Matters Of Importance

  • **A message from Commissioner for Internal Affairs, Jacob Stipe**

    I have, for administrative reasons, been keeping a record of important dates for the European Union and so it has come to my attention that in just over a months time, elections shall once again be held for positions in the European Commission. The current officials were sworn in on the 25th July, 2007 and so under our Constitution they must be replaced on the 25th of December at the latest. Therefore, nominations must be in at the latest on the 22nd of December, meaning the candidates may wish to begin their campaigns on the 15th December, perhaps even before. That is only a month away so member states may wish to begin thinking of whether they intend to nominate a candidate from their own nation.

    It may also interest you to know that almost exactly a year ago, in fact next Saturday, is the anniversary of the first piece of legislation to become law in what we know today as the European Union. That legislation marked the beginning of our democratic process; it was the first piece of legislation to be voted upon by the entire region, the first piece of legislation that was legally binding in all member states. And so I see this legislation as being a pivotal point in our history, a pinacle of freedom, democracy and equality and in many ways the birth of our region as a functioning unit. Therefore, I ask that over the next weeks, whilst talks are held in Europolis, that we remember the reason for our coming together under this flag, that we remember the ideals we hold so true to our hearts. I hope that over the second year of the EU, we may begin to truly form a region which has the ability, will and unity to take on any foe that it may face.

    Finally, as my term is beginning to draw to a close, I wish to hold a final open meeting in which nations may talk to myself, as well as one-another, about what is happening in the EU and what they wish to see. I hope it will help me set up the neccessary steps to ensure neccessary legislation is proposed should I not regain my seat - something I truly wish not to happen. Once talks have been held in Europolis - the lateness of which I apologise for - I shall be holding this meeting. A reminder with dates, times and places shall be made available at the earliest possible moment.

    Thank you kindly, and I hope you remember you shall always have a representative and friend in the Commission as long as I stand.

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