Stadt Luxemburg

  • The Federal Republic of Stadt Luxemburg

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    General Information:
    Motto ? Einigkeit macht stark (?Strength through Unity?)
    Capital ? Luxemburg City
    Official Languages ? German, French, Luxemburgish
    National Animal ? Bear
    Currency ? Luxemburgish Franc (1 Franc = $1.75)

    Government Type ? Federal Republic
    Administrative Divisions ? 12 Cantons: Alsace, Ardennes, Bastogne, Diekirch, Grevenmacher, Liege, Lorraine, Luxembourg, Pfalz, Rhineland, Saarbr?cken, Stadt Luxemburg (Luxemburg City)
    Suffrage ? 18 years of age (universal)
    Executive Branch:
    ? Head of State ? Federal Council (7 members: Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, President of Parliament, President of the Council of States, Vice President of the Council of States, President of the National Council, Vice President of the National Council)
    ? Head of Government ? Prime Minister Christian Zimmermann (FDP); the Prime Minister is elected every five years by popular vote
    ? Ambassador to the European Union - Dieter Wagner (FDP)
    Legislative Branch:
    ? President of Parliament ? Ernst B?cker (CDU); the President of Parliament is chosen from either house by members of Parliament
    ? Council of States ? 48 members elected by popular vote, 4 from each canton (President chosen from the majority by members, Vice President from the minority by members)
    ? National Council ? 200 members elected on popular vote, based on cantonal population (President chosen from the majority by members, Vice President from the minority by members)
    Judicial Branch: Constitutional Court ? 9 justices, appointed by the Prime Minister and approved by a 2/3 majority from both houses of Parliament, serve for life unless impeached by Parliament or popular referendum
    Political Parties:
    ? FDP (Free Democratic Party) ? Center-right. 18 Council of States seats, 68 National Council seats
    ? CDU (Christian Democratic Union) ? Center-right. 12 Council of States seats, 39 National Council seats
    ? SDP (Social Democratic Party) ? Center-left. 7 Council of States seats, 44 National Council seats
    ? NA (National Alliance) ? Right. 7 Council of States seats, 22 National Council seats
    ? SLGP (Stadt Luxemburg Green Party) ? Left. 3 Council of States seats, 20 National Council seats
    ? CPSL (Communist Party of Stadt Luxemburg) ? Left. 1 Council of states seat, 6 National Council seats
    ? FIA (French Independence Alliance) ? Right. 1 Council of States seat, 1 National Council seat

    Nationality ? Luxemburger (noun), Luxemburgish (adj)
    Population ? 83.2 million
    GDP ? $2.892 trillion
    GDP (per capita) ? $34,754
    Literacy ? 100%
    Ethnic Composition ? Caucasian 94% (Celtic base with French and German blend, Slavic Eastern European from immigration), African 3%, Asian 1%, Hispanic 1%, Other 1%
    Religion ? Christian 64% (Catholic 18%, Protestant 46%), Jewish 2%, Buddhist 1%, Muslim 1%, other 3%, no religion 29%

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