MBTI Personality Types of RP Characters

  • Admin

    Are you familiar with the Myers-Briggs personality test? If not, take a skim read through this fairly lengthy explanation (click).

    In essence, MBTI sorts personalities into 16 different types. A brief preview of all 16 can be found here (click)

    I thought a fun OOC thread would be to take the test on behalf of several of your RP characters and let us know what their MBTI personality type is. It's a cool way to learn something that's actually pretty deep and interesting about our characters and how they think and operate.

    Take the test (here). Take a new test for each different character and post the results below. Hopefully we will have a full list of RP characters and their personality types here!

    My character scores:

    Paul Craticus  - INTJ

    Edward Firoux - ENFJ

    Anja Emerett - ISFJ

    Mikaela Kligenberg - ESFP

    Silas Kligenberg - ESTP

    Alexander Kligenberg (RIP) - ESTJ

  • My character scores:

     Xävier Bettel- ESTJ

    Emma Granger- ENFJ

    Elizabeth McCord- ENTJ

    Claire Underwood- ISFJ

  • EU

    My characters scores (will update later on)

    Krystalle Verlesz von BergTrett: ENFJ-T

    Xerxes Verlesz von BergTrett: ESTJ-A