The Kingdom Of Selvea

  • General Information

    Official Name: The Kingdom of Selvea (Kanhteem eiv Selvea)
    Capital City: Svansk
    Official Language: Selvean
    Population: 20 mln (2006)
    Currency: Saalv (4 Saalv = 1 Euro)

    Capital City: Svansk
    Administative Division: 7 Provinces:

    • Central Selvea (Capital City: Svansk)
    • North Zalea (C: Rossag)
    • South Zalea (C: Kaalm, read as Ca-alm)
    • Galdia (C: Qeank, read as Cheank)
    • East Careghia (C: Urtunn)
    • West Careghia (C: Loopeg, read as Lo-opeg)
    • Tertea (Fehem, read as Fekhem)

    Each province has 10 districts.
    Political System
    Head of State: King, elected by delegates
    Election: After the death of the King, people from each district are choosing in democratic elections their delegate to the Province Delegate Election. Every district delegate is elector of province delegate and candidate for province delegate in one person. Province delegates are choosing King from themselves. After King appointment rest of the province delegates become Royal Board. District delegates become the Senate.
    King's role: King can create a law, by announcing decrets, which must be accepted in voting by Senate. He also accepts - or not - acts from Senate and Royal Board.
    Royal Board role: Royal Board is controlling the King and - in the case of emergency - dismiss him (to dismiss King 4 of 6 members of Royal Board must vote for it). RB can also create acts of law, which must be accepted by King.
    Senate role: Senate role is controlling Royal Board and dismiss one of its members (in this case one of the Senators, chosen by Senate, is replacing him) , when it is necessary, creating the law, which King must accept, and acceptation - or not - the King's decrets.

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