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    Greetings fellow EU members. I would like to quickly introduce this area. Here is my surgery where any member of the EU may come to talk to myself about any issue they feel is relevant either to my office of Internal Affairs or to my performance. I hope that here you will make suggestions, introduce your new ideas and, should there be the need, make any complaints about the Office of Internal Affairs or indeed any office under the EU authorities. I feel that until the Courts are setup formally, there is a need to ensure all authorities act under the scrutiny of at least one official body. I hope that as head of Internal Affairs I am able to do this and introduce an investigation, should one be neccessary.

    So, if you want to make a suggestion, idea or complaint, here is the place to do so.

  • Greetings from Fran?ois Fillon, Commissioner for Internal Affairs. I have a few words for everyone. First, I wish to work closely with each and every nation in the European Union. It is an honor to be the head of this post, and I will try my hardest to work with Premier Commissioner Duplessis to meet the needs of our nations. If you have any proposals, questions, please do not hesitate to raise them in debate and messages to me.

    The Hon. Fran?ois Fillon, EC
    Commissioner of Internal Affairs

  • I follow in the footsteps of those who have held the position before me in addressing the region and ensuring my utmost sincerity in action.

    My office door is always open. Please help me help you and better serve our union, currently blessed with Peace.

    Viva la pace, Viva EUROPA!
    Felice Sesto di Francesco

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    Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

    As we enter a new comission it falls on my duty as newly elected Comissioner of Internal Affairs to give a short statement of intent for this upcoming term.

    I would first of all like to thank the European Union for entrusting me this office and to Premier Mauresmo for giving me this opportunity to make change for the better of Europe.

    I wish to encourage active participation of all European Union member states and to work together in union to create a better future and a better today.

    Over this session of comission I will be forwarding motions to be voted on, on a variety of internal issues as well as working with my comission colleagues to encourage more participation in this forum and to gain more members.

    I want everyone to have their say, to debate issues, to agree, to disagree that is all part o democracy which we are.

    Lets us start working together to make today a better day.

    Rt. Hon. Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Comissioner for Internal Affairs & ELDL Chair

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    Dear Fellow European Union Leaders,

    First I thank you all for voting me in for Commissioner.

    It is my duty as newly elected Commissioner of Internal Affairs we encourage all European Union Countries to help each other, work with each other to be 1 of the best regions in our world, NationStates.

    We urge Countries to not be frightend to post an complaint or any ideas as we will be looking into it.

    Working with each other, Number 1 Region,

    HRH Crown Prince
    Moulay Ismail
    Commissioner of Internal Affairs

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    Dear Ms. Drissi,

    The Foreign Affairs Committee has brought up the possibility that, much like Felice di Francesco did as Internal Commissioner under Vooleeck, the EU begin sending greetings to new members of our region, informing them about the region and encouraging them to become active EU member states. I would very much like the Internal Affairs Commission to begin such a programme, which has unofficially started under our auspices despite it not being our purview.

    Cajetan Cherton,
    Commissioner for Foreign Affairs.

  • Dear Mr Cherton,

    We must indeed meet with the new member states to welcome them.

    I will arrange a meeting with the committee members to start up a programme for the new members of the European Union.

    We hope the foreign affairs comittee could aprove more members of our younger EUOT.

    And a cooperation with Foreign Affairs Comittee and Internal on member states can be great.

    Nadia Drissi
    Commissioner of Internal Affairs

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    Hello everyone!

    I am Davian Lamington, the new Commissioner for Internal Affairs. I would like to thank Premier Frank for this opportunity to tackle the internal issues that face our Union. I would like to take this office in a new direction, away from its reputation of divisiveness and partisanship. There has been a lot of bad blood circulating between European representatives and even between the people and the Commission. These disputes are not new, but have been going on since the establishment of the Commission. In order to justify the continued existence of this office, it should make our lives better, not worse. With new commissioners and councillors committing themselves to partisan agendas, I fear that we are setting ourselves up for another term of head bashing in the Council. I would like to try a more non-partisan approach to Internal Affairs.

    • I would like to meet with each councillor individually, in private, to discuss their backgrounds, goals, fears, challenges, and anything else that will help me get to know them better. Politics is a personal field. You are much more likely to respect each other when you get to know each other.

    • I would like to travel to every (willing) country and meet with leaders of their political parties. I want to find out how they acquired their political beliefs, how well they work in their home countries, and their visions at the international level.

