Mr. Verlesz's speech on the leftist ban

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    Baron Krystalle Verlesz von BergTrett, head of state and government of Malfazia, founder and protector of the Royal Federation of Malfazia, made a speech about the troublesome events of August the 20th. The speech was reported in its entirety.

    "Malfazians, you are probably wondering why I am addressing these facts once again, these horrible and disgusting facts, the nation needs stability and I want to clarify what will be the future of these leftist parties and why I am going to take these decisions, plus, Bradstowe foreign minister had something to say about my rash decisions and our country, so I will take this occasion to respond to his imprecise commentary. 

    Recent polls tell me that 71% of the nation wishes to ban the communist parties, my decision to only temporarily ban the parties was not appreciated by the population. I am speaking to you with my heart opened, we owe the left more than what we think, it's true that Malfazia gained its independence after a bloody civil war against the corrupt communist dictatorship, but it's also true that a Marxist-Leninist faction helped us at the beginning because it stood for real communism, many of you barely remember this period since the faction quickly dissolved after the death of its leader at the beginning of the civil war, but I had a very close relationship with him, I promised him that if I were to survive and lead Malfazia I would fight for an accurate representation of the Malfazian Marxist-Leninist Party (MMLP) in the country, he would've done the same as a communist if he saw his party collaborating with a violent clan such as the Casamonica, in fact, the parties will be banned only until the 10th of September when internal elections will be held inside the parties to decide who will be their leader after the police will have proven clean its members. 

    My choice to ban this so called 'Anti-fascist' movement was widely accepted by the population unlike my last one, the reasons are simple: this movement has always been in a never-ending cycle of hatred, it only brings violence and fear in the life of many Malfazians since it is only a terrorist movement, but I am willing to take it a step further, I will ban and label as a terrorist group the 'Anti-communist' movement as well, it is exactly like the Anti-fascist one and the same description has to be given to them, they are just two faces of the same coin, as my grandfather used to say "there is nothing worse than an anti-something, his goal is only to destroy and cause violence, his whole point is that he wants something to be removed from the face of the Earth and he ends up always amassing masses of people who only wish for blood".

    My grandfather had another trait when he was in this world, he was always honest, and I am willing to be honest with you Malfazians, when I was in my younger days I used to host Socialist roundtable discussions at my house with various left-leaning students of my school, Claude Böden, the leader of the Marxist-Leninist faction during the civil war, attended those meetings religiously, I slowly started to stray further away every day from Socialism as I grew up, but I will always remember what it felt like from the other side of the barricade. Even if our ideologies were different, I was always Claude's closest friend, it is foolish to let ideologies separate humans, we have to think about what we have in common, not about what we DON'T have in common, that's why it would be highly dangerous to let these hate groups flourish in our glorious nation!

    Now, responding to Annabeth Samuels, Foreign Secretary of Bradstowe. I presume that she was misinformed about the situation since she got many things wrong: as I said at the beginning of my speech, the ban is only temporary, then she called the Malfazian government a 'far right entity', Malfazia's ideology is Risurgimentalism, Risurgimentalism cannot be tracked precisely on the political spectrum, but if I have to do so, it is an ideology of Authoritarian Center-Right nature even tho we host free elections every 10 years or under special circumstances, she said as well that the police had targeted anti-fascist demonstrators, which is not true, these 'Antifas' came to the prison only to attack the police and not to 'protest' or demonstrate', the police did not attack until a policewoman had been shot and killed, god bless her soul, the Bradstovian minister also stated the murder of a Malfazian citizen with a hammer and sickle tho this crime never happened, she was perhaps referring to the murder of a Montembourgese citizen with a hammer and a sickle, the government did not instrumentalize the situation, the only thing I did after it was to declare a state of National Emergency. Regarding the accusations of aiming to destabilizing Montembourg, we only suspected Montembourg for a brief moment and we also stated that we doubted that the Montembourgese government was behind such actions, our vice-minister of finance will attend the meeting as well but we do not wish to bring politics to a summit about economics, I hope that our wishes will be respected and I hope that Malfazia's citizens will have yet again a long and calm night, without blood coloring the streets of our glorious nation"