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    With the creation of the new European Commission, we have began recruiting, among Europolitan citizens, the new European Defence Forces. Currently, we seem to have all cadre personnel, however, as the Commissioner for Defence, I must express my regret for not possessing any equipment at all. Below is my projection of circa what the European Defence Forces shall require to be properly armed and be prepared for operation.

    Ground forces - Vehicles

    • 450 Armoured Personnel Carriers (example: BTR-80, BTR-90)
    • 225 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (example: Bradley, BMP-3)
    • 450 Main Battle Tanks (example: Challenger II, Leclerc)
    • 75 Self-propelled Howitzers (example: Msta-S)
    • 189 Towed Howitzers (example: Msta-B)
    • 102 Anti-aircraft Artillery units (preferably self-propelled) (example: Artemis-30, ZSU-23-4)
    • 9 Light Air-to-surface Missile Systems (example: Tor-M1)
    • 3 Heavy Air-to-surface Missile Systems (example: Patriot PAC-3, S-300)
    • 75 Multiple Rocket Launch Systems (example: MLRS, BM-27)
    • 10 All-weather Attack Helicopters (example: Apache, Mi-24)
    • 14 All-weather Cargo/Transport Helicopters (example: Chinook, Mi-26)

    Air Forces - Aircraft

    • 60 Air Superiority Fighter Aircraft (example: F-16, MiG-29)
    • 30 Strike/Attack Fighter Aircraft (example: A-10, Su-39)
    • 30 AWACS (example: A-50)
    • 15 Light transport/cargo aircraft (example: An-70)
    • 10 Medium transport/cargo aircraft (example: Il-76, C-130)
    • 5 Strategic transport/cargo aircraft (example: C-5, An-124)In my opinion, the Commission should pass a decree to begin a competition among European Arms Manufacturers to present us models on the export market. The Office for Defence shall then evaluate all offered models, their capabilities, and place orders according to the cost of the systems as announced by the Arms Manufacturers in secret (via PM) and then will present the Commission with its choices for evaluation. If they are evaluated, the Office for Economics shall take responsibility for paying for the weapon systems.

  • This proposal is all well and good, but I might ask the Rt Hon. Gentleman from where are we going to get the money? More can be had of this discussion in the OE section.

  • Apparently we need a taxing system. I propose briefly that: the European Council will set a system of tax rates which will be applied to all member states. The European Commission, namely the department of Economics, will present the European government's budget to the European Council each month and the Council will vote to approve or disapprove the budget.

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    It is in my personal opinion that the competition must begin to determine the total cost of the project as well. This can and should, after all, affect fundraising radically.

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    The Office for Peace-keeping and Defence would like to re-start the competition for the acquisition of equipment for the EDF. Please forward all offers by personal message to the Commissioner, including the offered equipment, its type, its cost per unit, and total cost of the deal including all trade tariffs.

    The deadline for offers is 1 April.

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