Democratic Republic Of Nodakai

  • **NAME: ** Dem.Rep. of Nodakai
    **FULL NAME: **Democratic Republic of Eternal Nodakai

    **NATIONAL ANTHEM: **Elegy of Rising Eternity

    CAPITAL: Pirion
    CAP. POPULATION: 4 Million

    TOTAL POPULATION: Rapidly growing 30 Million upwards

    Main Imports: Grain, Industrial Equipment, Raw Materials
    Main Exports: Coal, Lumber, Cheap Consumer Goods, Opium, Rice

    Type of Government: Socialistic Republic
    Head of Government: Good Leader Chairman Kweng Fao
    Head of State: Good Leader Chairman Kweng Fao

    Nodakai is a land with an ancient and rich history, a land on the edge of the Known World, of vast rolling forests, pushing up against the mighty World's End Mountains to the Furthest East. To the West, the Forests give way to wetlands and the Land of a Thousand Rivers, a fertile land teeming with natural life. To the north, the land turns hard and stony, and the air is cold.

    With such a diverse climate in such a land, its people are a hardy group, who have competed amongst themselves and the enviroment for control of the land's many resources. In its present era, Nodakai is ruled by a centralizing bureaucracy from Pirion, which is headed by Chairman Kweng Fao, currently the third Chairman of the Nodakai People's Party, which has held power for a glorious thirty-four years, supplanting the Corrupt Warlord's Republic that dominated Nodakai fourty years ago, and which in turn had replaced the Old Kingdom, which had ruled Nodakai with an iron hand for over a thousand years.

    Kweng Fao is the son of Tsun Fao, the Glorious Leader, who was in turn like a blood brother to the Eternal Leader Tzu Lai, who was cruelly martyred by evil counter-revolutionaries after a mere three years of shining rule.

    Although long isolated from the World Beyond, Kweng Fao has been like the New Broom, sweeping away the Old, and his commitment to Naodakai is so great that he is willing to open its long-closed borders once more, and share the Shining Glory of Eternal Socialism with the outside world, albeit under strict supervision.

    More to come!

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