Großdeutsches Reich - Factbook

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    ->Federal Republic of Großdeutsches Reich
    Bundesrepublik Großdeutschland

    Einigkeit un Recht und Freiheit
    National Anthem:
    Auferstanden aus Ruinen

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    Flag of the Federal Republic of Großdeutsches Reich

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    Coat of Arms of the Federal Republic of Großdeutsches Reich

    Formal Name: Federal Republik of Großdeutsches Reich/Bundesrepublik Gro?deutsches
    Conventional Name: Großdeutsches Reich/Großdeutschland
    Abbreviation: GDR

    National Information

    Capital City: Berlin
    *Official: German, French, Dutch, Polish, Luxembourgish, Italian, Catalan, Occitan, Basque
    Official Religion: N/A
    -Unification: 18 January 1871
    -Republic: 1918
    -Third Reich: 1933
    -Federal republic: 2008
    Population: 333.591.000 (RP as of October 2014)
    Currency: Euro (?)
    Internet TLD: .gdr
    Calling Code: +49


    Government Type: Federal republic
    Head of State:
    -Bundesprßsident, Horsten Kßhler
    Head of Government:
    -Bundeskanzler, Gertrude Meyer
    Members of the Bundeskabinett:
    -Minister of Defence,
    -Minister of the Interior,
    -Minister of Foreign Affairs,
    -Minister of Economy,
    -Minister of Health,
    -Mnister of Education,
    -Minister of Trade,

    Legislative branch

    Bicameral Parliament:
    -Bundesrat (Upper House)
    -Bundestag (Lower House)

    Is the representation of the Federal States (Lßnder) of Germany at the federal level. It has its seat at the former Prussian House of Lords in Berlin. Its members are not elected, neither by popular vote nor by the state parliaments, but are normally members of the state cabinets which appoint them and can remove them at any time. Normally, a state delegation is headed by the respective minister-president. Second, the states are not represented by an equal number of delegates, since the population of the respective state is a factor

    Seats: 105

    Is the parliament of the Reich. It's members are elected by the citizens every 3 years and elect the government.

    President: Carl-Eduard von Bismarck
    Seats: 621
    Next election: September 2013

    iEconomic info at:

    Groβdeutsches Reich has an important communications network, both satellite and terrestrial. It has nearly 60 communication satellites.

    The Großdeutscher national Television network is Deutsche Welle. It was founded in 1953 in Bonn.

    Foreign Affairs

    Diplomatic Relations

    *Nation/organisation name (ambassador name)


    Ambassador requirements:

    *The ambassador must be a politician
    *Must be a Grossdeutscher citizen, or hold citizenship of an European country and have Grossdeutscher ancestry

    International Organisations

    *European Union (Howard S?nger)


    *Aesop Rocks (Catherine Van der Vaart)
    *Belarum (Nathan Greden)
    *Luvenburg (Jaqueline Part?rre)
    *Nazione Italiana (Alexander Weyler) [Friend of the Reich]
    *Spain (Ronald Turken) [Ambassador recalled to Berlin because a state of war exists between this country and the Reich]
    *Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Friedrich Grosske) [Friend of the Reich]

    Foreign Travel

    At the present, citizens of Grossdeutsches Reich need a passport to travel to other countries that are not members of the European Economic Community.

    user posted imageOfficial Grossdeutscher Passport

    The nations where Grossdeutscher citizens can travel without passport are:
    *Aleutia -- EEC
    *Duxburian Union -- EEC
    *Miudea -- Bilateral Treaty
    *Os Corelia -- Bilateral Treaty
    *Poland-Lithuania -- Bilateral Treaty
    *Triera (free travel on hold since 2009) -- EEC

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    *Heer: Brigadier
    *Luftwaffe: Admiral
    *Marine: Admiral Koenig

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    -Kommando Spezialkr?fte
    -Artillerie Kriegdivision