    • I would like to review our active legislation with the Internal Affairs Committee and make sure we are utilizing everything. There shouldn't be missing agencies, expired terms, unenforced provisions, or unused services. There is no point in passing or keeping legislation that is sitting in a shoe box collecting dust.

    • I would like to try an experimental program where two councillors on opposite sides of a particular issue sit down together and write a bill about it. Nobody else helps them and nobody else picks up the bill if they fail. It's just the two of them, capable of succeeding together or failing together. Can they find common ground and produce legislation acceptable to both sides?
      I don't expect every attempt to pass, or even reach the Council floor, but it will be a good exercise regardless of the outcomes.

    This is my 4 point platform of goals for the term. If united, we can make the European Union a better place. If divided, we will get nothing done.

    Thank you, and goodnight.

    Davian Lamington am Aelir
    Commissioner of Internal Affairs

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    My fellow Europeans,

    For those of you that are familiar with me, I'd like to reintroduce myself as the Commissioner of Internal Affairs. For those of you that do not know me, please allow me to introduce myself; I am Dominik Frank and I'm the new Internal Affairs Commissioner. I'd first like to thank Premier Commissioner Bass for positioning me into the Internal Affairs office. Next, I thank all of those who have supported me and sought to place me within the Twelfth Commission.

    In recent history, this office has been viewed at times to be less than competent. As the next Commissioner of Internal Affairs, I look to shift public perception concerning this office and prove that it does indeed serve a wonderful purpose. I have many plans regarding this office and I will reveal my ambitions throughout the term. I too plan to continue the efforts started by the prior Internal Affairs Commissioner, Davian Lamington am Aelir. By working with the Council as well as other state and non-state actors, I hope that the European Union will see a tangible improvement within four months.

    During my term as Premier Commissioner, I had the privilege to visit many European nations. While abroad I reached the consensus that the people expect more from the EU government, not less. I have heard the expressed interests and concerns of the masses, and I look to apply my discussions to this office. The people want action! And I know that we together can make a real improvement.

    Lets get to work!

    Dominik Frank
    Commissioner of Internal Affairs

  • Dear Mr. Frank,

    The Emperor Aeseir I, with the approval of the Crimean People's Parliament and PM Elvira Sabirova would wish to host mutual talks in the capital of Bahchisarai, with the inclusion of your presence, between Rhine Uhr and Lombardo-Venetien regarding the status of the enclave territories of the Holy Empire of the Crimean Khanate.

    It is our deepest hope that you will endorse the start of these talks, that our new nation will ensure the EU integration process guarantees certain rights and freedoms to our enclaves of Odessa, located deep within Lombardo-Venetien territory, and the larger enclave of Kyiv, located between Rhine Uhr and Lombardo-Venetien.

    As the Khanate has no standing military with the exception of several knightly orders, equipped with antique weaponry that is symbolic at best at the current era, accounting solely for the protection of vital government personnel and as a police force, we wish to preserve our minimum military and ensure the safety of our citizens through diplomatic means.

    Grand Vizier Thalassa Kymmerskaia

  • It would be an honor to oversee multilateral talks between Crimean Khanate, Lombardo-Venetien and Rhine Ruhr. I shall get in touch with Prime Minister Hopper and President Jeffery about traveling to the Crimean Capital of Bahchisarai. I too view the safety of the Crimean people as the highest priority of these talks and hope that free passage between these states is a viable option for these discussions.

    Dominik Frank
    Commissioner of Internal Affairs

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    I'd like to give my humblest thanks and greetings to the people of Europe,

    I'd like to thank those who voted for me, or whom indirectly gave me this great opportunity, without your support my dream could not have been achieved. I give big kisses to you all! I have perhaps been one of the most passionate and outspoken candidates interested in the role of Commissioner of Internal Affairs, and to have it finally blessed upon me has really lifted my spirit, and I hope to bring that spirit with me into my new job. Some of you may already be familiar with me from my tenure of being the Inquistan Councillor to the European Union Council, or you might know me from when I took the media by storm the last election, in which my bid for Commissioner was subsequently squashed.

    It will be difficult to the fill the large shoes left by Commissioner Dominik Frank, who has had a large and last impact on the Internal Affairs Commission. I will begin working as soon as possible and I already have a few ideas in place. I'm also already engaged in talks with the Premier in regards to a possible visit to Dromund Kaas.

    As my predecessors have done in the past, I would love to continue an open door policy for nations and their leaders to come contact me publically and privately in regards to any sort of cross-national issue. I have my eyes and ears open and I'll try to tackle issues before they even stem from the ground, but I can't succeed if no one cooperates.

