Petition Of Extension

  • Aesop Rocks wishes to petition the European Court of Justice to grant an extension period of voting on Amendment Ch. I V Of The EU Constitution.

    With only two votes registered in the Official Poll, we feel that the Amendment is not supported by a great enough percentage of our region to justify it's passing into law. An extension period, accepting the votes already registered by the Soviet Union and other undisclosed member-states, as well as the votes of any other member-states who may wish to register their votes, shall give this Amendment a much greater democratic justification. We ask the period be of no less than another 72 hours.

    We also call upon Premier Commissioner Michael McDowell to support this motion.

  • Admin

    As far as we are concerned, the ECOJ has no right to extend voting periods; it would outrightly unconstitutional. Though we share Aesop Rocks' concerns we feel that the problem of regional political apathy should be addressed, both in this case and other ones, in a proper manner, and not by invoking unconstitutional moves.

  • I may sympathise with the concerns of the Rt Hon. gentlemen, however, I must concur with the Rt Hon. member for the Soviet Union. I shall not, however, sign it into law, as I have a different question to put before the European Court.

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