The Liberal Summer Of Rebirth

  • The time has come, my friends, to end our sleep and rejoin the debate that focused our attention for months this summer. As a party, we must unite to bring to fruition all our hard-lain plans and dreams for what this Union is and can be. We must put our former and petty diferences aside to join as one coherent group that shall lead and inspire the future of this Union.

    As Belarum and Aesop mentioned, this Union has achieved several landmark aniversaries, and if we have diminished in recent months, we owe it to our constituents and all those future generations of Europeans to carry the torch of innovation right into the heart of the future. If our aim is spot-on and our spirit is in the right place, we shall not fail. For the sake of all that we hold dear, we cannot afford to fail.

    And so, my countrymen, let the word go forth from this time and place that the EPP-ED is alive and shall take no more bunk from the ELP and its cohorts. We shall no longer lie silent whilst other go about governing our Union in our rightful position. We are the Party of the People and we must take our case to the people. If we failed in the past to adequately demostrate our commitment or communicate our manifesto, that must all change. This time, everything is different. This election is for all the marbles. The Liberals have been in charge of our Union from the beginning. And, whilst they have done admirable work that needed doing, their time is over. There is no 'natural party of government', and we must not allow the Liberals to become complacent about their position. We have vision on European Federalism, the environment, social justice and human rights; we cannot bear these to be ignored anymore.

    Therefore, I beseech you, my comrades, my brothers, to rise up and come together to put together what shall be the election of all elections. The forthcoming poll in December must be our litmus test. In past, we have allowed ourselves to be too complacent and ignore the wishes of the people. No more. The people have spoken and we lost much of our former standing. It is greatly to our detriment that we allowed ourselves, the Party of the People, to become isolated and cut-off from the people. This time round, everything will be different. We have a message that must be heard, win or lose. Sink or swim, we are going it together and as a family we must join together, hold our heads up high and not be ashamed to say, "Yes! I am a European Democrat!"

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