    -1,965,000 men
    Infantry (Infanteriekorps):1,675,000 men (325,000 AK-47 Assault Rifle, 350,000 Beretta Model 12 Submachine gun, 1,100,000 GAR-8 Assault Rifle)
    Motorized Rifle (Infanteriekorps):12,500 men (375 BTR-90, 75 BMP-3)
    Armour (Panzerkorps):20,000 men (125 T-80, 875 Dardo IFV)
    Artillery (Artillerie Kriegdivision):2,500 men (150 MSTA-B )
    Airborne (Fallschirmj?ger):250,000 men (25,000 AK-47)
    SpecOps (Kommando Spezialkr?fte): 5,000 men (5,000 PP-19 Submachine gun)

    user posted image


    Fighter:5,200 men (60 MIG-29, 30 Su-30Mk, 300 ME-2002)
    Fighter, Ground attack:400 men (30 MB-339)
    Transport:2,400 men (60 Il-76, 60 Alenia G.222, 60 Alenia C-27J Spartan)
    Strategic Bomber:800 men (60 Volfsburg VF 15)

    user posted image


    -12,970 men
    Aircraft Carrier: 2 Giuseppe Garibaldi class Aircraft Carriers, 1,660 men
    Battleship: 4 Vittorio Veneto class Battleships, 7,320 men
    Patrol Vessel: 10 Yastreb class Patrol boats, 750 men
    Fast attack Submarine (SSN/KS): 10 Alfa class Submarines, 1,000 men
    Destroyer: 4 Durand de la Penne class Destroyers, 1,520 men
    Landing Ship: 4 San Giorgio class amphibious transport dock, 720 men

    -FGS: Federal Grossdeutscher Ship
    -U: Unterseeboot

    -FT: Aircraft Carrier
    -SS: Battleship
    -FG: Frigate
    -K: Corvette
    -SBM: Ballistic Missile Submarine (Diesel powered)
    -SBMN: Ballistic Missile Submarine (Nuclear powered)
    -KS: Fast Attack Submarine
    -PB: Patrol Boat
    -D: Destroyer
    -ALS: Amphibious Landing Ship


    -Giuseppe Garibaldi class Aircraft Carriers (FT):
    *FGS Gro?deutschland (FT-01)
    *FGS Europa (FT-02)

    -San Giorgio class amphibious transport docks (ALS):
    *FGS Blitz (ALS-01)
    *FGS Sigmaringen (ALS-02)
    *FGS Hohenzollern (ALS-03)
    *FGS Potsdam (ALS-04)

    -Vittorio Veneto class Battleships (SS)
    *FGS Bismarck (SS-01)
    *FGS Reich (SS-02)
    *FGS Kaiser Wilhelm (SS-03)
    *FGS Sturm (SS-04)

    -Alfa class Submarines (KS):

    -Yastreb class Patrol Boats (PB):
    *FGS Kiel (PB-01)
    *FGS Hamburg (PB-02)
    *FGS Berlin (PB-03)
    *FGS Mainz (PB-04)
    *FGS M?nchen (PB-05)
    *FGS Friedrichshafen (PB-06)
    *FGS Bremen (PB-07)
    *FGS Friedrich Ebern (PB-08)
    *FGS Reich (PB-09)
    *FGS Sovoboronexport (PB-10)

    -Durand de la Penne class Destroyers (D):
    *FGS Brandenburg (D-101)
    *FGS Bavaria (D-102)
    *FGS Hessen (D-103)
    *FGS Pommern (D-104)


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    Military Bases of Gro?deutsches Reich

    Berlin Air Station

    Location: Berlin
    Personnel: 15.000

    Aircraft Stationed:
    "Fighter Aircraft"
    15 ME-2002

    Kiel Air-Naval Station

    Location: Kiel, Schleswig-Holstein
    Personnel: 17,000

    Ships stationed:
    "Aircraft Carriers"
    *FGS Europa (FT-02) [15 Su-30Mk, 15 MIG-29, 15 ME-2002]

    *FGS Bavaria (D-102)

    "Patrol Boats"
    *FGS Kiel (PB-01)
    *FGS Friedrichshafen (PB-06)
    *FGS Bremen (PB-07)
    *FGS Sovoboronexport (PB-10)

    "Landing Ships"
    *FGS Sigmaringen (ALS-02)
    *FGS Hohenzollern (ALS-03)

    *FGS Reich (SS-02)


    Aircraft stationed:
    50 ME-2002, 10 MIG-29

    "Strategic Bomber"
    15 Volfsburg VF 15

    "Ground attack"
    10 MB-339

    10 Il-76

    Geilenkirchen Air Base

    Location: Geilenkirchen, Nordrhein-Westfalen
    Personnel: 8,000

    Aircraft Stationed:
    75 ME-2002

    "Ground Attack"
    10 MB-339

    10 Il-76

    "Strategic Bomber"
    10 Volfsburg VF 15

    Adlerhorst Complex

    Location: Adlerhorst Hill, East Berlin, Berlin
    Personnel: 25,000

    Forces Stationed:
    "Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)"
    250 Dardo IFV

