Emancipation of Irene INVITATIONS

  • This is a long post for an invitation-to-an-event thread but none of it is fluff and will lead to juicy roleplay!

    Red Croatia's relationship with the European Union has always been a complex one. The once completely self-sufficient matriarchy has successfully integrated itself with other European countries back in 2013, when it fascinated the world due to it's entertainment and beauty obsessed culture but also due to significant moves in European politics, most notably it's establishment of a Dual Protectorate over the Sahwari Union with Inquista.

    Queen Aleksandra von Aries III has been a particularly notable personality, mostly due to her eccentric and lovable personality when dealing with foreign media and attending important political events. However, after rumors of her pregnancy in late 2015 and some vicious gossip that she was having a child with the Archbishop of Inquista, Red Croatia returned to a temporary state of semi-isolation, only contacting other nations when it came to trade.

    There has been much speculation about why Aleksandra decided to limit Red Croatia's interaction with other countries, but the European Union recently found out it wasn't even her decision when she was found in the Sahwari Union. The general population of Europe began to speculate that she was dethroned and the region's media began to heavily sensationalize her stay in the Sahwari Union for their personal profit, dubbing her the Queen of the Desert.

    Everything about Red Croatia's political situation during their period of semi-isolation has been shrouded in mystery... but it's about to come to light. Irene von Taurus, the "new Queen of Red Croatia" (the leaders invited to this event are aware of her name and standing in the country, but the general population only knows that her name is Irene and that she's an important figure in Red Croatia) has decided to cordially invite the leaders of the European Union to join her for a day at the theare where they can catch up with what was going on in the mysterious country.

    Though the idea of arriving to Red Croatia might frighten some, the new queen has went out of her way to assure the leaders of Europe that the country is a safe place to arrive to.

    If they do choose to arrive, they should know that the country has a reputation for placing a high emphasis on glamour and fashion, so they should all be expecting an over the top celebration that will be heavily covered by the Rechroatian media. What female attendees wore will definitively VERY open to criticism from the Rechroatian media and general population.

    Fill this little form if you're attending:

    Name of the attendees:
    Prior relationship with Red Croatia (if any):

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    Name of the attendees: Archbishop Paul Craticus, Queen Aleksandra von Aries III (disguised as "Goddess of Love" Anitax Aureliana), Mikaela Kligenberg, Silas Kligenberg

    Prior relationship with Red Croatia (if any): Archbishop Paul Craticus has an extensive history of working closely with Red Croatia and its former Queen, Aleksandra von Aries III. By working closely, I mean working closely on the bed sheets. Queen Aleksandra is self-explanatory, but her disguise has a troubled history with Red Croatia and its media (Anitax Aureliana was once dubbed a #Nottie in a issue of the Matriarchy). Mikaela Kligenberg and Silas Kligenberg have little prior relationship with Red Croatia. 

  • Name of the attendee: HRH Queen Anastasia

  • EU

    Name of the attendee: Baron Krystalle Verlesz von BergTrett

  • Name of the attendee: Hideki Masatame

  • Name of the attendee: HM Grace II, Queen-Consort of the Kingdom of Montenbourg


  • Name of the attendees: Mariah Carey, Prime Minister Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton
    Prior relationship with Red Croatia (if any
    😞 Ms. Carey has had a wonderful relationship with the public in Red Croatia, with her being one of the few international superstars to achieve true notoriety and fame in Red Croatia. She adores vacationing in the Dalmatian coast and has a vacation home there. She was one of the few people who were allowed into the country during its period of isolation due to her iconic status.

    Hillary and Bill have basic knowledge of the country but beyond that they both are as clued in as the rest of the world.

  • 1 second ago: Following new legislation in Red Croatia, Rechroatians everywhere are shook due to Mariah Carey coming for a visit

  • ECoJ

    Name of the attendees: Supreme Councillor Nadia Ali-Sayed

    Prior relationship with Red Croatia (if any): Nadia Ali-Sayed was the first foreign woman to grace the cover of Vogue Rechroatia.

  • Name of the attendees: Dragan Trympov, Dragan Trympov Jr, Omaroza Manigaultov

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    Name of the attendees: Emryc Isla