The Nation of Viata is a long standing nation that is just now coming into the larger world. Largely isolationist they prefered to focus on building their nation without influence from out for the better part of their existence despite the closeness to other nations. However unlike many isolationists they are not xenophobic and do not carry a false notion of superiorty, they seek an expansion of knowledge through discussion and diplomacy rather than war, though the later they are well capable of.

    The Political division has not changed for a millenia due to its enormous success, it is a Monarchy, a Benevolent Monarchy, but a Hereditary Monarchy nonetheless. For a Millenia the men of the Malus family have ruled the nation with a kind hand, named Inimicus for their first ancestor each elder child rules with his younger siblings as advisors. Inimicus has the final say and total authority over every aspect of life in Viata though there is a system set up where at any time any citizen can come and lay issues out to the judgement of Inimicus and if they are not capable of making the trip they can relay their wishes to a trained and competent Judec?tor de la oameni or Judge of the Folk. The resulting system is one with a strong ruler who is capable of and does make descions for the greater good of society as a whole. Inimicus has been trained from birth (each new child is) by the greatest minds in Viata in the arts of philosopy, stateship, and justice so as to hold an unbiased opinion from birth.

    The Capital of Viata is the city of Noapte which holds the great castle of the Malus family where Inimicus rules from, situated in the direct center of Viata it is easily reached from any city. Surrounding the city of Noapte is the military base/city of Perete which is wholy made up of weapons manufacturing, armouries, hospitals and other such buildings though the most outstanding feature is a 50 foot high wall of solid Marble reinforced with titanium and diamonds, there are four gates made out of solid 15 foot thick Titanium doors on each of the cardinal directions and the wall is manned at all times. Though seemingly a relic from a bygone era it is well capable of protecting the city it surrounds from all non airborn modern weapons and has survived a millenia keeping the city safe, the base has room and facilites enough to house 60 percent of the population of Viata (though uncomfortably) and the city of Noapte another 30 percent in times of extreme danger.

    Government Type
    Hereditary Monarchy
    UN Classification
    Left-Wing Utopia
    Emperor Inimicus Malus LXXIV
    National Animal
    Phoenicium and Euro
    National Language(s)
    **Romanian, Latin, English, and German
    Major Cities
    ***Noapte, Perete, Aur, Val Perete
    Government Priority
    (in order) Education, Health, Social Welfare, Defense

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