Concerning A Second Term

  • I am sad to inform you, that I will not be standing for a second term in the European Courts of Justice. I feel that my aims were achieved and that should I continue to hold the position, I would be unable to drive the Courts forward as is neccessary. The need of fresh ideas, new opinions and ideas as this institution of the EU begins to grow for the first time is of utmost importance. It will suffice to say I feel I would be doing the European Union a dis-service by continuing my tenancy in this most honored position.

    I thank my fellow Justices for their input on the matters which arose, paticularly the Rt Hon Ezekiel Thomas Lloyd who was truly a great help in the achievement of what I feel will hold the Courts in place for times to come; the two pieces of legislation concerning Prosecution and Defendant Rights. It is my opinion that Justice Lloyd would make a fine candidate for Chief Justice in this next term, should he wish to continue his career in the Courts.

    I hope this Court will continue to uphold the values entrusted within its authority, ensuring that the EU continues to function as a democratic body whose members work together, unified under a flag of freedom.

    Chief Justice Jacob Stipe

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