Presidential Candidate

  • The Presidential elections are up and coming and I feel that ELP should once again be fielding at least one Candidate. Our array of strong and prominent members may wish to put their names forward for Candidacy to this party so that we may have our full support behind the person or persons. We have the ability to continue to make a strong difference to this region and Union; we have held strong our power in the Legislative and Governing bodies with at least two Commissioners as well as Belarum's strong and inspiring Presidency for the last months.

    I also hope that we can talk about taking a stance in the matter of the proposed new Constitution. I have read the document and I feel that it is one that requires some diplomacy in order to flatten out certain issues. However, there are problems with our current Constitution. I do believe that we need to act carefully on this new Constitution, ensuring it is one that lasts with no problems.

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