    So, to that I say, I look forward to massive amounts of cooperation, dedication and love from all over the EU! Let's make this the best term in European history. Cheers to a new term!

    Love xoxo,

    Mikaela Kligenberg,
    Commissioner of Internal Affairs

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    Good afternoon,

    I'm going to keep this very short and very sweet. I here today to announce my resignation as Commissioner for Internal Affairs. This may or may not be the last of me in european politics, but I want to assure you all that this is a result of personal reasons, and has no ties to any sort of political business. I wish great success to the EU and my future successor, of whom I will support and advise to the best of my ability. Thank you all for the amazing time I had in such a short term.

    Mikaela Kligenberg

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    I am deeply saddened to have to accept Mikaela's resignation as she has been innovative in her ideas and in her accompaniment with us to Dromund Kaas has been instrumental to understand the various causes. I will be returning from Dromund Kaas immediately to oversee the transition period and the election which we will organise in the coming week.

    Countessa Maleeka Liszckoszi
    Premier Commissioner of the European Union

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    I would like to personally like to thank the people of Europe, which have decided to give me a major opportunity like this: to take charge of the European Internal Affairs Office.

    It will be difficult to continue the progress left by the past Commissioners, but where there's will, there's a way, therefore I am going to, without a doubt, give nothing less but my best of effort to this commission. As many of you may know I have already put myself up to work with Karolinasz Jaedala, the Os Corelian Commissioner of Defense & Peacekeeping and I hope that I will be able to continue at this speed, Therefore, just like my predecessors; I am going to leave my doors open for suggestions, concerns and help.

    Yours truly,
    Blair Von Schroeder, Red Croatia's Party of International Relations
    EU Commissioner of Internal Affairs

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    I am Dann Eriksson, your new Commissioner for Internal Affairs. I'd like to thank Premier Roebuck for selecting me to this position, and of course the European people for the opportunity to better serve you.

    The inactivity of the past Commission is old news, so let's get right to work on this one. There is a lot we can accomplish together in these next 4 months.

    We need a councillor to serve as the new Director of the European Arts Collaboration Fund. We also need someone to serve as the new Chair for the European Patent Office, not necessarily a councillor. Nominations for these elected positions will open shortly.

    The first issue I want to raise is the environment. I'd like to hear views from both sides of the isle on how we could work toward an environmental treaty, or even better, legislation. Environmental action has failed in the past, but I think we can brainstorm, negotiate, and compromise our way to a landmark agreement. Expect to see discussion on this subject soon.

    My door is always open if you want to share your thoughts with me. You can also contact Internal Affairs by:

    Phone: +51 (800) 700-6000
    Fax: +51 (800) 700-6543
    Social Media:, @deriksson, +deriksson

    Hoping to hear from you soon,

    Dann Eriksson
    EU Commissioner of Internal Affairs

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    Commissioner for Internal Affairs Eric Pickles


    I , Eric Pickles, am the new Internal Commissioner for the next 4 months and I am looking forward to working in this post.

    I believe in a united region working together in a sustainable and positive way, paving the road for the future of our great region.

    If you have any concerns please do get in touch and I will see what I can do.


    Eric Pickles

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    Dear Mr Pickles,

    On behalf of the New Parlimentary Republic of Os Corelia I would like to petition you Mr Pickles to support the recognition of the Isle of Westfallon on all official EU cartography and our claim to the waters surrounding it. The island exists contrary to claims by the government of Occoron. We have a duty to the island to protect its citizens and the fishing industry that employs 79% of the working population of Westfallon. I would be happy to meet with you on the issue.

    Kaiserin Maleeka Karpathia-Xavier
    Secretary of State and Home Affairs
    The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia

  • Secretary of State,

    Before taking any standpoint on the issue I would need to hold a meeting(s) with both you and a representative from Occoron.

    In those meetings I would need to discuss the islands geographical location, population ethnicity survey results and also reasons behind each governments dispute on the islands.

    However I cannot take any view without definitive evidence of sovereignty from a state.


    Commissioner Pickles

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    Dear Commissioner Pickles,

    I would be more than happy to meet with you on the issues presented. Please note that Occoron does not dispute the sovereignty of the islands, they just don't recognise that they exist at all because they aren't on official EU maps. A baffling concept I'm sure you will agree.

    Kaiserin Maleeka Karpathia-Xavier
    Secretary of State and Home Affairs
    The New Parliamentary Republic of Os Corelia

    OOC: Occoron has been inactive so you probably wont get him for a meeting

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