Federation Of Cwrulandia

  • Official Name: The Transfinite Improbability of Cwrulandia - L'Improbabilit? Transfinie de la Cwrulandie
    Short Form: Cwrulandia/e (interchangeable)
    Motto: Choosing the unpalatable over the disastrous since 2004 - Ayant choisi le d?sagr?able au place du d?sastreux depuis 2004.

    Capital: Adelbert
    National Languages: English and French
    Population: 922 million, as of 12/16/2007
    Currency: Village (V)
    Exchange: _V_1.0457 = $1

    Government: Strong-Presidential Democracy
    President: Jean-Philippe Beroud
    Vice-President: Richard Campbell
    Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs: Fabienne Duclare
    Secretary of State for Internal Affairs: Rebecca Simmons
    Secretray of State for Security Affairs: Jacques Pizot
    EU Ambassador: Roger Outhwaite
    (various Under-Secretaries, Deputy Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, and one lonely Deputy Assistant Under-Secretary fill out the government).

    NS Civil Rights: Excellent
    NS Economy: Thriving
    NS Political Freedoms: Below Average

    After an extended economic malaise following the revolution which resulted in the union of the French- and English-speaking populations into a single political entity, the Federation is poised for a r?naissance, so to speak, under the new government of President Beroud. Expect economic growth while maintaining or improving the level of civil rights. Political freedoms are an area more open for debate, given the strong level of support for Beroud's UC (Union pour la Cwrulandie) which swept Beroud into power. The main concern of the population was to develop the economy in order to lower the crippling unemployment level (~19% [now down to 7% as of 11/11/2007), and they seem willing to relinquish political power to whomever can do that. Civil rights, however, they insist must remain untouched, lest the government force the notoriously feisty (but entirely non-criminal) population to revolt once more.

    A note on the bilingualism: Thanks to the superb educational system, virtually all citizens of the Federation are thoroughly bilingual, and treat the languages as equal in importance. The idea of eliminating one or the other, or synthesizing them into a new national language has little appeal, as there is no real language barrier (witness the greater percentage of historically-anglophonic citizens voting for Beroud's UC).

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