Legislative Process

  • *A message from Prime Commissioner Jacob Stipe*

    Greetings to all the representatives of our numerous member-states. To those of you who voted for me, I wish to thank you and I hope I will fulfil my duties to my greatest ability.

    However, I do not only come before you today to give my thanks and to re-iterate my campaign speeches.

    I have long thought that in many ways the European Union, its legislative bodies at least, are not as representational as they could be. This Council indeed does represent the member-states as best it can and I feel it is a most important body to ensure the continuation of national representation. However, for a long while there have been European Union Political Parties; the two remaining being ELP and EPP-ED; whose members have sought authority and who attempt to move their aims forward through election to the European Commission. Yet our Constitution clearly states that the EC is a body not to be influenced by political parties nor national interests but instead a supranational body whose aims it is to ensure the Union is sustained. The previous two Commissions' positions were filled by political party debates, rather than personal ones. This is something I fought hard to ensure did not happen in this current term and as Prime Commissioner, I am confident that this EC is comprised of members who have no national or political party interest.

    However, I do feel that the political parties of the EU should play a role in the legislative process of our region and so I wish to propose an idea to this Council. I feel that to create a legislative body governed by political parties would be a sensible idea and I also feel that it could be done in such a way so as not to detract power away from this Council.

    My idea, is this: We create a proportionally representative First Legislative Body whose members are comprised of representatives from the various Political Parties in this region, as well as any independants who chose to run. It would seem obvious to me that before such a body was introduced, members be given the chance to join or create political parties. We ensure there are a certain number of seats within the House, say 100. The seats would be filled thusly;

    ELP gets 40% of the vote
    EPP-ED gets 40% of the vote
    Independants get 20% of the vote

    ELP gets 40 seats
    EPP-ED gets 40 seats
    Independants get 20 seats

    The Council would remain as a Legislative Body, however it would act as a Second Body (OOC: Like the House of Lords in England, the Political-Party House being the House of Commons /OOC). Any decision made by the First House (Political Party House) would have to be ratified by the Council, leaving the Commission to sign it into law.

    I feel this would be a sensible idea as currently we only have a single legislative body, the Commission acting only as a figurehead body, signing any passed legislation into law. To create this Second House would help further proportional representation as well as allow for the Political Parties of the region to play a stronger role in the EU.

    I hope you will consider and debate the intracacies of this idea. Whilst it is not my position as Prime Commissioner to give an opinion on the legislation of the EU, I feel that this suggestion would move us forward and create a stronger, more united and more representative European Union.

    Thank you for listening,

    The Rt. Hon. Jacob Stipe
    -Prime Commissioner of the EC
    -Former Chief Justice of the ECoJ
    -Former Commissioner for Internal Affairs of the EC
    [OOC: It would also create a more realistic political party system in which nations do not join parties but instead political parties within nations join the EU political parties and so comprise the members of this proposed First House. It'd also give the chance for greater debates in legislation as well as more RP within the Political Party system, which, with current levels of activity, can only be a good thing. /OOC]

  • I agree with the Rt Hon. Premier Commissioner that the legislative process in the European Union is rather astray and that an additional house with membership based on party affiliation would be more realistic. I would caution the Premier Commissioner from making sweeping and unfounded statements concerning the nature of the Constitution that contravert accepted policy and assurances from the Rt Hon. member for the Soviet Union. As to the other self-serving statements of the Rt Hon. gentleman, I shall defer my rebuttal to an election manifesto. Now is not the time for grand-standing or sabre-rattling.

    Whilst I believe this proposal has significant merits, I still have a few questions. With perhaps 5 members of the elected house, Derbyshire may send 3 EPP-ED, 2 Independent and 1 ELP MEP's. How would this be played-out? Would only the party leaders and officers have a say in the voice of the party? Thus virtually every nation would have its fingers in every party's pie.

    For further thought on this matter, I would propose roughly 308 to 350 members and a name such as the European Parliament, the Regional Assembly, the House of Deputies or the House of Assembly. You speak of proportional representation. Would each nation be proportioned seats by population, or would the MEP's by elected at-large and represent every single nation? Also, I would suggest changing the name of the European Council to the European Senate or the Senate for Europe, provided the elected house goes forward.

    Just to note, Derbyshire currently elects five MEP's. They form a caucus and advise the caucus chair, who casts Derbyshire's single vote. They currently come from the local Conservative (2), Liberal Democrat (2) and Labour (1) parties. With a neutral Head of State, the voting MEP also takes the opinion of the Prime Minister into account. (For further statistics, the Tories and Lib Dems belong to the EPP-ED co-alition and Labour is un-officially aligned with the ELP.)

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