A Message From The Eu President

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    Greetings my fellow Europeans,

    Since my election to the Office of the Presidency of the European Union so long ago in October of 2006, I have sought to serve my region and my fellow citizens to the best of my ability. Some of my contemporaries may say that my Presidency had more downs than ups, others may defend me, but one thing is definite: I tried the best I could to do the right things. It is one of the reasons I make the speech I deliver right now.

    We accomplished great things in the past nine months. We as a region grew closer together in many respects, economic expansion in nearly all nations was prevalent, the tide of radical terrorism was beaten back, tough new environmental laws were enacted, our relations with other regions are more numerous and stronger than ever before, and most recently my administration was able to pass United Nations Resolution #212, designed to ultimately end the scourge of disease.

    However, my administration has suffered failures as well. The East-West divide has grown, terrorism is still a great threat to democracy in our region, and some tension exists between nations which should know each other as brothers. However, it is my hope that these tensions between nations can one day be known merely as a sour spot in the Grand European Legacy, and they can be put far behind us. Friendship and cooperation between our peoples is simply, in my opinion, harder and harder to obtain with our current form of government. It is why I take the time today to tell you this: the government of the region as you know it will be no more.

    Because three of the eight commissioners elected to the EC no longer hold citizenship in the European Union because of their respective nations leaving the region, the passing of the new European Constitution by 80% approval shall henceforth be the law of the land. In declaring this and signing this new Constitution into binding EU law, I hereby dissolve all functions of the European Regional Offices of the Legislature, Judiciary, and the Executive. This shall be the last act of the Tristan administration.

    I want to share with you all that I shall be returning to my home nation, where I shall no longer hold elective office of any kind so long as I shall live on this Earth, however I shall never turn away any official who seeks my advice. I thank you all for the devotion to the causes I?ve crusaded and hopefully the lives I have touched, and I am forever in your debt for giving me the opportunity to lead you as President of this great region. The course of history now rests in the hands of the people of this region, and the world now watches us with curious, excited, and envious eyes. Curious because of our new form of government, excited with the potential this new way of doing things bring, and envious because no other region in this world knows the liberty, democracy, freedoms, and great brotherhood we as Europeans know.

    Thank you for your time, and God bless each and every one of you.

    Marcus Tristan
    Citizen of the European Union