Ecoj Elections

  • European Court of Justice elections shall occur between 19.03.2008 and 26.03.2008.
    Nomination Periods are open as of 23.00 on 12.03.2008 and shall close at same time on 17.03.2008.

    Candidates may campaign once nominated.

    Please submit candidate name, along with nation of origin.

  • The Kingdom of Luvenburg nominates Dr. Vincent Arago for the European Court of Justice.

  • Stadt Luxemburg nominates Jonas Pfetzing for a second term on the European Court of Justice.

  • The Commonwealth Dominion of Derbyshire and Fife nominates The Rt Hon. the Lord Malloch-Brown, KCMG, PC for the European Court of Justice.

  • Satelight puts forward Richard Bond, LLB of the Satelight High Court forward for the European Courts of Justice

    [OOC: Like Luvenburg, it wasn't my intention to have two candidates standing in the Commission and the ECoJ, but the lack of candidates has forced me to do so]

  • The Duxburian Union will renominate Justice Ine Kelander am Daen for a second term only if that becomes necessary.

  • By popular demand in the Empire, Jonathan Anaximander Aurelius has been convinced to run for a second term in the ECoJ.

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