Bradstovian Foreign Secretary Criticizes Malfazia

  • -- Foreign Secretary Annabeth Samuels at a recent event

    In a fiery speech at the National Moot today, the Foreign Secretary Annabeth Samuels denounced the recent ban on far-left political organizations by the government of Malfazia, itself a very far-right entity. Secretary Samuels deplored the recent violence targeting anti-fascist demonstrators and the brutal reprisals that have since followed from the von BergTrett regime, calling the heavy-handed actions of the police "a stain upon the nation's character" and the protests themselves (apparently in support of the gangster Romano Casamonica) "suspicious in their timing and intent". Since the crackdowns, Bradstowe has offered political asylum to far-left groups seeking refuge from the dictatorial regime of their homeland, but this is the first explicit and concrete condemnation of the activities of the Malfazian government and the comportment of its police.

    Samuels also described the recent murder of a Malfazian citizen with a hammer and sickle as "as clear a case of government conspiracy as is possible to imagine" and said that their thoughts and those of the Cabinet were with the victim's family at what is clearly a difficult and tempestuous time for them. The brutal attack has made the victim into a martyr for the Malfazian government, and the Secretary questioned whether such use of their likeness was at the family's behest, or even to their liking. They were equally critical of the tenuous links to Montenbourg asserted by the Malfazian regime as evidence of international conspiracy to destabilize the nation, again referring to the "suspiciously convenient" nature of the alleged links and the swiftness of their discovery after the protests.

    They concluded their speech by reiterating their support for the European Union and urging that august body to take action against the political violence erupting in Malfazia. The Finance Minister, Bernard Sproggins, is due to attend a summit on the 26th at which both Malfazian and Montenbourger delegations will be present; it is expected that the recent violence will colour the discussion.