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    As a ELP observer, the CPSU expresses interest in proposing a single candidate for all of us to back. Such a candidate could (and should be) a change from the past, with no offence to Mr. Tristan, in order to show us alternative leaderships and how would they perform.

    The only CPSU disputes with ELP are on economic grounds, and as such we find cooperation very possible as long as the two sides respect economic views and show mutual trust. The Soviet Communist Party is prepared for such a move and would like to spearhead the Left's elections.

    A Soviet-native Commission candidate would be a great move ahead, showing the world that there are rifts in East-West cooperation and no bias in favour of against either side. A universally-backed Soviet-born Commissioner shall, as well, strive for proportional representation of the European Parties in the Commission

    OOC reminders: No candidate can be, by Constitutional articles, related to a government of a state or any organisation like that (as such, no Soviet officials, no Soviet militarymen, no ETO spokesmen: they would all have to resign their posts to qualify.) The winning candidates must also fairly gover the EU without bias on anybody. I can triple-assure you I can do this and roleplay against my country if need be. A winning Soviet candidate would not be under Soviet government control.

    OOC explanations: What I am suggesting is all ELP back a single Soviet candidate to consolidate the Left's vote. If the Soviet candidate wins, according to my proposal, he will offer proportional representation in the other four seats of the Commission: assume he, officially backed by ELP, gets 75 percent of the votes, this would make him give three of the other four seats to ELP candidates. 50 percent would mean spreading the vote equally between ELP and EPP-ED.

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