    "Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)"
    75 BTR-90

    Pullach Military Complex
    Location: Pullach, Bayern
    Personnel: 24,450

    Forces stationed:
    "Fighter Aircraft"
    30 ME-2002 (400)

    "Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV)"
    100 Dardo IFV (2,000)

    15 MSTA-B (250)

    "Transport Aircraft"
    15 C-27J Spartan (200)

    15,000 men

    6,600 men

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    Heads of State

    Second Reich (1871 - 1918)[Kaiser]
    *Wilhelm I (1871 - 1888)
    *Frederick I (1888)
    *Wilhelm II (1888 - 1918)

    Weimar republic (1918 - 1933)[Reichspr?sident]
    *Friedrich Ebert (1919 - 1925)
    *Paul von Hindenburg (1925 - 1934)

    Third Reich (1933 - 2007)[Reichspr?sident]
    *Adolf Hilter (1934 - 1951)
    *Gerhard Schwabler (1951 - 1960)
    *Kurt Georg Kiesinger (1960 - 1973)
    *Frederick Renadegen (1973 - 1981)
    *Karl Mainzer (1981 - 2004)
    *Heinrich Zimmermann (2004 - 2007)

    Bundesrepublik (2007 - )[Reichspr?sident]
    *Horsten K?hler (2007 - )

    Heads of Government

    German Empire (1871 - 1918)[Kanzler]
    *Otto von Bismark (1871 - 1890)
    *Leo von Caprivi (1890 - 1894)
    *Chlodwig zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsf?rst (1894 - 1900)
    *Bernhard von B?low (1900 - 1909)
    *Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg (1909 - 1917)
    *Georg Mihaellis (1917)
    *Georg von Hertling (1917 - 1918)
    *Maximilian von Baden (1918)
    *Friedrich Ebert (1918 - 1919)

    Weimar republic (1918 - 1933)[Kanzler]
    *Philipp Scheidemann (1919)
    *Gustav Bauer (1919 - 1920)
    *Hermann M?ller (1920)
    *Konstantin Fehrenbach (1920 - 1921)
    *Joseph Wirth (1921 - 1922)
    *Wilhelm Cuno (1922 - 1923)
    *Gustav Stresemann (1923)
    *Wilhelm Marx (1923 - 1925)
    *Hans Luther (1925 - 1926)
    *Wilhelm Marx (1926 - 1928)
    *Hermann M?ller (1928 - 1930)
    *Heinrich Br?ning (1930 - 1932)
    *Franz von Papen (1932)
    *Kurt von Schleicher (1932 - 1933)

    Third Reich (1933 - 2007)[Kanzler]
    *Adolf Hilter (1933 - 1951)
    *Gottfried Graf von Bismarck-Sch?nhausen (1951 - 1963)
    *Alexander Roetingen (1963 - 1981)
    *Hector Picard (1981 - 2001)
    *Franz Berliner (2001 - 2007)

    Bundesrepublik (2007 - )[Reichskanzler]
    *Robert Mainzer (2007 - 2011)
    *G?nter Waldenstein (2011)
    *Christiane Vooleeck (2011 - 2012)
    *George Allen (2012 - 2013)
    *Gertrude Meyer (2013 - )

    Heads of State and Govenment (Profiles)

    HILTER, Adolf
    user posted image
    Date of birth: April 20th, 1889
    Date of death: October 12th, 1956
    Political Party: Nationalsozialistische Gro?deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSGAP)
    Period: Weimar republic (1918 - 1933), Third Reich (1933 - 2007)
    Place of birth: Braunau am Inn, ?sterreich
    Ethnic group: German
    Nationality: Austrian
    Profession: Politician
    Occupation: F?hrer of Gro?deutsches Reich (1934 - 1951),
    Home: Berlin, Gro?deutsches Reich
    Quick facts: Adolf Hilter was born in April 20th, 1889 at Braunau am Inn at ?sterreich. In 1914 he joined the Grossdeutscher Heer at a Bavarian regiment and fought in the first Franco-Grossdeutscher War. In 1918, the war ended, the Republic was declared and Kaiser Wilhelm II fled the country. The international community, that had a played major part in the war giving help to the french side, imposed severe sanctions over the country, including the giving of parts of land to the Holy Roman Empire, that were later returned to the Reich. The war had left a very important mark on the nation. After the war, Hilter joined the NSGAP and in 1922 he first ran for the Chancellory. Finally, in 1933 he won the elections and became Chancellor. In 1934, President Paul von Hindenburg died and Hilter succeeded him. For the next years, the nation experienced an unprecedented growing period. In 1938, the Reich annexed Austria and the Sudetenland. In 1939, the Reich invaded Poland. A year later, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg suffered the same fate. After the war, the majority of Berlin was demolished in order to build the new Grossdeutscher capital, Germania, a massive hotel complex was built in Prora, at the Caspian Sea, a highway network was built and a car model available to everyone, the Volkswagen, was produced. It was the resurrection of Grossdeutsches Reich after fifteen years of pain after the war. In June 13th 1951 he retired to his hometown of Linz. In 1956 he died at Linz

