People's Republic Of Staffsilvania

  • The People's Republic of Staffsilvania is one of Europe's forgotten nations. Due to surveying error the former soviet republic was lost from 1952 to 2006. The tiny nation's leadership assumed that it was not contacted for reasons of national security and continued furiously at their great work for global communism; the production of plastic keyrings bearing the likeness of various great leaders of communist/socialist history.

    The nation was rediscovered during a bitter border wdispute between Russia and Ukraine, when the two nations realised in fact that they did not in fact share a border; there was another country there.

    The people of Staffsilvania then had to suddenly adjust to life in the 21st Century. They were universally saddened to learn that virtually all of their beloved public figures like Stalin and Mao had died some time ago, and that virtually all of their allied nations no longer existed.

    They delayed the normalisation of international relations in order to hold a full year of offical mourning for the leaders of global socialism and have only recently began the process of reaching out to the world.

    Their long term aim is still global socialist revolution, but in the short term they want to sell off their surplus stock of plastic keyrings and to diversify their economy, which without the Soviet Union to prop it up is essentially in tatters. To this end they have joined the EU and are seeking UN membership.

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