My Introductory Speech

  • Greetings to all EU members, I am glad to announce that I am the Commissioner for Internal Affairs. As such I hope that I will be able to represent the views, desires and needs of each and every one of our member states. Our Union is one of true democracy and I hope, through my position, to uphold this tenant which binds us together. I urge you, should you wish to make a suggestion, call upon the authorities who have the ability to ensure your requests are answered, to do so through myself. As a Commissioner, I hope not only to move the European Union forward, but I hope to do so under the banner of unity, our EU.

    I therefore pledge these aims to take place in my term;

    The European Union is an Union of democracy, unity and peace. We are bound together not only to promote our ideal of freedom, but also to ensure we do not succumb to the temptations that may arise from military conquest. Our combined safety must be our foremost priority with the threats which arise from global terrorism and rogue regions. However, whilst the nuclear, biological and chemical capabilities that some of our nations have continue to be so, our Union shall never be safe from the threat of one another. An union is based upon mutual trust and whilst we have the ability to threaten our neighbours with a devastating nuclear weapon, we shall not trust one another. ETO arose from a lack of trust, as did the various Soviet activities. We cannot allow ourselves to be torn apart by these weapons which threaten not the lives of those willing to be given but of the innocent, those who may be shopping with their children in the city centre, sitting in their garden enjoying a summer afternoon.

    I therefore propose that we begin the motions for complete nuclear, chemical and biological disarmament amongst EU members. To begin with I hope to invite officials from each nuclear, chemically and biologically capable nation, under the offer of Aesop Rocks Official Comrade Bioge, to Aesop Rocks where recently their nuclear capabilities were begun to be decommissioned. This move, highly controversial within Aesop Rocks, has been a major move from the new Government who hold similar views to those held by myself. Therefore, I extend an invitation to each and every nuclear, chemically and biologically capable nation and those who are not, to send a representative to my chambers on the 15th August where I will lay out my proposal further. I hope that even if you are not interested in nuclear disarmament you will oblige me in joining as I feel it is an issue which must be negotiated fairly amongst all EU members. I will send out official reminders closer to the time.

    I also feel that the recent actions in Alikhstan, as well as the actions of the European Treaty Organisation, should be investigated by my office. I would like to point out that I do not in any way believe that ETO is in any way an illegal body, however I do feel that such an idea should be all encompassing and that ETO should be dismantled and reintroduced as a Council supported body which included all EU members. I hope that Ms Khodorkovskaya as head of the Defense and Peacekeeping Office will oblige to help me move this idea forward and consent to helping with the logistics of a mutual European Union force.

    Military and war aside, I also hope that as Commissioner I can head a campaign to ensure the human rights of each EU citizen. We are endangered by numerous threats which face our society, however we must realise the importance of maintaining the tenants upon which our nations are built. We cannot allow terrorism to destroy our beliefs. Instead we must ensure that every step is taken to ensure our citizens safety as well as freedom. They must not be subjected to the atrocities that arise from unjustified or unlimited incarceration, biometric or satellite tracking to name but a couple. We instead must ensure legislation is introduced across the EU that ensures that rights of each citizen and cannot be broken to suggest a hardline Government is taking steps which supposedly guard you from the threats. It is those steps which I feel let the terrorists win their battle. I hope that over the following week, we can all work together to help write this legislation. I have already begun a draft which I hope shall be ready no later than this 2nd August.

    These former three, I feel are the most important aims of my term. I hope that agreements can be formed upon all of these, ensuring they are undertaken, within my term. It can only happen however, if you all help move our region forward and take part in these important discussions. The European Union cannot survive under a new Constitution alone, we must ensure that steps are taken to ensure the tenants of our democracy are upheld with wisdom, sincerity and honesty.

    Thank you.

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