The Kingdom Of Skjultland

  • Official Name : Kongeriket Skjultland
    The Kingdom of Skjultland

    Government type : Constitutional Monarchy

    Official Language (s) : Norwegian (Bokm?l), Norwegian (Nynorsk)

    Area : 389 978 sq km

    Population : 69 million (NS)/6.9 million (RP)

    Religion : Lutheran and Roman Catholic

    Motto : "Det m? gj?res p? en eller annen m?te."
    It must be done, one way or another.

    Skjultland is run by a monarch with a parliamentary system of legislature. The monarch, King Christian VII, is acting Head of State, and is Commander of the Royal Armed Forces. The 151 member parliament is elected directly by the people. The King and Queen also sit on the Parliament, making 153 total members in the Godstyre.

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