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    Official Name: Aurum
    Local Name: Persian Coast
    Head of State: None
    GDP per Capita: $900
    Currency: golden dollar ($)
    Population: 432,000
    Capital: Kassad, home to 132,000.
    Life expectancy: 51(m)/53(f)

    Islam - 71%
    Christian - 22%
    Jewish - 6%
    Other - 2%

    Government: There is no real government. The GLA runs Aurum, having muscled out other militia. Aurum is in a state of anarchy.

    The GLA: The Global Liberation Army calls for a world-wide overthrow of governments, followed up a slow rebuilding into an anarcho-capitalist world, where national borders do not exist, and the market has no barriers. The nation is led by Ahmed al-Kassad, who adopted his hometown as his surname. The GLA believes that if you destroy a person's belief and trust in their government, usually through terrorism and violence, you destroy the government, and can start building up a truly free society from the rubble. They sponser acts of terrorism around the world.

    Aims: To establish an anarcho-capitalist world society.

    Short History:
    The region known as the Persian Coast existed peacefully for most of its history, passing from one nation to the next, with a few bouts of independence in between. It has never been an important nation, and remains unimportant, save for the terroristic government, today. In the late 80's, the Persian Coast government abolished taxes, in an attempt to create a libertarian society, but this quickly failed as the government collapsed, and a power vacuum occured. Dozens of militia groups fought for dominance, with the GLA coming to power early in the twenty-first cnetury, and retaining control today. They renamed the state Aurum, or gold.

    Violence remains a huge problem in the region, and the lack of health care, education, or basic needs makes Aurum one of the worst places to live in the world. The GLA blames other states as being communist morasses whose only aim is to stifle the capitalism flame.

    Military: Aurum has no military. The GLA operates as the police, often by whim. If a nation were to attack Aurum, they'd fine themselves forced to fight with an unconvential foe.

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