM local hour, his head was bashed with a hammer and he had a sickle planted in his heart, 2 dead communists have been found as well, Baron Krystalle Verlesz von BergTrett has officially declared a state of emergency. (Repost, while I was trying to correct the grammar of the post I deleted it for error)