    MAINZER, Karl
    user posted image
    Karl Mainzer in 1993
    Date of birth: January 21st, 1943
    Political Party: Nationalsozialistische Gro?deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSGAP) / Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP)
    Period: Third Reich (1933 - 2007), Bundesrepublik (2007 - )
    Place of birth: Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz
    Ethnic group: German
    Nationality: Gro?deutscher
    Profession: Politician
    Occupation: Reichspr?sident of Gro?deutsches Reich (1981 - 2004), Bundesrat member
    Home: Berlin, Gro?deutsches Reich
    **Quick facts:**Karl von Mainzer was born the 21st January, 1943 in Mainz, Rheinland-Pfalz. In 1958 at the age of 15 he joined the Hilter Jugend and in 1961 he joined the Wehrmacht. In 1967 he left the Wehrmacht and joined the ?NSGAP. In 1973, the central NSGAP committee chose him to be Mayor of Mainz. In 1981, that committee chose him to be the Reichspr?sident after the resignation of Frederick Renadegen. In 2004, he was imprisoned by military forces led by Reichskanzler Berliner and succeeded by Heinrich Zimmermann. In 2007 he was freed after the rebels he sought to help took control of the country and celebrated free elections. Now he is a senator for Rheinland-Pfalz at the Bundesrat.

    MAINZER, Robert
    user posted image
    Date of birth: April 30th, 1965
    Political Party: Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP)
    Period: Bundesrepublik (2007 - )
    Place of birth: Mainz
    Ethnic group: German
    Nationality: Gro?deutscher
    Profession: Politician
    Occupation: Kanzler of Groβdeutsches Reich (2007 - 2011)
    Home: Berlin, GroBdeutsches Reich
    **Quick facts:**Robert Mainzer was born the 30th April, 1965 at the Gro?deutscher city of Mainz. He is son to Karl Mainzer, who served from 1985 to 2004 as Bundespr?sident of the Gro?deutsches Reich. The 21st July 2007, he led the succesfull coup at the Reichskanzlei that ended with the German Empire of Gro?deutsches Reich. In 2007, he won the first democratic elections and became the first democratically-elected Kanzler of Gro?deutsches Reich.

    ZIMMERMANN, Heinrich
    user posted image
    Date of birth: September 28th, 1965
    Political Party: Nationalsozialistische Gro?deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSGAP)
    Period: Third Reich (1933 - 2007)
    Place of birth: Mannheim, Baden-W?rttemberg
    Ethnic group: German
    Nationality: Gro?deutscher
    Profession: Politician
    Occupation: Reichspr?sident of Gro?deutsches Reich (2004 - 2007)
    Home: Berlin, Gro?deutsches Reich
    Quick facts: Heinrich Zimmermann was born on the 28th September, 1965 at Mannheim, Gro?deutsches Reich. In 1978, when he was 13, he joined the Hilter Jugend (Hilter Youths) and when he was 18, at 1983, he joined the NSGAP. In 1988, he graduated at the Berlin Political Studies Center and in 1997 he was chosen by the Party to be Mannheim representor at the new Reichstag, a powerless and false parliament. In 2004, he became the 6th Reichspr?sident of Gro?deutsches Reich after succeeding Karl Mainzer, who had been fired after giving money to the rebels. The 21st July 2007, a group of Rebel fighters entered the Reichskanzlei and Kidnapped him. The 23rd July, the rebels declared the creation of the Federal Republic, thus ending with Zimmermann's government. Now, he is under domiciliary arrest at his home at Mannheim, the town where he grew.

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