The Principality Of Hartstone

  • Administered by the Proctor, the Principality seeks to represent simplicity and cleanliness. Citizens have a curfew, and wastes are categorized as biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and glasswares. Every citizen is provided with a bicycle, and motor vehicles are prohibited within its boundaries.

    The citizens elect an Administration consisting of twelve people every eight years, and those elected then choose a Proctor. Each elected Administrator becomes the Head of a Department, while the Proctor has access to all Departments. If an Administrator dies or retires from the Administration before the elections, his or her Department is handled personally by the Proctor. A replacement Administrator is not chosen, but elected by the citizens during the next election.

    Official Name: The Principality of Hartstone
    Local Name: Hartstone
    Capital City: Caelfort

    Proctor: Gringor Tullman
    Krellan Summers
    Thomas Bredwide
    Troy Durmas
    Kurt Cesswell
    Eva Addora
    Christiana Adams
    Peter Stillvan
    Emma Renegald
    Alice Firdonn
    Ellia Lightwater
    Dorman Ervald
    Arthur Pleakwine

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